LOG : Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 10 Jan 2017

Log with credit to Colin.

All fcs unless indicated
WWBT/7181 Frontier DC hangar minus one engine
WWDN/7475 Air India ramp
WWIM/7470 China Southern A380 ramp, plus another probably 7343
WWIF/7333 Tianjin A380 ramp
WW??/7502 Vueling flightline
WWIA/7459 Air India flightline
WWBX/7508 Air Asia flightline
WWDZ/7466 Citilink – primer to
WWIB/7269 China Southern fuel cell ramp
WWBN/7409 Azul flightline
WWDX/7102 Volaris fuel cell ramp
WWBJ/7491 Tiger Taiwan fuel cell ramp
WW??/7496 Batik ATR prod hangar
WW??/7484 Avianca ATR prod hangar
WWIZ/7514 Avianca primer to towed to Sabena Technics paint hangar
WW??/7??? Azul towed from Sabena Technics paint hangar
WWDM/7472 Frontier fuel cell ramp
WW??/7396 Indigo sand primer flightline
WWBS/7489 SAS prod line (fcs)
WW??/7477 China Southern flightline
WW??/7523 Interjet to prod line

WWYL/1768 Turkish Cargo main ramp
WWYZ/1769 Delta main ramp
WWYT/1770 Saudia primer to completion hangar
Plus an all primer A330 on flight line

Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1041 cn 088 F-W??? // A7-A???
Credit : Clément Alloing
WZGT/047 Qatar fcs flightline
WWTJ/070 Cathay fcs flightline
WZNS/089 Ethiopian fcs flightline
WMIL,WWXL AIB flightline
094 Asiana primer to completion hangar
088 Qatar primer to outside A330 hall
0103 Ethiopian primer to outside A330 hall
0104 Finnair primer to outside A330 hall
0107 Singapore primer to outside A350 factory
096 Singapore primer to inside A380 body join hangar
095 Thai primer to paint hangar on A380 side

These were on the A380 ramp:
063 Qatar primer to, 093,098,102 primer, 100 Qatar primer to, 101 Cathay primer to

All primer to
WWAN/0234, WWAP/0236, WWSB/0239 all Emirates
There was another A380 of Emirates in the A380 body join hall

WWET/1359 Binter fcs flightline
WWEK/1374 Air Antilles fcs flightline
WWLN/1210 all white flightline
WWEC/1389 Iran Air fcs flightline
WWED/1390 primer flightline
LVGUG Avianca fcs ATR demo ramp
WWEF/1392 primer ATR demo ramp
WKVC primer ATR demo ramp
WWLT/1215 JAC fcs ATR prod hangar
WWEX/1386 Iran Air fcs ATR prod hangar
WWEZ all white ATR prod hangar

The following primer ATR72s were seen on the prod line: 1394,1395,1396,1397,1399,1400,1422 plus an ATR42. 1432,1433,1434 fuselage barrels were also noted outside the rear of ATR factory. Note, I believe the ATR72 con nos jump from 1400 to 1421 and that the batch 1401 to 1420 are for ATR42s.

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