LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) – Sun 8/1/17 1230-1330

Noted outside on a Sunday by Dan.

Delvery Centre ramp
D-AVYR A321 7322 Juneyao fcs (59 on nwd)

Main Factory side
D-AVVB A320 6642 Airbus NEO cls
A320 7556 Primer fuselage sections
A320 7622 Primer fuselage sections

D-AVVO A320 7483 ANA fcs (212 on nwd)
D-AZAO A321 7516 Turkish Airlines fcs (TP on nwd)
D-AZAS A321 7520 JetBlue fcs (975 on nwd)
D-AZAU A321 7522 Spirit fcs (to be N672NK?)
A321 7530 Primer fuselage sections
D-AVZU A321 7532 Wizzair tail cls, primer

A333 1792 Primer fuselage section
A333 1798 Primer fuselage section

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