LOG: Lourdes-Tarbes (LDE) 20/11/2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan , seen Lourdes, Sun 20/11/22 1455-1610

9M-MNC Airbus A380-841 84 Malaysia Airlines cls, no titles

Credit : Dan Raistrick

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/danraistrick/3XayEw3ePc

Tarmac Aerosave side

N835JM Airbus A300B4-203(F) 259 DHL cls (ex EI-OZF)

VQ-BCY Airbus A320-214 1484 Ural Airlines cls

EI-GZT Airbus A320-232 1697 Nesma Airlines cls (ex SU-NMA)

EI-GZU Airbus A320-232 1732 Nesma Airlines cls (ex SU-NMB)

EI-GYY Airbus A320-216SL 5844 white cls (ex JA01VA)

VP-BEK Airbus A321-231SL 6002 Avianca cls (ex N693AV, for Fly One)

VP-BEU Airbus A321-231SL 6190 Avianca cls (ex N697AV)

EI-HIX Airbus A319-111 1640  Air France cls ex ( F-GRXA )

OE-IBG Airbus A330-243 551 Wamos Air cls (ex EC-LNH)

2-CMDR Airbus A330-223 322 Virgin Atlantic cls (ex G-VLNM)

VP-BHF Airbus A330-343E 1374 Thai Airways cls (ex HS-TBF)

M-TKGK Airbus A330-343E 1544 white cls (ex 9V-SSC, wearing 2-SSCA. For DHL Air)

F-WXAB Airbus A330-343 1863 Hong Kong Airlines cls (B-LHF ntu)

F-WXAC Airbus A330-343 1865 Hong Kong Airlines cls (B-LHG ntu)

F-WXAD Airbus A330-343 1874 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (B-LHH ntu)

9H-ALG Airbus A340-212 46 Royal Brunei cls, no titles (ex V8-001)

F-WWAI Airbus A340-311 1 Airbus Flightlab cls

9H-ACZ Airbus A340-313E 590 South African Airways cls (ex ZS-SXC)

F-WZNW Airbus A350-941 4 Airbus cls

F-WTAL Airbus A350-941 153 Hong Kong Airlines cls (B-LGB ntu, for Azul)

B-308G Airbus A350-941 246 Hainan Airlines cls

B-308H Airbus A350-941 251 Hainan Airlines cls

B-308J Airbus A350-941 260 Hainan Airlines cls

OE-IBP Airbus A350-941 351 Hainan Airlines cls (ex B-30DM) – in hangar

9H-MIP Airbus A380-841 6 white cls (ex 9V-SKC)

F-HPJA Airbus A380-841 33 Air France cls

F-HPJC Airbus A380-861 43 Air France cls

D-AIMC Airbus A380-841 44 Lufthansa new cls

F-HPJD Airbus A380-861 49 white cls -being scrapped

9H-AIY Airbus A380-861 52 Air France cls (ex F-HPJE)

D-AIMI Airbus A380-841 72 Lufthansa cls

9M-MNC Airbus A380-841 84 Malaysia Airlines cls, no titles

F-HPJH Airbus A380-861 99 Air France cls

F-HPJI Airbus A380-861 115 Air France cls

F-HPJJ Airbus A380-861 117 Air France cls

A6-APA Airbus A380-861 166 Etihad Airways cls

A6-APB Airbus A380-861 170 Etihad Airways cls

A6-APC Airbus A380-861 176 Etihad Airways London cls

A6-API Airbus A380-861 233 Etihad Airways cls

ZS-SJB Boeing 737-8S3(WL) 29249 Mango cls

ZS-SJC Boeing 737-85FWL 28828 Mango cls

UR-PSG Boeing 737-85R(WL) 29038 Ukraine International Airlines cls (no reg worn)

ZS-SJF Boeing 737-85FWL 30006 Mango cls

OE-LDW Boeing 737-8 MAX 43925 Spicejet cls

5T-CLJ Boeing 737-8 MAX 64299 Mauritania Airlines cls

9H-AJV Boeing 737-85FWL ????? Mango cls (28829/29248/30476/30569)

9H-AJY Boeing 737-85FWL ????? Mango cls (28829/29248/30476/30569)

9H-AJZ Boeing 737-85FWL ????? Mango cls (28829/29248/30476/30569)

B-5102 Boeing 737-97L 33644 Shenzhen Airlines cls

CS-TFM Boeing 777-212ER 28513 EuroAtlantic Airways cls

VP-BGK Boeing 777-31HER 32707 Royal Flight cls

Terminal side

EI-GWJ Airbus A319-111 2213 Air Cote d’Ivoire cls (ex TU-TSA)

EI-GWK Airbus A319-111 2228 Air Cote d’Ivoire cls (ex TU-TSB)

D-AIQD Airbus A320-211 202 Lufthansa cls

OE-IFV Airbus A320-214 960 white cls (ex CS-TNH)

EI-GCC Airbus A320-214 2044 Ernest cls

LY-NVV Airbus A320-232 2085 white cls

EI-HCR Airbus A320-216SL 5926 white cls (ex JA03VA)

N696AV Airbus A321-231SL 6138 Avianca cls

F-WXAV Airbus A321-271N 10410 Qingdao Airlines cls (to be B-325W)

F-WXAG Airbus A321-271NX 10448 Qingdao Airlines cls (to be B-326M)

F-WXAU Airbus A321-271N 10626 Qingdao Airlines cls (to be B-325E)

F-WXAT Airbus A321-271N 10649 Qingdao Airlines cls (to be B-323V)

F-WXAH Airbus A321-271NX 10724 Qingdao Airlines cls (to be B-327M)

9H-AJI Airbus A330-243 785 white cls (ex B-6075)

9H-AJP Airbus A330-243 797 white cls (ex B-6076)

2-RLAX Airbus A330-223 943 Bamboo Airways cls (ex VN-A376)

2-RLAY Airbus A330-223 962 Bamboo Airways cls (ex VN-A377)

2-MAFS Airbus A330-343E 1289 Thai Airways cls (ex HS-TBC)

VP-BUP Airbus A330-302 1370 Nordwind Airlines cls

VP-BMA Airbus A330-343E 1408 Thai Airways cls (ex HS-TBG)

VP-CSE Airbus A330-343E 1510 Philippine Airlines cls (ex RP-C8760, no reg worn)

9H-ACX Airbus A340-313E 544 South African Airways cls (ex ZS-SXA)

9H-ACY Airbus A340-313E 582 South African Airways cls (ex ZS-SXB)

F-WTAZ Airbus A340-541 608 white cls (ex A6-ERG, F-WJKI)

CS-TFX Airbus A340-542 912 HiFly cls

N259GE Boeing 737-8BG(WL) 32356 Mango cls (ex ZS-SJL)

N260GE Boeing 737-8BGWL 32358 Mango cls (ex ZS-SJP)

VP-CTJ Boeing 737-8GJWL 37751 SpiceJet cls (ex VT-SGX)

VP-CTK Boeing 737-8GJWL 37765 SpiceJet cls (ex VT-SGY)

9H-AJU Boeing 737-85FWL ????? Mango cls (28829/29248/30476/30569)

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