C-FJKQ msn 888 delivered from LFBF to Calm Air as CAV878 ( hexcode C018D9 ) ex F-OIXL


AIB01TV F-WWTV / B-324D msn 10498 Juneyao Airlines

F-WWTV / B-324D Airbus A320-271N Juneyao Air s/n 10498 - First flight * Toulouse Blagnac 2021 *

Credit : @Eurospot

9S-ABM msn 3900 delivered from LFBF as 9SABM ( hexcode ) ex VT-WAK

XA-VRZ msn 10469 delivered to Volaris as VOI9113 ( hexcode 0D0D50 ) ex F-WWDJ

Volaris A320-271N msn 10469 XA-VRZ

Credit : dn280tls

VP-BPM msn 10258 delivered to Aeroflot as AFL7695 ( hexcode 424639 ) ex F-WWIJ


AIB07NY F-WZNY / 9V-SJE msn 460 Singapore Airlines

AIB07NY msn460 2/7/2021

Credit : A380_TLS_A350

AIB11GF F-WZGF / F-HTYJ msn 500 Air France

VP-BXP msn 441 delivered to Aeroflot as AFL7699 ( hexcode 43BEB9) ex F-WZFW

Msn441 VP-BXP 2/7/2021

Credit : A380_TLS_A350

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