LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 26/6/2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan seen at Toulouse, Sun 26/6/22 1215-1930


Credit : Dan Raistrick
Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/danraistrick/xAp3u1

Delivery Centre area
D-AVXB A21N 6839 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWDU A20N 10780 China Eastern Airlines fcs (9P on nwd)
F-WXAB A333 1863 Hong Kong Airlines fcs
F-WZFY A359 283 ITA Airways fcs (FF on tail, nwd)
F-WZNJ A359 457 Turkish Airlines titles, basic Aeroflot fcs (LGI on nwd (VP-BXS ntu))
F-WZFP A359 463 Turkish Airlines titles, basic Aeroflot fcs (LGJ on nwd (VP-BYE ntu))
F-WZGB A359 471 Turkish Airlines titles, basic Aeroflot fcs (LGK on nwd (VP-BYH ntu))

Delivery Centre hangar
F-WZNP A359 564 Singapore Airlines fcs (JC on nwd)
D-AENB A20N 10798 Eurowings fcs
F-WWII A20N 10901 Aegean Airlines fcs (EE on nwd)
F-WWBC A20N 10949 LATAM Brasil fcs (XBI on nwd)

Flightline area
F-WNEO A20N 6101 Airbus NEO cls
D-AVWA A19N 6464 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWBK A20N 10674 Eurowings fcs (D-AENF)
F-WWIH A20N 10842 Avianca Colombia fcs (964 on nwd)
F-WWDV A20N 10885 IndiGo fcs
F-WWIE A20N 10932 Eurowings fcs (D-AENE)
F-WWDS A20N 10937 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs (EI-SIT)
F-WWBT A20N 10966 Flyadeal fcs (AZ on nwd) F-WWDD A20N 10903 Flyadeal fcs (AY on nwd)
F-WWDL A20N 11037 white cls (was for S7 Airlines)
F-WWIG A20N 11045 IndiGo fcs

F-WTTN A339 1795 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWCY A333 1865 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (LHG on nwd)
F-WWKU A338 2005 Kuwait Airways fcs (PH on nwd)
F-WWYG A339 2014 Delta Air Lines fcs (3419 on tail, nwd)

F-WXWB A359 1 Airbus cls (blue)
F-WWCF A359 2 Airbus cls (carbon)
F-WMIL A35K 59 Airbus cls (Qantas titles)
F-WZND A35K 409 Qatar Airways fcs (OA on nwd)
F-WZGY A359 493 Turkish Airlines titles, basic Aeroflot fcs (LGL on nwd (VP-BYB ntu))
F-WZNE A35K 563 British Airways fcs (WBM on tail, nwd)
F-WZFL A359 565 Turkish Airlines fcs (LGG on nwd)
F-WZFW A359 568 China Southern Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WZGF A359 569 Singapore Airlines fcs (9V-SJD)
F-WZFC A359 570 Air China fcs

F-WWEW AT76 1565 TAROM fcs (YR-ATP)
F-WWEI AT76 1598 Easyfly fcs (12 on nwd)
F-WWET AT76 1627 white cls (TS-LBH under wing)
F-WWED AT76 1727 FedEx Feeder fcs (GUR on nwd)
** AT76 FedEx Feeder fcs

Near flightline
F-WWBY A20N 10658 China Eastern Airlines fcs (7X on nwd)
F-WWDK A20N 10982 Vistara fcs (QM on nwd)
F-WWTN A20N 10992 Flynas fcs (53 on nwd)
F-WWTX A20N 11014 Kuwait Airways fcs (KR on nwd)
F-WWDP A20N 11019 Viva Air Colombia fcs (HK-5410)
F-WWBM A20N 11031 IndiGo fcs
F-WWDJ A20N 11070 Tunisair tail cls, primer (MZ on tail)
F-WWEQ AT76 1647 white tail cls, brown primer
** 2x AT76 white tail cls, primer (stencilled MSNs)

St Martin du Touch area
F-WWTM A20N 11008 IndiGo fcs
F-WWDF A20N 11035 Iberia fcs (EC-NVS)
F-WWYM A332 780 white cls (ex B-6073)
F-WZGG A359 3 Airbus cls (blue)
F-WWLU AT46 1601 white cls

Fuelstation area
F-WWBO A20N 10957 IndiGo fcs (IY on nwd)
F-WWTY A20N 10986 IndiGo fcs

Factory area
F-WWDZ A20N 10714 Sichuan Airlines fcs (28M on nwd)

A320 Production Hangar
** Spirit Airlines tail

A320 Production Hangar near ATR (door part open)
NO-REG A20N 11117 Primer fuselage (for IndiGo)

Outside rear of ATR Hangar area
F-WWEY AT76 1631 white tail cls, brown primer
F-WWEH AT76 1639 ATR tail cls, primer

Outside front of ATR Hangar area
** AT76 white tail cls, primer

ATR Hangar
F-WWLD AT46 1608 white tail cls, primer
F-WWLE AT46 1609 white tail cls, primer
F-WWEL AT76 1620 Toki Air fcs (02QQ on nwd)
F-WWEG AT76 1638 white tail cls, primer
F-WWEM AT76 1644 Binter Canarias fcs (NVD on nwd)
** A20N Vistara tail

  • other primer ATRs

ATRs on rear of flightline
F-WWEW AT76 1629 TAROM fcs (YR-ATN)
F-WWEF AT76 1637 TAROM fcs (YR-ATO)
F-WWES AT76 1649 white tail cls, primer

Near A330 Halls
F-WWYC A339 2019 white tail cls, primer (for Virgin Atlantic)
F-WWKD A332 2022 French Air Force tail cls, primer
F-WWDW A359 578 Air France tail cls, primer
F-WZFH A359 579 Iberia tail cls, primer
F-WZFF A35K 600 Primer cls (for Starlux Airlines)

Latecoere ramp
F-WWIY A20N 10803 SmartAvia tail cls, white primer (for Air Cairo) [behind hangar]
F-WWBU A20N 11050 IndiGo fcs (PE on nwd)

AFI Tech ramp
F-WHUG A21N 9210 Capital Airlines fcs (B-30F1)
VP-BQA A20N 10712 SmartAvia fcs (for Aer Lingus as EI-NSA)
F-HTYR A359 562 Air France fcs

A330/350/380 area
F-WTTO A338 1888 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWYY A339 1981 white cls (for Sunclass Airlines)
F-WWCC A339 1988 white cls (for Condor)
F-WZFJ A35K 444 Qatar Airways fcs (OD on nwd)
F-WZGN A359 480 Starlux Airlines fcs (01 on nwd)
F-WZNZ A359 506 China Southern Airlines fcs (29S on nwd)
F-WZFZ A359 554 Aeroflot fcs (YG on nwd)
F-WZNI A359 557 Starlux Airlines fcs (02 on nwd)
F-WZFN A359 558 Aeroflot fcs (YX on nwd)
F-WZGD A359 567 Iberia tail cls, primer
F-WZGX A359 572 Air China fcs
F-WZHG A359 574 Air China fcs
F-WWOW A388 1 Airbus cls

Northern end of A350 area
F-WWYJ A339 1961 Garuda Indonesia fcs (HJ on nwd, for Condor)
F-WWYJ A339 1976 Thai AirAsia X tail cls, white primer (for Cebu Pacific)

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