LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 20th Jan 2017

The following were seen at Francazal this afternoon.  Anything in brackets is not read off, C/Ns added for older frames for completeness.  There are 2 REQs – for a Trujet and a Nesma ATR72.  

A6-RRA EM4 Rotana Jet fcs
F-WNUA AT7 Azul basic cs (1047)
F-WNUC AT7 Azul basic cs (1060)
F-WNUD AT7 Azul basic cs (1072)
F-WNUE AT7 Azul basic cs (1076) – lots of bits missing
F-WNUG AT7 Nesma fcs (1371?
REQ confirmation)
F-WNUG AT7 Passaredo basic cs (PR-PDE) (565)
F-WNUH AT4 Air Caledonie fcs (647)
F-WNUI AT4 Aeromar fcs (594)
F-WTDB AT7 a/w (1360)
F-WTDS AT7 a/w (1342)
F-WWEE AT7 1391 Iran Air fcs

F-WWEN AT7 1377 Bangkok Air fcs
F-WWEO AT7 1367 a/w (Wings Abadi Air)

F-WWEZ AT7 1341 Transasia fcs
M-ABKL AT7 a/w (1028)
M-IBAJ AT7 a/w (776)
(OM-VRC/N307RT) AT7 Danube Wings (307)
(VT-   ) AT7 Trujet fcs no visible markings
ZS-XZA AT7 a/w
ZS-XZB AT7 a/w
(9H-AGH) AT7 Islas Airways cs (770)

3 thoughts on “LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 20th Jan 2017”

  1. Hi Paul – Two spots you need to go to.

    The first one is next to the tower (43.539546, 1.369698) – you need to drive into the entrance next to the main hangar area. Before security turn right and drive up to the tower. Park here and walk a few meters to the gate. Here you will read off 90% of what is on the ramp.

    Next is in the middle of a housing estate looking back on the ramp across the runway (43.550584, 1.357476). Here you should get anything hidden from the otherside.

    Hope this helps.


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