LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 16-18/05/2021

Noted Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 16-18/05/2021. Log with credit to Hans and Erich.

D-AVVJAirbus A320 251n9199Capital AirlinesFCS
D-AXAOAirbus A320 2149279Chengdu AirlinesFCS
D-AUAMAirbus A320 251n9357Saudi Gulf AirlinesFCS
D-AUBCAirbus A320 251n9440Saudi Gulf AirlinesFCS
VN-A533Airbus A321 271nx9515VietJet AirFCSDELIVERY CENTER
D-AXALAirbus A320 271n9530Go AirFCS
D-AVZSAirbus A321 251nx9540Jetstar AirwaysFCS
D-AXAMAirbus A320 271n9542Go AirFCS
D-AUBKAirbus A320 273n9558LATAM BrazilFCS
D-AXAEAirbus A320 271n9563LATAM BrazilFCS
D-AVZTAirbus A321 2119588Delta Air LinesFCS
D-AXASAirbus A320 271n9592Go AirFCS
D-AVVZAirbus A320 271n9597Go AirFCS
D-AZAFAirbus A321 251nx10020Air BusanFCS
D-AUBLAirbus A320 271n10127Sichuan AirlinesFCS
B-322UAirbus A320 271n10127Sichuan AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER LEFT WING
D-AYAMAirbus A321 251nx10146Jetstar JapanFCS
D-AVYEAirbus A321 251nx10162AirBlueFCS
D-AVVRAirbus A320 251n10180Aeroflot Russian AirlinesFCS
D-AVYPAirbus A321 251nx10187Cathay Pacific AirwaysFCS
D-AYAPAirbus A321 251nx10191Cathay Pacific AirwaysFCS
D-AVXKAirbus A321 251nx10193Aeroflot Russian AirlinesFCS
VP-BPPAirbus A321 251nx10193Aeroflot Russian AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER LEFT WING
D-AAirbus A321 251nx10199Cathay Pacific AirwaysFCSREG NOT READABLE
D-AZAOAirbus A321 253nx10211Spring AirlinesFCS
D-AYAIAirbus A321 253nx10228China Southern AirlinesFCS
9V-NCAAirbus A321 251nx10229ScootFCSDELIVERY CENTER
D-AVWGAirbus A319 153n10239China Southern AirlinesFCS
D-AVVYAirbus A320 251n10243FlynasFCS
D-AVXXAirbus A321 271nx10249Sichuan AirlinesFCS
B-322TAirbus A321 271nx10249Sichuan AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER LEFT WING
D-AVYLAirbus A321 253nx10264Aer LingusFCS
D-AVXOAirbus A321 271nx10272VietJet AirFCS
RP-C4126Airbus A321 271nx10273Cebu Pacific AirFCSDELIVERED 18-05-2021
D-AZATAirbus A321 251nx10280ScootFCS
D-AVYRAirbus A321 271nx10282Air TransatFCS
D-AVYGAirbus A321 251nx10284Bamboo AirwaysFCS
D-AYAXAirbus A321 271nx10287Air TransatFCS
D-AVWIAirbus A319 153n10288China Southern AirlinesFCS
D-AZAMAirbus A321 251nx10289IndiGoFCS
D-AVXEAirbus A321 271nx10294Air MacauFCS
D-AZAGAirbus A321 271nx10305Aegean AirlinesFCS
D-AVZNAirbus A321 253nx10306Gulf AirFCS
D-AAirbus A321 251nx10311TAP Air PortugalFCSREG NOT READABLE
D-AVXGAirbus A321 253nx10312Spring AirlinesFCS
D-AVYMAirbus A321 251nx10314Aeroflot Russian AirlinesFCS
VP-BRCAirbus A321 251nx10314Aeroflot Russian AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER LEFT WING
D-AVYIAirbus A321 271n10317VietJet AirFCS
D-AVXPAirbus A321 271nx10322Middle East AirlinesFCS
D-AYABAirbus A321 271n10331VietJet AirFCS
D-AVWXAirbus A320 271n10336Wizz AirFCS
D-AVXSAirbus A321 251nx10345ScootFCS
D-AZAAAirbus A321 272nx10347Air ChinaFCS
D-AVWRAirbus A321 251nx10352ScootFCS
D-AAirbus A321 251nx10364Air ChinaFCSREG NOT READABLE
D-AVXIAirbus A321 271nx10367Turkish AirlinesFCS
D-AVXWAirbus A321 271nx10369Wizz AirFCS
D-AZACAirbus A321 271nx10375Turkish AirlinesFCS
D-AYACAirbus A321 271nx10382Turkish AirlinesFCS
D-AVXRAirbus A321 251nx10395VistaraFCS
D-AVXMAirbus A321 253nx10396China Southern AirlinesFCS
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10401Air ChinaFCS
D-AVXLAirbus A321 253nx10405China Southern AirlinesFCS
NO REGAirbus A321 253nx10406Spring AirlinesTAIL
D-AVVWAirbus A320 251n10411Peach AviationFCS
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10412Air BusanTAIL
D-AVWSAirbus A321 251nx10416Ural AirlinesFCS
D-AVWUAirbus A321 271nx10424Wizz AirFCS
D-AVZFAirbus A321 271nx10427Air AstanaFCS
P4-KGFAirbus A321 271nx10427Air AstanaFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER LEFT WING
D-AVYCAirbus A321 271nx10434VietJet AirFCS
D-AZAKAirbus A321 251nx10457Asiana AirlinesFCS
D-AZAWAirbus A321 251nx10458Peach AviationFCS
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10470All Nippon AirwaysTAIL
D-AZAHAirbus A321 271nx10479Wizz Air UKFCSDELIVERED 20-05-2021
D-AAirbus A321 271n10494S7 AirlinesFCSREG NOT READABLE IN H241-244
D-AZAEAirbus A321 271nx10521Air TransatFCS
D-AYARAirbus A321 251nx10532Sky AirlineFCSDCA ON NWD DOOR
D-AVZCAirbus A321 251nx10595Aeroflot Russian AirlinesFCS
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10715LufthansaTAIL
D-AZAXAirbus A321 251nx10805ScootFCS
F-WWAVAirbus A380 842268Emirates AirlineFCS
F-WWAJAirbus A380 842270Emirates AirlineFCS
F-WWAMAirbus A380 842271Emirates AirlineFCS

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