LOG: Toulouse Francazal 09-12-2021

Log with credit to Rob seen at Francazal 6:00-17:00 09/12. Photos by myself taken on the 10th at 16:00 after OE-IAO msn 4961 arrived in basic Citilink colours.

Toulouse Francazal 10-12-2021 Toulouse Francazal 10-12-2021Toulouse Francazal 10-12-2021Toulouse Francazal 10-12-2021Toulouse Francazal 10-12-2021
EI-GUCAirbus A320 2141920all white
F-WHUJAirbus A320 2148597Chengdu Airlines
F-WHUKAirbus A320 2148845Chengdu Airlines
F-WHULAirbus A320 2149185Chengdu Airlines
F-WHUMAirbus A320 2149279Chengdu Airlines
LY-BHNAirbus A320 2143915Compagnie Africaine d Aviation
VT-IHJAirbus A320 2142804all white
EI-DTDAirbus A320 2163846Alitalia
EI-DTFAirbus A320 2163906Alitalia
EI-GRZAirbus A320 2165906all white
2-VIDZAirbus A320 2323264all white
EI-GWLAirbus A320 2325027all white
LZ-AWHAirbus A320 2322914all white
F-WWDIAirbus A320 271n10655China Express Airlines
F-WWTKAirbus A320 271n10188Sichuan Airlines
D-AABFAirbus A321 2315774all white
LZ-DABAirbus A321 2312916Onur Air
CS-TSGAirbus A321 253n8051Azores Airlines
0014Airbus Military A400M 18014French Air Force
CS-DVOATR 42337all white
F-WWLQATR 421416
SX-FORATR 42524all white
EI-SLPATR 72461all white
F-WWEIATR 721598Tarom
F-WWELATR 721620Tarom
F-WWEWATR 721565Tarom
M-ABOOATR 72703Avions de Transport Regional
M-ABORATR 72630ex Air New Zealand colors
M-IBAMATR 72919Jet Airways
M-IBANATR 72920Jet Airways
M-IBAPATR 72928Jet Airways
M-IBAQATR 72932Jet Airways
OK-GFQATR 72674all white
OY-YCJATR 72991all white
OY-YEAATR 721156Golden Myanmar Airlines
T7-WLABoeing B.737NG 7K535277Wings of Lebanon
YR-BMTBoeing B.737NG 80834710Blue Air
EI-GTNBoeing B.737NG 85F30568Sriwijaya Air
VT-SLEBoeing B.737NG 86N35224SpiceJet
YR-BMGBoeing B.737NG 86N30231Blue Air
YR-BMOBoeing B.737NG 88330194Blue Air
YR-BMPBoeing B.737NG 88328323Blue Air
EI-GWNBoeing B.737NG 8AL35071all white
YR-BMSBoeing B.737NG 8Q830702Blue Air
I-SKYBEmbraer EMB-120 EU Brasilia120087Skybridge Airops

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