LOG: Lourdes (LDE) 17-01-2021

Log and photos with credit to Rob.

N835JMAirbus A300 B4-203F259DHL
OO-SSDAirbus A319 1121102Brussels Airlines
F-GPMDAirbus A319 113618Air France
LZ-GNIAirbus A319 1312469South African Airways
D-AIQDAirbus A320 211202Lufthansa
EI-DECAirbus A320 2142217ex Aer Lingus colours
2-HXHUAirbus A320 2326749ex Tigerair Australia colours
EI-GCCAirbus A320 2332044Ernest Airlines
CS-TOQAirbus A330 203477TAP Air Portugal
CS-TORAirbus A330 203486TAP Air Portugal
EI-GTEAirbus A330 203661Almasria Universal Airlines
2-RLAXAirbus A330 223943Bamboo Airways
2-RLAYAirbus A330 223962Bamboo Airways
EI-EWGAirbus A330 223927ex Arik Air colours
EI-EWHAirbus A330 223891National Airlines
OO-SFTAirbus A330 223291Brussels Airlines
F-HBILAirbus A330 243320Corsair International
OE-IDVAirbus A330 2431508Avianca Brasil
2-VJWRAirbus A330 3021351Jet Airways
2-VJWUAirbus A330 3021391Jet Airways
OH-LTNAirbus A330 302E1007Finnair
OH-LTOAirbus A330 302E1013Finnair
OH-LTPAirbus A330 302E1023Finnair
2-SSCAAirbus A330 343E1544all white
9H-AHQAirbus A330 343E1754South African Airways
EC-LXAAirbus A330 343X670Evelop Airlines
NO REGAirbus A340 21246ex Government of Brunei colours
F-WWAIAirbus A340 3111Airbus
9H-ACXAirbus A340 313E544South African Airways
9H-ACYAirbus A340 313E582South African Airways
9H-ACZAirbus A340 313E590South African Airways
OO-ABDAirbus A340 313E921Air Belgium
F-GLZPAirbus A340 313X260Joon
CS-TFXAirbus A340 542912Hi Fly
B-308GAirbus A350 941246Hainan Airlines
B-308HAirbus A350 941251Hainan Airlines
B-308JAirbus A350 941260Hainan Airlines
B-30DMAirbus A350 941351Hainan Airlines
B-30DPAirbus A350 941355Hainan Airlines
EC-NGYAirbus A350 941400Evelop Airlines
F-WXALAirbus A350 941124Hong Kong Airlines
F-WXAMAirbus A350 941153Hong Kong Airlines
F-WXANAirbus A350 941168Hong Kong Airlines
F-WXAOAirbus A350 941187Hong Kong Airlines
F-WZFVAirbus A350 941323all white
F-WZNWAirbus A350 9414Airbus
9H-DPDAirbus A380 8418all white
A6-APAAirbus A380 861166Etihad Airways
A6-APBAirbus A380 861170Etihad Airways
A6-APCAirbus A380 861176Etihad Airways
F-HPJAAirbus A380 86133Air France
F-HPJCAirbus A380 86143Air France
F-HPJEAirbus A380 86152Air France
F-HPJHAirbus A380 86199Air France
F-HPJIAirbus A380 861115Air France
F-HPJJAirbus A380 861117Air France
OE-IPQBoeing B.737NG 85P28382British Airways
TC-SBZBoeing B.737NG 86N28628
TC-SNZBoeing B.737NG 86N28616SunExpress
D-ABVTBoeing B.747 43028287Lufthansa
D-ABVUBoeing B.747 43029492Lufthansa
EI-FSSBoeing B.777 2Q8ER32701ex Vietnam Airlines colours
2-TJEHBoeing B.777 35RER35166Jet Airways
A6-ECLBoeing B.777 36NER37704all white

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