LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 21-22/11/2015

Seen 21st NOV (1000h-1500h) and 22nd NOV (0900-1230h)

Credit : Carsten

1017 F-WWLB Travira f/c – parked
1203 F-WWLG Satena f/c – parked
1284 F-WWEM Azul f/c
1285 F-WWEN Firefly f/c – stored at Latecoere
1291 F-WWEU Wings f/c
1292? FWWEV? Azul f/c (only outside SUN)
1293 F-WWEW Bahamasair f/c (only outside SAT)
1294 F-WWEX primer/white tail
???? F-WWE? all white – stored at Latecoere

6455 F-WWBH Saudi Gulf f/c – DC
6474 F-WWBC Saudi Gulf f/c – DC
6681 F-WHUE Qingdao f/c – stored at AFR Technics
6733 F-WWIL Saudi Gulf f/c
6784 FWXAC? a/w and New Loongair titles – stored at AFR Technics
6813 F-WWIN Avianca f/c – DC (only outside SUN)
6832 F-WWDJ Aegean f/c – DC
6846 F-WWIG Spring AL f/c – DC
6851 F-WWIJ Tianjin AL f/c – DC
6854 F-WWBD China Eastern f/c
6857 F-WWBG Viva Aerobus f/c
6865 F-WWBU Vistara f/c
6876 F-WWIQ Avianca f/c
6881 F-WWIX Spring AL f/c
6883 F-WWBI Vueling f/c
6886 F-WWBQ Viva Aerobus f/c – fuelstation
6889 F-WWBX Virgin America f/c – fuelstation
6893??? primer and white tail – fuelstation
6898??? primer and Tianjin tail c/s

A320 NEO
6286 D-AVVA Demo c/s – flying SUN morning
6642 D-AVVB Demo c/s
6720 F-WWIV brown primer
6819 F-WWBK Indigo f/c – engineless
6829 F-WWIU Qatar AW f/c – engineless
6849 F-WWII Indigo f/c – enginless
6860 F-WWBN Indigo f/c – engineless
6868 F-WWDI Indigo f/c – engineless

1607 F-WWCS Skymark f/c – DC
1608 F-WWCU all white and red engines
1646 F-WWKM Air Asia X f/c
1657 F-WJKG all white (ex F-WWCN)
1659 F-WWYG Air Asia X f/c
1677 B-8117 Hainan AL f/c – DC
1681 F-WWKH Kuwait AW f/c
1684 F-WWKN EVA Air f/c – DC
1685 F-WWKS Air China f/c – DC (into hangar on SUN)
1686 F-WWKT Hainan AL f/c
1693 F-WWCG Lion Air f/c (only outside SAT)
1695 F-WWC_ primer and Air China tail c/s
1698 no reg primer and Garuda tail c/s, engineless
1700 F-WWKD primer and Iberia tail c/s, engineless and winglets missing
1701 F-WWKF primer and Delta AL tail c/s, engineless
1703 F-WW?? primer and Hainan AL tail c/s, engineless

013 A7-ALG Qatar AW – dep. SAT on del. as QTR3359
019 F-WZFN Finnair f/c (OneWorld markings)
022 F-WZFQ Finnair f/c
024 F-WZFS TAM f/c (only outside SUN)
034 no reg all primer
037 no reg primer ans Singapore AL tail c/s
??? no reg primer and Qatar AW tail c/s (A380 ramp) plus one all primer

193 F-WWSD brown primer and Qatar AW tail c/s
199 F-WWSS primer and Etihad tail c/s
208 F-WWSM primer and Emirates tail c/s
209 F-WW?? primer and Emirates tail c/s


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