LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 06-07/01/23

Log and photos with credit to Tony and Stuart. Anything in brackets not read by them.

Noted over Friday 6th and Saturday 7th January were the following, I haven’t tried to isolate what we saw on Friday from Saturday as there was quite a bit of movement over our two visits [we also headed off to Francazal and Tarbes, reports to follow] so it would have made the listing very messy..

Central area (opposite terminal)

F-WWBE A320 11238 Lufthansa

(F-WWTU) A320 11319 Scandinavian

F-WWID A320 11333 GoFirst

F-WWIG A320 11338 Aegean

F-WWIU A320 11339 Starflyer

F-WWIP A320 11344 Play

F-WWBP A320 11346 China Eastern

F-WWBC A320 (11350) Indigo

c/n 175_ ATR-72-600F Primer/No tail or registration we couldn’t definitely ID this as it looked as if the stencilled c/n had smudged but we thought it was 1755?? but we would like confirmation please.

A320 flight line

F-WWIT A320 11106 Viva Air Pink c/s

F-WWII A320 11168 Scandinavian

F-WWIC A320 11181 All white (Reportedly delivered 30/12) see below

(F-WWDC) A320 (11218) Viva Air

F-WWDK A320 11230 Viva Air

F-WWBB A320 (11242) Viva Air

F-WWDX A320 (11258) Volaris

F-WWDA A320 11270 Spirit

(F-WWIN) A320 11283 Avianca

(VT-IPP) A320 11287 Indigo

F-WWBJ A320 (11295) Spirit

(F-WWBV) A320 (11315) Vistara

F-WWIQ A320 (11375) Indigo (tail)

? A320 Air Cairo either F-WWTX/11307 or F-WWDJ/11322 answers on a postcard please!!

? A320 Aegean

With regard to c/n 11181 above we read this on both Friday and Saturday, so obviously not delivered as has been reported [even by some trackers] what I think may have happened here is that looking at reports some show hex code 42469C as delivered on 30/12 which is c/n 11265 which wasn’t seen while other reports list 42469B which is 11181 which was noted by us and Wayne a couple of days later.

Regarding Viva Air 11218 you may note we didn’t read either the test reg or c/n but having read either the test reg or c/n from the other Viva Air aircraft I do not think there are any other candidates? Correct me if I’m wrong.

A330/350 flight line

F-WWKQ A330 2026 Condor (Green stripes)

F-WWYN A330MRTT 2030 Primer

F-WZNB A350 (409) Qatar ‘OA’ on nwd

(F-WZHF) A350 575 Air China

F-WZFQ A350 590 Lufthansa (tail)

(F-WZGW) A350 591 China Eastern (tail)

F-WWBW A350 598 China Southern (tail)

Old A380 area

F-WTTO A330 1888 Airbus

F-WWCD A330 1959 Garuda

F-WWYJ A330 1976 Air Asia

? A330 All white [nothing on this we could see]

F-WZFN A350 558 Aeroflot

F-WZGT A350 585 Primer

F-WZNY A350 589 Primer

F-WZHH A350 592 Primer

(F-WZGZ) A350 594 Primer

Outside A330 production hangar

F-WWCM A330 1973 All white

(F-WZGC) A350 604 Air China (tail)

F-WZGU A350 605 All white

Fuel leak test area

F-WWDP A320 11311 Volaris

F-WWDV A320 (11263) Azul ‘SN’ on top of tail

F-WWIY A320 11271 Flynas also wore HZ-NS57

ATR flightline

F-WWLI ATR42 1613 Maldvian

F-WWEF ATR72 1637 US Bangla

F-WWES ATR72 (1741) Federal Express ‘707’ on nwd

Back of ATR hangar

c/n 1614 ATR-42 Primer/No tail or registration

c/n 1658 ATR-72 Primer/No tail or registration

ATR Hangar [doors were opened to move the other US Bangla out]

(F-WWLU) ATR42 1601 White

F-WWEL ATR72 1620 Toki ‘02QQ’ on nwd

(F-WWET) ATR72 1627 White

F-WWEW ATR72 1629 Tarom

F-WWES ATR72 1649 US Bangla

(F-WWET) ATR72 1650 White tail

(F-WWEJ) ATR72 1664 White tail

(F-WWEL) ATR72 1666 White tail

(F-WWEL) ATR72 1735 White tail

F-WWEW ATR72 1744 Federal Express ‘708’ on nwd

(F-WWEY) ATR72 1746 White tail

11408 A320 Primer was at the back of hangar

Where annotated ‘White tail’ it means the fuselage was still in primer.

A320 Line [one door open]

11414 A320 FlyNAS tail [this was outside on Saturday]

????? A320 Aegean tail

St Martin du Touch area

F-WZFF A350 600 Primer

F-WXWB A350 001 Airbus

D-AVXB A321 6839 Airbus

Delivery centre

CC-AWX A320 JetSmart [only on Friday]

B-58502 A350 Starlux

F-WWBG A320 11125 Eurowings

F-WWDH A320 11150 Lufthansa

F-WWDX A320 11258 Volaris

G-VLDY A330 (2025) Virgin Atlantic

F-WZNS A350 571 Sichuan [Panda scheme]

Being towed on Friday the Front and rear of A320 11423 were noted.

Seen on departure by Stuart only [I was on the wrong side] was a FlyNAS and Indigo both with tail only painted which he surmised were most probably 11414 [seen at back of hangar on Friday] and 11375?

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