LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 13/08/2021

Seen yesterday in TLS…

Requests first:
– 2x 72 Indigo fcs, one in fit out, one in test area
– 3x 72 Primer, all in test area

– 4x A320 Indigo in fcs, all in test area
– 2x A320 Vistara in fcs, both in test area
– 2x A320 Air China fcs, in test area hangar
– A320 Viva Columbia pink cls, in test area
– A320 Air New Zealand fcs, in test area
– A320 Tunisair tail (not attached), on line

– A350 Delta tail cls, for out, “3516” on tail
– A350 Ethiopian fcs, test area hangar
– A350 JAL fcs, fit out, F-WZFW, MSN required
– A350 Primer, white tail, fit out

421601F-WWLUTest Areaprimer
421606F-WWLBTest Areaprimer
421610NO REGHokkaido Air SystemJA13HCFit Outfcs
721561F-WWESIndiGoVT-IXYTest Areafcs
721600F-WWEKIndiGoVT-IXZTest Areafcs
721627F-WWETTest Areawhite
721629F-WWEWTaromYR-ATNTest Areafcs
721636F-WWEEBehind ATR lineprimer
721637F-WWEFTaromYR-ATOTest Areafcs
721640F-WWEITest Areaprimer
721646F-WWEPFit Outprimer
721648F-WWERBehind ATR lineprimer
721649F-WWESBehind ATR lineprimer
721691F-WWENAir New ZealandFit Outprimer
A32010114F-WWDReasyJet AirlineG-UZLOProduction Linemated duse
A32010225F-WWDPSky AirlineCC-DBDSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A32010302F-WWIDBatik AirPK-BDGTest Areawhite
A32010344F-WWIEBritish AirwaysG-TTNNDelivery Centrefcs
A32010376F-WWDMAir TravelB-325QTest Areafcs
A32010383F-WWDDChina Express AirlinesB-324EDelivery Centrefcs
A32010425XA-VSHJetSMARTSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A32010465F-WWISPegasus AirlinesTC-NCYATR fit outfcs
A320104889K-CBHJazeera AirwaysDelivery Centrefcs
A32010506F-WWTNTAP Air PortugalCS-TVKDelivery Centre Hangarfcs
A32010525F-WWBSAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BSNDelivery Centrefcs
A32010527F-WWIHPegasus AirlinesTC-NCZTest Areafcs
A32010533F-WWBZFlyadealHZ-FAMDelivery Centre Hangarfcs
A32010548F-WWIGBritish AirwaysG-TTNPDelivery Centrefcs
A32010553F-WWBJChina Express AirlinesTest Areafcs
A32010573F-WWDHVistaraVT-TYCTest Areafcs
A32010576F-WWBOVistaraVT-TQHTest Areafcs
A32010580F-WWDTJuneyao AirB-324UTest Areafcs
A32010586F-WWBNIndiGoVT-ISYSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A32010605F-WWPTJuneyao AirTest Areatail cls
A32010624NO REGSichuan AirlinesATR fit outtail cls
A32010630NO REGIndiGoProduction Linetail not attached
A32010706F-WWBKIberiaTest Areafcs
A32010726F-WWDFVistaraVT-TYDTest Areafcs
A32010818F-WWINIberiaTest Areafcs
A32011084NO REGSwiss International Air LinesTest Areafront + rear unmated
A3301861F-WWKQAir BelgiumOO-ABGTest Areafcs
A3301907F-WWKAHong Kong AirlinesF-WWYHSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A3301961F-WWYJGaruda IndonesiaPK-GHJSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A3301966F-WWCXCondor FlugdienstSt Martin LagardereAir Asia tail cls
A3301971F-WWYACondor FlugdienstSt Martin LagardereAir Asia tail cls
A3301972F-WWCSCondor FlugdienstSt Martin LagardereAir Asia tail cls
A3301976F-WWYJThai AirAsia XRun Up Baytail cls
A3301984F-WWCTLion AirPK-LEUSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A3301985F-WWCOAirbus Transport InternationalF-GXLJSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A3301987F-WWKVThai Lion AirTest Areafcs
A3301988F-WWCCGaruda IndonesiaRun Up Baywhite
A3301992F-WWCUCorsair InternationalTest Areafcs
A3302005F-WWKUKuwait Airways9K-APHTest Areafcs
A3302008F-WWCQFrench Air ForceTest Areaprimerimer
A3302011F-WWYNFrench Air ForceProduction Lineprimerimer
A350270F-WZFTHainan Airlines ntuSt Martin Lagarderewhite
A350283F-WZFYHainan Airlines ntuSt Martin Lagarderewhite
A350393F-WZHECathay Pacific AirwaysB-LQCDelivery Centrefcs
A350409F-WZNDQatar AirwaysA7-AOATest Areafcs
A350438F-WLXVQatar AirwaysA7-AOBSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350440F-WZFBQatar AirwaysA7-AOCSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350444F-WZFJQatar AirwaysA7-AODSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350453F-WZGUIberiaEC-NLPTest Areafcs
A350457F-WZNJAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BXSSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350459F-WWIWIberiaEC-NMZSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350460F-WZNYSingapore Airlines9V-SJEFit Outtail cls
A350462F-WZGTChina Southern AirlinesSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350463F-WZFPAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BYESt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350466F-WWBWAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BYFSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350478F-WZFKChina Southern AirlinesSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350480F-WZGNStarlux AirlinesB-58501St Martin Lagarderefcs
A350483F-WZFOIberiaSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350490F-WWXLBritish AirwaysG-XWBJSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350492F-WZGMVirgin Atlantic AirwaysG-VEVETest Areaprimer
A350495F-WZGEBritish AirwaysG-XWBKSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350510F-WWDWAir FranceF-HTYLTest Areafcs
A350531F-WZGXJapan AirlinesJA10XJDelivery Centrefcs
A350535F-WZGDJapan AirlinesJA11XJTest Areafcs
A350536F-WZHGJapan AirlinesJA12XJTest Areafcs
A350537F-WZNGAir ChinaTest Areatail cls
A350541F-WZHKJapan AirlinesJA14XJTest Areafcs
A350542F-WZHDEthiopian AirlinesTest AreaStar Alliance Tail
A380266F-WWALAll Nippon AirwaysJA383ASt Martin Lagarderefcs

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