LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 10-07-2021

Log and photos with credit to Rob seen in TLS 10-07-2021.

F-WWTKAirbus A320 271n10188Sichuan AirlinesDC HANGAR
F-WWDPAirbus A320 251n10225Sky Airline
HZ-FANAirbus A320 251n10255FlyadealDC HANGAR
F-WWBTAirbus A320 251n10301JetSMART
F-WWIDAirbus A320 251n10302all white
F-WW..Airbus A320 251n10376Air TravelHEATWAVES
N937AVAirbus A320 251n10394all whiteDC HANGAR
F-WWDUAirbus A320 271n10425JetSMART
F-WWBHAirbus A320 251n10493British Airways
F-WWTNAirbus A320 251n10506TAP Air PortugalDC HANGAR
F-WWTYAirbus A320 251n10520AirAsia IndiaDC HANGAR
F-WWTZAirbus A320 251n10530Flyadeal
F-WWBZAirbus A320 251n10533Flyadeal
F-WWTXAirbus A320 251n10552Vistara
F-WWDQAirbus A320 251n10556IndiGo
F-WWBBAirbus A320 251n10557Air China
F-WWIXAirbus A320 251n10559IndiGo
F-WWIYAirbus A320 251n10562Spring Airlines
F-WWIVAirbus A320 251n10567Air China
F-WWDHAirbus A320 251n10573Vistara
F-WWBOAirbus A320 251n10576Vistara
F-WWDCAirbus A320 251n10577Air China
F-WWBNAirbus A320 251n10586IndiGo
F-WWIBAirbus A320 251n10610IndiGo
F-WWIRAirbus A320 271n10662Tigerair Taiwan
F-WWBKAirbus A320 251n10706Iberia
F-WTTEAirbus A330 9411813Airbus
F-WWKQAirbus A330 9411861all white
F-WWYJAirbus A330 9411961Garuda Indonesia
F-WWCEAirbus A330 9411967Airbus
F-WWYAAirbus A330 9411971Thai AirAsia X
F-WWCSAirbus A330 9411972AirAsia X
F-WWYJAirbus A330 9411976Thai AirAsia X
F-WWCTAirbus A330 9411984Lion AirlinesDC HANGAR
F-WWCOAirbus A330 743L Beluga1985Airbus Transport International
F-WWCCAirbus A330 9411988Garuda Indonesia
F-WWCNAirbus A330 9412003Starlux AirlinesTAIL CS
F-WWKUAirbus A330 8412005Kuwait Airways
F-WZFYAirbus A350 941283all white
F-WZHEAirbus A350 941393Cathay Pacific Airways
F-WLXVAirbus A350 1041438Qatar Airways
F-WZFBAirbus A350 1041440Qatar Airways
F-WZFJAirbus A350 1041444Qatar Airways
F-WZNJAirbus A350 941457Aeroflot Russian Airlines
F-WZGTAirbus A350 941462China Southern Airlines
F-WZFPAirbus A350 941463Aeroflot Russian Airlines
F-WWBWAirbus A350 941466Aeroflot Russian Airlines
F-WZFFAirbus A350 941470China Eastern Airlines
F-WZFKAirbus A350 941478China Southern Airlines
F-WZFOAirbus A350 941483Iberia
F-WWXLAirbus A350 1041490British Airways
F-WZGEAirbus A350 1041495British Airways
F-HTYJAirbus A350 941500Air FranceAF INDUSTRIES
F-WWDWAirbus A350 941510Air France
F-WZGWAirbus A350 941516Finnair
F-WZFHAirbus A350 941524Ethiopian AirlinesIN OPEN HANGAR
F-WZNTAirbus A350 941528Air China
NO REGAirbus A350 941530Delta Air LinesFAL
F-WWCZAirbus A350 941536Japan AirlinesTAIL CS
F-WZFSAirbus A350 941538Japan AirlinesTAIL CS
F-WZNNAirbus A350 941539French beeTAIL CS

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  1. Nice report Rob, hope to see you soon somewhere around TLS, Paul Veenboer

    Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows 10

    Van: DigitalAirliners.com Verzonden: maandag 12 juli 2021 19:11 Aan: paulus.veenboer@hotmail.com Onderwerp: [New post] LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 10-07-2021

    digitalairliners posted: ” Log and photos with credit to Rob seen in TLS 10-07-2021. HK-5351-XATR.421419EasyFlyF-WWEKATR.721600IndiGoF-WWLBATR.421606PRIMERF-WWLDATR.421608PRIMERF-WWEWATR.721629TaromF-WWEXATR.721630PRIMERF-WWECATR.721634PRIMERF-WWEFATR.721637TaromF-WWEHATR.7″


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