LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 10-10-2022

Seen between 0845 – 1100 during a short flight connection and 30 minutes on the terminal car park.

Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 10-10-2022

REQs in case anyone else was there.

1. CCA fcs no engines outside hanger C63
2. Primer tail outside A330 prod hall next to 591
3. Tail only DLH and IGO on ramp near fuel test corner.
4. Other IGO at Latecoere


Ava fcs towed 10:25  ?? -> ?? no engines (11140 in photos online from Monday)

DC outside:
(55177) EI-HHK aws

(11031) VT-IPD IGO fcs
VT-??? IGO fcs
11088 (WWBJ) NKS fcs
10714 (WWDZ) CSC fcs ( gone 11:00 )

G-VJAZ VIR fcs ( left side F- 9am G- right side 11am)

10188 WWTK CSC fcs
11019 WWDP? VVC yellow
11043 WWIJ SAS
(11055) WWDG IGO fcs
11064 WWBV Play fcs
(11070) (WWDJ) Tunis Air fcs (MZ on tail)
11067 WWDD NKS fcs
11074 WWTU FlyNas fcs – engine runs 10:00
11076 WWIP AUA aws (Austrian flag by reg)
(11092) WWID BAW fcs (NT on tail)
11097 WWIU VTI fcs
11099 WWTR IGO fcs
11106 (WWIT) VVC pink
11116 WWBU FAD – engine runs 09:30
11117 WWDN IGO fcs
11123 WWTP Play fcs
11130 (WWBN) GOW fcs
11150 WWDH DLH fcs ( read off and also active on FR24 as 4Y11150 )
11181 WWIC ??? aws ( S7 ntu )
11211 (WW??) FlyArystan to

KAC fcs (had engines so not 11187 – photo online Monday without. So, 11014?)
FlyNas fcs (not 11074 or 11145 so 10992?)

1970 WWTR Cebu fcs
1997 WWKS DAL fcs
(2019) WWYC VIR fcs (OM on tail)
2020 (WWCR) Air Greenland fcs
2022 (WWKD) FAF fcs

(480) (WZGN) Starlux fcs (active on FR24)
509 WZGO  CPA fcs
558 WZFN AFL – no engines
574 WZHG CCA fcs
(577) (WZGM) CES to (active on FR24)
578 WWDW AFR fcs
579 WZFH IBE fcs

1565 WWEW Toki fcs
1629 WWEW ROT cs
1736 WWEM FDX cs
?? US Bangla fcs

Fuel test/ramp

11199 WWIH FlyAstana fcs –  no engines

DLH to
IGO to

Midfield storage

11125 WWBG EWG fcs
11145 WWIQ Flynas fcs
11206 WWBT SAS fcs (SIV on nwd)
11216 WWB? IGO to (last letter K or R as top blocked)

C63 Outside

CCA fcs no engines

A330 Prod Hall

591? CES to
??? Primer tail
Condor Green stipes

11159 WWBH IGO fcs
??    ?? IGO fcs


QTR fcs
QTR fcs
572 CCA fcs
11197 WWTQ IGO fcs – no engines
White (nose in tent)

A380 far ramp
2 white 330s & 1 Air Asia X

2 thoughts on “LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 10-10-2022

Add yours

  1. Noted the following missing registrations from your log
    2026/WWKQ Condor green
    1976/WWYJ ASIA c/s
    1973/WWCM White
    780/WWYM White
    1959/WWCD Garuda c/s
    11055/VT-IPG Indigo on d/c
    600 A350 Primer
    575/WZHF CCA

    Hope these are of use


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