LOG: Monchengladbach (MGL) 12/2/2023

Log and photos with credit for Dan seen Monchengladbach, Sun 12/2/23 1400-1530

NAF931 ATR 42-512MP 800 Nigerian Air Force

Credit :

RAS Ramp

2-JUCE ATR 72-212A 774 Hunnu Air cls (ex JU-8801)

2-TSUW De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402NG 4345 white cls, SpiceJet titles (ex VT-SUW)

2-TSUX De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402NG 4328 white cls, SpiceJet titles (ex VT-SUX)

CS-DJF ATR 72-600 1284 TAP Express cls

CS-DJH ATR 72-600 1323 TAP Express cls

D-AASH De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402 4187 Avanti Air

EI-FAU ATR 72-600 1098 Aer Lingus Regional cls

NAF931 ATR 42-512MP 800 Nigerian Air Force

OY-JZW ATR 72-212A 773 Hunnu Air cls (ex JU-8802)

RAS Hangars

2-GJSA ATR 42-512 574 Kam Air cls, no titles

EC-MNN ATR 72-600 1361 Binter Canarias cls

EI-FAX ATR 72-600 1129 Aer Lingus Regional cls

OY-YEP ATR 72-600 1540 Air KBZ cls (ex XY-AMQ)

OY-YFK De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402NG 4309 Wideroe cls (ex YL-BAJ, to be LN-WDP)

Near terminal

CS-DJD ATR 72-600 1233 TAP Express cls

North corner

EI-FCY ATR 72-600 1139 Aer Lingus Regional cls

EI-FCZ ATR 72-600 1159 Aer Lingus Regional cls

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