LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 29/09/2022

Log posted with permission of new group poster who by chance happened to be there on same day as photographs taken. 

VP-CQB Airbus A320-232 4533 Pacific Airlines cls (ex VN-A562)

Photos : DigitalAirliners.com

Noted around 1030 this morning


1920  A320  EI-GUC

2804  A320  EI-GZP

4335  A320  EI-HHF

4406  A321  A7-AIC  (no reg, basic Qatar)

4533  A320  VP-CQB  Pacific

5084  A320  OE-IGD

5092  A320  PK-SGB  Super Air Jet

5767  A321  D-AABE

5774  A321  D-AABF

6819  A20N  VT-ITD 

7100  A320  EI-HDM

8597  A320  F-WHUJ  B-3…  UEA

8845  A320  F-WHUK  B-3…  UEA

9185  A320  F-WHUL  B-3…  UEA

9319  A320  F-WHUR  B-3…  UEA

10637  A20N  F-WWDE  B-329F  HXA

10644  A20N  F-WWDT  B-329G  HXA

10655  A20N  F-WWDI  B-328G  HXA

10714  A20N  F-WWDZ  B-328M  CSC

10806  A20N  F-WWIM  VQ-BHM  SBI 


719  ATR72  2-ACIA

726  ATR72  F-HETR

1260  ATR72  G-FBXA / 5V-TTE

Was an Azul ATR72 in full colours which went unread

Lots more, but some are unmarked, and everything seems to cover everything


28823  B738  OE-LVB

30194  B738  OE-LVC

30658  B738  EI-GTN

35353  B738  M-ABPP

43921  B38M  OE-ITU

43926  B38M  OE-IWQ

43927  B38M  OE-LFG

All the aircraft are now parked at the bottom half of the ramp, away from the tower

145668  E145  TJ-ZES

R204  C160  CTM

R226  C160  CTM

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