LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 22-11-2021

Log and photos with credit to Dan. Seen Finkenwerder, Mon 22/11/21 1000-1630

NO-REG A21N 10855 Volaris tail cls, primer

Credit : Dan Raistrick


D1020; A1135 AIB485B – D-AVVF A20N 10485 IndiGo fcs (IM on nwd)

D1040; A1147 AIB123F – D-AVVL A20N 10123 Sky Airline fcs (DBH on nwd)

D1305; A1512 AIB654A – D-AVWS A21N 10654 IndiGo fcs (ME on nwd)

D1309; A1529 AIB448A – D-AVWU A21N 10448 Qingdao Airlines fcs (26M on nwd)

D1543 ABQ9002 – AP-BOD A21N 9560 Air Blue fcs

RTO1605 – D-AVZI A21N 10651 IndiGo fcs (LX on nwd)

Delivery Centre area

D-AYAM A21N 10146 Jetstar Japan fcs (27 on nwd) -towed to at 1600

D-AYAK A21N 10400 Sichuan Airlines fcs (24K on nwd) -towed to at 1600

D-AZWA A21N 10600 Ural Airlines fcs (BFJ  on nwd) -towed from paint at 1520

Hangar 103

D-AYAQ A21N 10128 Vietjet Air fcs (543 on nwd) -moved out 1445 to flightline

D-AVVD A20N 10518 Flyadeal fcs (HZ-FAP) -moved out 1445 to fuel test area

Hangar 104

D-AVVY A20N 10158 Air China fcs (26W on nwd) – moved out 1220

D-AYAC A21N 10627 Salam Air fcs (A4O-OXB) -moved out 1440

NO-REG A21N 10707 IndiGo tail cls, primer -moved in 1425

NO-REG A21N 10855 Volaris tail cls, primer -moved in 1215


D-AVYP A21N 10187 Cathay Pacific fcs (PF on nwd)

F-WWAM A388 271 Emirates fcs (VR on nwd) -towed to H212 at 1505

Hangar 212

D-AZWI A21N 10724 Qingdao Airlines fcs

Fuel test area

D-AZAO A21N 10522 Wizz Air fcs (LZF on nwd) -towed away at 1545

Near Beluga loading area

NO-REG A21N 10756 Primer fuselage (for S7 Airlines)

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