LOG: Getafe (LEGT) 31/07/2021

Log and photos with credit to Dan. Seen Getafe, Sat 31/7/21 1530-1745

EC-HLA A310 489 Airbus MRTT cls
764 A332 1857 Singapore Air Force fcs
MRTT058 A332 1960 NATO fcs (to be T-058)
MRTT045 A332 1965 French Air Force fcs (045 on tail)
MRTT046 A332 1968 brown primer cls, F6 on tail (for French Air Force as 046)
ZM409 A400 034 Royal Air Force fcs
& French Air Force A400 not identified

T.4-8 DC4 27313
T.17-3 B703 21367
TK.17-1 B703 20060
TM.17-4 B703 19164 (no tail)
& 4x C295 Spanish Air Force not identified

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