Log and photos with credit to Rob. Seen Finkenwerder 04 – 05/08/2021

D-AXAOAirbus A320 2149279Chengdu AirlinesFCSMID
D-AUAMAirbus A320 251n9357Saudi Gulf AirlinesFCSOLD RUN UP AREA
VN-A524Airbus A321 271nx9401VietJet AirFCSDEL CTR
D-AUBCAirbus A320 251n9440Saudi Gulf AirlinesFCSMID
D-AZAVAirbus A321 251nx9498Capital AirlinesFCSMID
VT-WJWAirbus A320 271n9530Go FirstFCSDEL CTR
D-AVZSAirbus A321 251nx9540Jetstar AirwaysFCSMID (IN THE BACK)
D-AXAMAirbus A320 271n9542Go FirstFCSRIVER
D-AXASAirbus A320 271n9592Go FirstFCSOLD RUN UP AREA
D-AVVZAirbus A320 271n9597Go FirstFCSRIVER 
D-AVVSAirbus A320 251n10034Sky AirlineFCSMIDTEST FLIGHT AIB034H
D-AVVLAirbus A320 251n10123Sky AirlineFCSMID
D-AUBLAirbus A320 271n10127Sichuan AirlinesFCSMID
D-AYAQAirbus A321 271n10128VietJet AirFCSRIVER 
D-AVYEAirbus A321 251nx10162AirBlueFCSMID
D-AVYPAirbus A321 251nx10187Cathay Pacific AirwaysFCSMID
D-AVYAAirbus A321 251nx10198Zhejiang Loong AirlinesFCSRIVER
D-AYAUAirbus A321 251nx10199Cathay Pacific AirwaysFCSMID (IN THE BACK)
D-AZAIAirbus A321 251nx10205IndiGoFCSDEL CTR H104
D-AVWGAirbus A319 153n10239China Southern AirlinesFCSMIDAIB239B FLIGHT
D-AVZAAirbus A321 253nx10256Gulf AirFCSMID
D-AVXOAirbus A321 271n10272VietJet AirFCSRIVER
D-AVXNAirbus A321 271n10275VietJet AirFCSRIVER
D-AVYGAirbus A321 251nx10284Bamboo AirwaysFCSMID
D-AVWIAirbus A319 153n10288China Southern AirlinesFCSRIVER 
D-AVYIAirbus A321 271n10317VietJet AirFCSMID
D-AYABAirbus A321 271n10331VietJet AirFCSMID (IN THE BACK)
D-AVWJAirbus A319 11510361Tibet AirlinesFCSMID
D-AZAJAirbus A321 251nx10364Air ChinaFCSMID
HA-LVYAirbus A321 271nx10370Wizz AirFCSDEL CTRDELIVERED 2200 HOURS 04-08-2021
D-AVZMAirbus A321 251nx10390ScootFCSMID (IN THE BACK)
D-AYAKAirbus A321 271n10400Sichuan AirlinesFCSH241-244
B-324QAirbus A321 253nx10405China Southern AirlinesFCSMIDREG VISIBLE UNDER LEFT WING. RTO 05-08-2021
D-AVXLAirbus A321 253nx10405China Southern AirlinesFCSMID
D-AVZYAirbus A321 253nx10406Spring AirlinesFCSRIVER
D-AVWZAirbus A321 253nx10408SASFCSDEL CTR H104
NO REGAirbus A321 272nx10410Qingdao AirlinesTAILFUEL TEST
D-AVVWAirbus A320 251n10411Peach AviationFCSMID
D-AVYBAirbus A321 251nx10412Air BusanFCSOLD RUN UP AREA
NO REGAirbus A320 251n10420IndiGoTAILMID (IN THE BACK)
D-AVZQAirbus A321 271nx10421Air AstanaFCSH241-244
D-AVZZAirbus A321 252nx10426Starlux AirlinesFCSMID
D-AVZFAirbus A321 271nx10427Air AstanaFCSDEL CTR
D-AVYHAirbus A321 251nx10428Zhejiang Loong AirlinesFCSMID
D-AVYCAirbus A321 271nx10434VietJet AirFCSRIVER
D-AVYZAirbus A321 271nx10441VietJet AirFCSRIVER
D-AVZDAirbus A320 251nx10445IndiGoFCSMID
D-AVWWAirbus A321 271nx10455Sichuan Airlines?RIVER
D-AVYKAirbus A321 251nx10456Sky AirlineFCSH241-244
D-AZAWAirbus A321 251nx10458Peach AviationFCSMID
D-AVZLAirbus A321 271nx10460Wizz AirFCSMID
D-AYAJAirbus A321 251nx10466Sky AirlineFCSOLD RUN UP AREA
JA151AAirbus A321 272n10470All Nippon AirwaysFCSDEL CTR
F-WTATAirbus A321 271nx10472Air MacauFCSDEL CTR
D-AVWVAirbus A321 251nx10483SalamAirFCSMID
D-AYAZAirbus A321 271nx10486Sichuan AirlinesFCSIN FRONT OF H14
D-AZASAirbus A321 253nx10500SASFCSRIVER
NO REGAirbus A320 251n10518FlyadealTAILIN FRONT OF H14
D-AVYXAirbus A320 253n10519all whiteWHIMID (IN THE BACK)
D-AYALAirbus A321 272n10531All Nippon AirwaysFCSMIDONLY NEW FRAME ON 05-08-2021
D-AVYNAirbus A321 251nx10551IndiGoFCSMIDTOWED AWAY
F-WWDCAirbus A320 251n10577Air ChinaFCSDEL CTR
D-AIEKAirbus A321 271nx10583LufthansaFCSDEL CTRDELIVERED 1600 HOURS 04-08-2021
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10606Air ChinaTAILRIVER
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10613PRIH241-244FOR GERMAN AIR FORCE
D-AVXVAirbus A321 251nx10617TAP Air PortugalFCSRIVER
D-AVZPAirbus A321 271nx10619JetBlue AirwaysFCSMIDFIRST FLIGHT 04-08-2021 AIB619A
NO REGAirbus A321 252nx10620Starlux AirlinesTAILOLD RUN UP AREA
D-AVXQAirbus A321 272nx10626Qingdao AirlinesTAILRIVER
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10651IndiGoTAILRIVER
D-AVYWAirbus A321 271nx10659Wizz AirFCSMID
D-AVWKAirbus ACJ319 153n10673Sino Jet ManagementFCSDEL CTR H104
D-AYADAirbus A321 271nx10715LufthansaFCSH241-244
D-AVXCAirbus A321 271nx10817LufthansaFCSH241-244 
F-WWAJAirbus A380 842270Emirates AirlinesFCSH241-244A380 DELIVERY CENTER 
F-WWSHAirbus A380 842272Emirates AirlinesFCSH241-244MY VERY LAST A380 AIRFRAME

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