LOG:Toulouse Blagnac Sat 28/1/17 1345-2000 + Sun 29th 0800-1235

Log with credit to Dan.

Main Factory side
F-WNEW A320 6419 Airbus NEO cls … Flightline
F-WWIB A320 7269 China Southern fcs, primer rudder (670 on nwd) … Flightline
F-WWBO A320 7331 IndiGo tail, primer … Fuelstation
F-WWIF A320 7333 Tianjin fcs (8952 on nwd) … Fuelstation
F-WWDG A320 7391 IndiGo tail, primer … Fuelstation
F-WWDM A320 7472 Frontier fcs (307 on nwd) … Fuelstation
F-WWDN A320 7475 Air India fcs (ID on nwd) … Flightline
F-WWBG A320 7484 Avianca fcs (BH on nwd) … Fuelstation
F-WWIY A320 7487 West Air fcs (845 on nwd) … Flightline
F-WWBJ A320 7491 Tigerair fcs (17 on nwd) … Flightline
F-WWDI A320 7494 Azul fcs (RH on tail, nwd) … Fuelstation
F-WWBY A320 7502 Vueling fcs … Flightline
F-WWIZ A320 7514 Avianca fcs (BI on nwd) … Fuelstation
F-WWIL A320 7517 Hong Kong Express fcs (LCO on nwd) … Flightline
F-WWHI A320 7526 Air India tail cls, primer … Fuelstation
F-WWII A320 7537 easyJet fcs (PV on nwd, above cockpit) … Flightline
F-WWBI A320 7543 Vanilla Air fcs (12VA on nwd) … Flightline
F-WWIO A320 7609 Batik tail cls, primer … Fuelstation
A320 7635 Primer fuselage section … Near Flightline
A320 7649? Primer fuselage section … Near Belugas
A320 7653? Primer fuselage section … Near Belugas

F-WWCB A332 871 Airbus blue cls … Flightline
F-WWCZ A332 1773 Tianjin fcs (959 on nwd) … Flightline
F-WWKJ A332 1775 Tianjin tail cls, primer … Flightline
F-WWYD A332 1777 Iberia cls, no titles (MOU on nwd) … Flightline
+ Caught a quick glimpse of a Saudi fcs & EVA tail cls/primer fuselage A333 over the back near the A330 Halls/P18 on departure. Possibly F-WWKE 1774 (HZ-AQ23) & F-WWYZ 1778.

D-AVXA A321 6673 Airbus NEO cls … Flightline
D-AVXB A321 6839 Airbus NEO cls … Flightline

F-WXWB A359 0001 Airbus blue cls … Flightline
F-WWCF A359 0002 Airbus black cls … Flightline
F-WZGG A359 0003 Airbus blue cls … Flightline
F-WZGT A359 0047 Qatar fcs (LN on nwd) … Flightline
F-WZNJ A359 0080 Lufthansa fcs (XB on tail, nwd) … Flightline
F-WZNL A359 0082 Air Caraibes fcs (AV on nwd) … Flightline
F-WZNN A359 0084 Singapore fcs (MK on nwd) … Flightline
+ Seen near the A330 Halls/P18 on departure: 1x Cathay tail cls/primer (0101?), 1x Singapore tail cls/primer (0107?) + what looked like a Finnair tail/primer (0104?) at the western end of the ramp

F-WWOW A388 0001 Airbus blue cls … Flightline
F-WWDD A388 0004 Airbus blue cls … Flightline

F-WWED AT76 1367 white cls … Rear of ATR delivery centre
F-WWEX AT76 1386 Iran Air fcs (TA on tail, nwd) … Near fuelstation
F-WWEZ AT76 1387 white cls … ATR Delivery Centre
F-WWEC AT76 1389 Iran Air fcs (TB on tail, nwd) … ATR Delivery Centre
F-WWEG AT76 1393 Myanmar fcs (MK on nwd) … ATR Delivery Centre
F-WWEH AT76 1394 Cebu fcs (82 on nwd) … ATR Delivery Centre
F-WKVC AT76 ???? White tail, primer … Near fuelstation
AT76 1426 White tail, primer (T31426IW3072 stencilled on rf) … Near fuelstation
+ 1x Primer/White tail AT76 in between F-WKVC + F-WWEX near the fuelstation. Possibly 1424?

Delivery Centre
F-WWIT A320 7329 IndiGo fcs (TO on nwd) … Near DC
HZ-AQ21 A333 1766 Saudi fcs
TC-JOZ A332 1768 Turkish Cargo fcs
F-WZFI A359 0055 white cls
B-LRK A359 0070 Cathay fcs
ET-ATY A359 0089 Ethiopian fcs

A320/NEO storage ramps
CS-TLU A319 1256 … AFR Technics area
F-WHUU A320 6733 Saudi Gulf fcs (GZ on nwd) … AFR Technics area
F-WWDK A320 7083 Qatar fcs (JF on nwd) … Latecoere
F-WWBT A320 7181 Frontier fcs (302 on nwd)
F-WWBM A320 7477 China Southern fcs (965 on nwd)
F-WWBS A320 7489 SAS fcs (DOX on nwd)
A320 7504 IndiGo tail cls, primer (‘F-WW’ on sticker) … Latecoere
F-WWBH A320 7507 Go Air fcs (GF on nwd)
F-WWBX A320 7508 Air Asia fcs (BBZ on nwd)
F-WWBD A320 7510 IndiGo fcs (TU on nwd) … Latecoere
F-WWBC A320 7523 Interjet fcs (JRM on nwd) … Latecoere

A350/380 area
F-WWBA A320 1 Airbus blue cls

F-WWCA A346 360 Airbus cls

A35K 0088 Qatar tail cls, primer

F-WZFA A359 0052 white cls
F-WZFK A359 0060 white cls
A359 0078 Qatar tail cls, primer
A359 0090 Primer cls
A359 0099 Singapore tail cls, primer
A359 0100 Qatar tail cls, primer
A359 0103 Ethiopian tail cls, primer
A359 0105 China Airlines tail cls, primer
A359 0106 Qatar tail cls, primer

F-WXXL A388 0002 Basic Airbus blue cls
F-WWSB A388 0239 Emirates tail cls, primer
F-WWSE A388 0240 Emirates tail cls, primer

Biz ramp (stored)
M-AMRM AT75 826 Fly540 fcs

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