LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 20/11/2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan, seen Toulouse, Sun 20/11/22 1215-1330, 1845-2000

F-WZHI Airbus A350-1041 560 French Bee fcs (IB on nwd) [F-HMIB]

Credit : Dan Raistrick

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/danraistrick/7M95Z2qKCg

Delivery Centre

F-WWDT Airbus A320-271N 10644 China Express fcs (29G on nwd) [B-329G]

F-WWDI Airbus A320-271N 10655 China Express fcs (28G on nwd) [B-328G]

VP-BJU Airbus A320-251N 11106 Viva Air Colombia pink cls [HK-5405 ntu]

HZ-FBA Airbus A320-251N 11116 Flyadeal fcs

VT-WDC Airbus A320-271N 11130 Go First fcs

F-WWIC Airbus A320-271N 11181 white cls (was for S7 Airlines)

F-HTYT Airbus A350-941 578 Air France fcs

F-WZFH Airbus A350-941 579 Iberia fcs (NXE on nwd) [EC-NXE]

N518DZ Airbus A350-941 580 Delta Air Lines fcs

Delivery Centre hangar

F-WWTK Airbus A320-271N 10188 Sichuan Airlines fcs (23L on nwd) [B-323L]

F-WWTS Airbus A320-271N 10788 JetSMART cls, Duck tail (AWR on nwd) [CC-AWR]

F-WWBS Airbus A320-271N 11124 Spirit Airlines fcs (4965 on nwd) [N965NK]

F-WWIQ Airbus A320-251N 11145 Flynas fcs (55 on nwd) [HZ-NS55]

F-WWIB Airbus A320-271N 11169 Volaris fcs (VSV on nwd) [XA-VSV]

F-WWCQ Airbus A330-941 2024 Condor gold stripes cls (RH on nwd) [D-ANRH]


F-WNEO Airbus A320-271N 6101 Airbus NEO cls 

D-AVXB Airbus A321-253N 6839 Airbus NEO cls

F-WWDE Airbus A320-271N 10637 China Express fcs (29F on nwd) [B-329F]

F-WWDZ Airbus A320-271N 10714 Sichuan Airlines fcs (28M on nwd) [B-328M]

F-WWTO Airbus A320-251N 11133 Azul Brasil Disney Daisy Duck cls (SK on tail, nwd) [PR-YSK]

F-WWIF Airbus A320-251N 11137 Tunisair fcs (MA on tail, nwd) [TS-IMA]

F-WWIA Airbus A320-251N 11146 IndiGo fcs (PK on nwd) [VT-IPK]

F-WWDH Airbus A320-251N 11150 Lufthansa fcs (JH on nwd) [D-AIJH]

F-WWTY Airbus A320-271N 11188 Spirit Airlines fcs (4966 on nwd) [N966NK]

F-WWTQ Airbus A320-251N 11197 IndiGo fcs [VT-]

F-WWIH Airbus A320-271N 11199 FlyArystan fcs (KBS on nwd) [EI-KBS]

F-WWDS Airbus A320-251N 11205 Air Cairo fcs (UT on nwd) [SU-BUT]

F-WW(IU?) Airbus A320-271N 11211 FlyArystan fcs [EI-]

F-WWTM Airbus A320-251N 11213 Avianca Colombia fcs (966 on nwd) [N966AV]

F-WWTL Airbus A320-271N 11222 Spirit Airlines fcs [N971NK]

F-WWBG Airbus A320-251N 11125 Eurowings fcs (ENH on nwd) [D-AENH]

F-WWBY Airbus A320-251N 11235 Azul Brasil fcs (SL on tail, nwd) [PR-YSL]

** A20N Easyjet Europe fcs (11234 or 11244)

** A20N LATAM fcs (11228 or 11293)

F-WWCX Airbus A330-941 1966 Condor green stripes cls (RA on nwd) [D-ANRA]

F-WWCH Airbus A330-243MRTT 2023 Primer cls (MRTT for UAE) [1303]

F-WXWB Airbus A350-941 1 Airbus blue cls 

F-WWCF Airbus A350-941 2 Airbus carbon cls 

F-WZFG Airbus A350-941 556 Iberia fcs (NXC on nwd) [EC-NXC]

F-WZNI Airbus A350-941 557 Starlux Airlines fcs (02 on nwd) [B-58502]

F-WZHI Airbus A350-1041 560 French Bee fcs (IB on nwd) [F-HMIB]

F-WZFC Airbus A350-941 570 Air China fcs (2AS on nwd) [B-32AS]

F-WZNS Airbus A350-941 571 Sichuan Airlines Panda cls (2AG on nwd) [B-32AG]

F-WZGX Airbus A350-941 572 Air China fcs (2CA on nwd) [B-32CA]

F-WZHK Airbus A350-941 583 China Southern Airlines fcs [B-32CR]

F-WZFI Airbus A350-941 587 Air China tail cls, primer

F-WZFK Airbus A350-941 588 Delta Airlines tail cls, white fuselage (3519 on tail) [N519DN]

F-WZFF Airbus A350-1041 600 Primer cls (was for Starlux Airlines)

ATRs front of flightline

F-WWLH ATR 42-600 1612 Oriental Air Bridge fcs (0RC on nwd) [JA10RC]

F-WWEG ATR 72-600 1638 Azul Brasil fcs (KP on nwd) [PR-AKP]

F-WWEQ ATR 72-600 1647 IndiGo fcs (RE on nwd) [VT-IRE]

ATRs rear of flightline

F-WWEL ATR 72-600 1620 Toki Air fcs (02QQ on nwd) [JA02QQ]

F-WWEW ATR 72-600 1744 white tail cls, primer (freighter)

Near Flightline

F-WWDU Airbus A320-251N 10780 China Eastern Airlines fcs (9P on nwd)

F-WWBK Airbus A320-251N 11216 IndiGo fcs [VT-]

F-WWIY Airbus A320-251N 11271 Flynas tail cls, primer

F-WWIN Airbus A320-251N 11283 Avianca Colombia fcs

F-WWLU ATR 42-600 1601 white cls, no tail 

** 2x AT76 primer cls with no tails

St Martin du Touch area

D-AVWA Airbus A319-171N 6464 Airbus NEO cls 

F-WWBD Airbus A320-271N 11201 white cls (for ITA Airways) 

F-WZGG Airbus A350-941 3 Airbus blue cls 

F-WMIL Airbus A350-1041 59 Airbus blue cls, Qantas titles


F-WWIX Airbus A320-251N 11140 Avianca Colombia fcs (965 on nwd) [N965AV]

F-WWIK Airbus A320-271N 11261 white tail cls, primer (for ITA Airways)

F-WWDV Airbus A320-251N 11263 Azul Brasil fcs (SN on tail, nwd) [PR-YSN]

Factory area

NO-REG Airbus A350-941 603 Air France tail cls, primer [F-WZGE F-HUVA]

Outside front of ATR hangars

NO-REG ATR 72-600 1753 white tail cls, primer (T3175367S753 on ff) [freighter] [F-WWEG]

Near A330 Halls

F-WZHJ Airbus A350-941 596 Turkish Airlines tail cls, primer

Latecoere ramp

9K-AKS Airbus A320-251N 11187 Kuwait Airways fcs [F-WWIE]

Near engine test bay

F-WWCM Airbus A330-941 1973 white cls (for Cebu Pacific Air)

A330/350 area

F-WWII Airbus A320-251N 11168 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs (SIX on nwd) [EI-SIX]

F-WWDK Airbus A320-251N 11230 Viva Air Colombia fcs [HK-]

F-WWIS Airbus A320-251N 11254 Air Cairo fcs [SU-BUS]

F-WWYM Airbus A330-243 780 white cls (ex B-6073) 

F-WTTO Airbus A330-841 1888 Airbus NEO cls 

F-WWYP Airbus A330-941 1958 Condor blue stripes cls [D-ANRB]

F-WWCD Airbus A330-941 1959 Garuda Indonesia cls (for Condor as D-ANRC) (HI on nwd [PK-GHI ntu])

F-WZND Airbus A350-1041 409 Qatar Airways fcs (OA on nwd) [A7-AOA]

F-WZFZ Airbus A350-941 554 Primer cls, Aeroflot winglets (VP-BYG ntu) 

F-WZFN Airbus A350-941 558 Aeroflot fcs (YX on nwd (VP-BYX ntu)

F-WZHG Airbus A350-941 574 Air China fcs [B-32CE]

F-WZGT Airbus A350-941 585 Primer cls (was for Aeroflot) 

F-WZNY Airbus A350-941 589 Primer cls (was for Aeroflot)

F-WZHH Airbus A350-941 592 Primer cls (was for Aeroflot)

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