LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 11/12/2015

Log from Carsten for XFW on the afternoon of the 11th December.

6464 D-AVWA primer and NEO demo tail c/s – stored
0001 F-WWBA Demo c/s – doing touch and go from TLS/to Harwarden
6744 D-AXAH Indigo f?c – stored
6772 D-AXAN Qatar AW f/c – inside open hangar
6801 D-AXAQ Lufthansa f/c – first flight
6833 D-AXAT Spirit AL f/c – stored engineless
6896 F-WWIS Avianca Brasil f/c – dep to TLS
6901 F-WWDC China Eastern f/c – dep to TLS
6902 D-AUBD Air Berlin f/c – inside open hangar
6906 D-AUBE Volaris f/c – inside open hangar
6918 D-AUBF Easyjet f/c – inside open hangar
6763 D-AYAT Capital AL f/c – stored
6818 D-AZAM Capital AL f/c – stored
6853 D-AVXL Capital AL f/c – stored
6863 D-AVXP Capital AL f/c – stored
6887 D-AVXX American AL f/c – testflight
6891 N705FR Frontier f/c – dep on del.
6897 D-AVZB Spirit AL f/c
6899 CC-BEI LAN f/c – dep on del.
6903 D-AVZD JetBlue f/c – inside open hangar
6905 D-AVZE Rouge f/c – first flight
6908 D-AVZF American AL f/c
6910 D-AVZG Wizzair f/c – first flight
6912 D-AVZH Air Macau f/c
6913 D-AVZI Capital AL f/c – engine runs
6915 D-AVZJ China Eastern f/c
6916 D-AVZK Junezao AL f/c
194 F-WWSG British AW f/c – inside open hangar
203 A6-EOS Emirates f/c – dep on del.
204 F-WWAT Emirates f/c
205 F-WWSX Emirates f/c – inside open hangar
…and D-AIMN dep. to FRA in full Lufthansa c/s after paint “repairs”

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