LOG : Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 16/10/2022

Log and photo with credit to Marcus, seen Toulouse 16/10/2022 7.30-9.00am & 14.30-22.00

Delivery Centre

F-WWIY Airbus A320-251N 10803 SmartAvia tail cls, white primer (for Air Cairo as SU-BUO via OE-IMY)

F-WWTX Airbus A320-251N 11014 Kuwait Airways fcs (KR on nwd) [9K-AKR] early AM only

F-WWDP Airbus A320-251N 11019 Viva fcs

F-WWIP Airbus A320-271N 11076 white cls (for Austrian Airlines as OE-LZO)

F-WWBJ Airbus A320-271N 11088 Spirit Airlines fcs (4963 on nwd) [N963NK]

F-WWIU Airbus A320-251N 11097 Vistara fcs (QN on nwd) [VT-TQN] 

F-WWTZ Airbus A320-271N 11111 Go First fcs (DB on nwd) [VT-WDB]

F-WZGO Airbus A350-1041 509 Cathay Pacific Airways fcs (XQ on nwd) [B-LXQ]

Delivery Centre hangar

F-WWID Airbus A320-251N 11092 British Airways fcs (NT on tail, nwd) [G-TTNT]


F-WNEO Airbus A320-271N 6101 Airbus NEO clsD-AVWA Airbus A319-171N 6464 Airbus NEO clsF-WWTK Airbus A320-271N 10188 Sichuan Airlines fcs (23L on nwd) [B-323L]

F-WWTS Airbus A320-271N 10788 JetSmart cls ‘Duck on tail’

F-WWTN Airbus A320-251N 10992 Flynas fcs
F-WWBP Airbus A320-251N 11041 Viva Air Colombia fcs (09 on nwd) [HK-5409]

(F-WWIJ) Airbus A320-251N 11043 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs [EI-SIU]

(F-WWIG) Airbus A320-251N 11045 IndiGo fcs (PF on nwd) [VT-IPF]

F-WWBZ Airbus A321XLR 11058 Airbus cls

F-WWBV Airbus A320-251N 11064 Play fcs (PC on nwd) [TF-PPC] 

F-WWDD Airbus A320-271N 11067 Spirit fcs nr A350 demo hgr

F-WWDJ Airbus A320-251N 11070 Tunisair fcs (MZ on tail, nwd) [TS-IMZ]

(F-WWTU) Airbus A320-251N 11074 Flynas fcs 

(F-WWTR) Airbus A320-251N 11099 Indigo fcs 

F-WWBI Airbus A320-251N 11116 Flyadeal fcs 

(F-WWDN)Airbus A320-251N 11117 Indigo fcs

F-WWTP Airbus A320-251N 11123 Play fcs (PE on nwd) [TF-PPE] 

F-WWBN Airbus A320-271N 11130 Go First fcs [VT-WDC]

(F-WWDH) Airbus A320-251N 11150 Lufthansa fcs 

F-WWBC Airbus A320-271N 11162 JetSMART cls, ‘Vicuña Lama tail’

F-WWIC Airbus A320-271N 11181 white cls (was for S7 Airlines)

(F-WWTY) Airbus A320-271N 11188 Spirit Airlines fcs [N966NK]

F-WWBD Airbus A320-271N 11201 all white (for ITY)

F-WWBD Airbus A320-251N 11206 SAS fcs 

F-WWDK Airbus A320-251N 11230 primer fuselage Viva tcs

F-WWYR Airbus A330-941 1970 Cebu Pacific Air fcs (03 on nwd) [RP-C3903]

F-WWKS Airbus A330-941 1997 Delta Air Lines fcs (3415 on tail, nwd) [N415DX]

F-WWYC Airbus A330-941 2018 Virgin Atlantic Airways fcs (G-VTOM) OM on tail

F-WWCR Airbus A330-841 2020 Air Greenland Fcs (OY-GKN)

F-WWKD Airbus A330-243 2022 French Air Force cls (F-UJCU)

F-WZGN Airbus A350-941 480 Starlux Airlines fcs (01 on nwd) [B-58501]

F-WZNS Airbus A350-941 571 Sichuan Airlines panda cls (2AG on nwd) (B-32AG)

F-WZGM Airbus A350-941 577 China Eastern Airlines tail cls, primer

F-WWDW Airbus A350-941 578 Air France fcs (YT on nwd) [F-HTYT]

F-WZFH Airbus A350-941 579 Iberia fcs (XE on nwd) (EC-NXE)

F-WZNN Airbus A350-941 582 Ethiopian Airlines fcs (ZI on nwd) [ET-AZI]

F-WZFF Airbus A350-941 600 primer fuselage and tail (for Starlux)

F-WWEM ATR72-600 1565 Toki cls

F-WWEW ATR72-600 1629 Tarom cls

?? ATR 72-600 Freighter no CN/reg primer fuselage white tail unable to read stencil cn

(F-WWER) ATR72-600 (1648)rear of FL Air Corsica cls

+ A20N IndiGo fcs x1  (11146/11159 or 11216?)

+ Nose section only 11227 + 11299 

Near Flightline
3x ATR primer fuselages no tails no CN unable to read stencil

Fuel station

F-WWDQ Airbus A320-251N 10701 EasyJet Europe fcs (SN on nwd) [OE-LSN] Early AM only

F-WWIB Airbus A320-271N 11169 Volaris fcs 

F-WWTM Airbus A320-251N 11213 Avianca fcs

Outside ATR production hangars 

F-WWLU ATR 42-600 1601 white cls, no tail

NO-REG ATR 1658 Primer fuselage no tail 

NO-REG ATR 1746 Primer fuselage no tail

+3 unidentified ATR72 

Outside near A330 Halls

F-WWKQ Airbus A330-941 2026 Condor green stripe cls 

F-WWYN Airbus A330-243MRTT Primer fuselage and tail (for NATO)

F-WZGW Airbus A350-941 591 China Eastern Airlines tcs 

NO-REG Airbus A350-941 592 Primer fuselage and tail (was for Aeroflot)

A330/350 area

F-WWIX Airbus A320-251N 11140 Avianca fcs

F-WWTQ Airbus A320-251N 11197 Indigo fcs

F-WWBF Airbus A320-251N 11234 Primer fuselage Easyjet tcs

F-WWCD Airbus A330-941 1959 Garuda Indonesia cls (ntu for Condor) (HI on nwd (PK-GHI ntu))

F-WWCM Airbus A330-941 1973 white cls (for Cebu Pacific Air)

F-WWCC Airbus A330-941 1988 white cls (for Condor)

F-WZND Airbus A350-1041 409 Qatar Airways fcs (OA on nwd) [A7-AOA]

F-WZFN Airbus A350-941 558 Aeroflot fcs (YX on nwd (VP-BYX ntu)) [VP-BYX]’

F-WZGX Airbus A350-941 572 Air China fcs (2CA on nwd) [B-32CA]

F-WZHG Airbus A350-941 574 Air China fcs 

F-WZNK Airbus A350-941 581 Air China tail cls, primer

Former A380 Production Hall

NO-REG unmated front and rear sections of 11281 (F-WWAD) 1st A321NX to be assembled at TLS for Pegasus

North ramp

F-WWYM Airbus A330-243 780 white cls (ex B-6073)

F-WTTO Airbus A330-841 1888 Airbus NEO clsF-WWYJ Airbus A330-941 1976 Thai AirAsia X tail cls, white fuselage (ntu for Cebu Pacific Air)

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