LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 22-01-2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan , seen Finkenwerder, Sat 22/1/22 0900-1200. Changes and additional sightings from yesterdays log.

NO-REG A21N 10865 IndiGo tail cls, primer

Credit : Dan Raistrick ( Photo from 21/1 )

A320 fuel test area (stands 301-306)

NO-REG A21N 10756 S7 Airlines tail cls, primer

NO-REG A21N 10762 Volaris tail cls, primer

Paint Shop

** nwd with VSL stencilled (10447 Volaris)

** nwd with _SB?

Hangar 7

4 aircraft visible

Hangar 14S

D-AZAB A21N 10507 Uzbekistan Airways fcs (01 on nwd)

D-AZWT A21N 10676 Uzbekistan Airways fcs (03 on nwd)

+1 other

Hangar 14

No access

Hangar 9

NO-REG A21N 10787 Primer fuselage (for Wizz Air)

NO-REG A21N 10867 Loong Air tail cls, primer (was for Vistara)

NO-REG A21N 10886 IndiGo tail cls, primer

NO-REG A21N 10920 Primer fuselage (for Aegean Airlines)

Behind Hangar 9

NO-REG A20N 10823 Primer fuselage (for IndiGo)

NO-REG A20N 10833 Primer fuselage (for Frontier Airlines)

NO-REG A20N 10901 Primer fuselage (for Aegean Airlines)

NO-REG A20N 10918 Primer fuselage (for China Eastern Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 10942 Primer fuselage (for Nordwind Airlines)

NO-REG A2xN 11019 Primer fuselage

NO-REG A20N 11021 Primer fuselage (for China Eastern Airlines)

Outside near Hangar 14

NO-REG A21N 10729 Primer fuselage (for Viva Aerobus)

NO-REG A20N 10800 Primer fuselage (for Chengdu Airlines)

NO-REG A2xN 10824 Primer fuselage

NO-REG A20N 10830 Primer fuselage (for Iberia)

NO-REG A21N 10854 Primer fuselage (for Turkish Airlines)

NO-REG A20N 10863 Primer fuselage (for EasyJet)

NO-REG A21N 10866 Primer fuselage (for Air Transat)

NO-REG A21N 10881 Primer fuselage (for Wizz Air)

NO-REG A21N 10890 Primer fuselage (for IndiGo)

NO-REG A21N 10916 Primer fuselage (for Air Astana)

NO-REG A21N 10917 Primer fuselage (for Pegasus Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 10924 Primer fuselage (for Pegasus Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 10928 Primer fuselage (for Sichuan Airlines)

NO-REG A19N 10955 Primer fuselage (for China Southern Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 10958 Primer fuselage (for Delta Air Lines)

NO-REG A21N 10963 Primer fuselage (for Air New Zealand)

NO-REG A21N 11015 Primer fuselage (for IndiGo)

+ others

Hangar 213/214

NO-REG A21N 10698 China Airlines tail cls, primer

** A21N Pegasus Airlines tail cls, primer

Outside near Hangar 213/4

D-AYAB A21N 10331 Vietjet Air fcs

D-AVYZ A21N 10441 Vietjet Air fcs

D-AZXF A21N 10634 Uzbekistan Airways fcs (UK32102)

NO-REG A21N 10645 Jetstar Japan tail cls, primer

** A21N IndiGo tail cls, primer

** A21N Loong Air fcs (10535?)

Next to Hangar 221

** A21N IndiGo fcs (10678?)

Old A380 DC ramp

D-AVYQ A21N 10161 white fcs (for Capital Airlines as B-322L)

D-AVVU A20N 10716 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs

D-AZWZ A21N 10809 S7 Airlines fcs

Hangar 241

D-AVWI A19N 10288 China Southern Airlines fcs (B-328C under tape)

D-AZAA A21N 10437 Delta Air Lines fcs (5001 on tail, nwd) -towed out at 1945 Fri, replaced with Ural 10632

D-AZAC A21N 10632 Ural Airlines fcs -towed in at 1955 Fri

NO-REG A21N 10855 Volaris tail cls, primer (tail removed again, next to fuselage)

Hangar 242

D-AVYM A21N 10307 S7 Airlines fcs (YI on nwd)

D-AVZJ A21N 10529 Air China fcs (27T on nwd)

NO-REG A21N 10707 IndiGo tail cls, primer

Hangar 243

D-AVVY A20N 10158 Air China fcs (26W on nwd)

D-AVVB A20N 10420 IndiGo fcs (SZ on nwd)

D-AZXC A21N 10694 Viva Aerobus fcs (VBX on nwd – XA-VBX dual reg worn)

Hangar 244

D-AVXX A21N 10461 TAP Air Portugal fcs (TXJ on nwd)

D-AVZE A21N 10859 Lufthansa fcs (EN on nwd)

D-AZXX A21N 10991 Iberia Express fcs (EC-NST)

Outside Hangar 241-244

D-AZWJ A21N 10468 Air China fcs (27U on nwd)

NO-REG A20N 10860 Primer fuselage (for Spirit Airlines)

NO-REG A20N 10899 Primer fuselage (for Spirit Airlines)

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