LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) Sun 26/3/17 1215-1530

Log with credit to Dan.

Factory side – Outside
D-AUBB A320 7554 ANA fcs (213 on nwd)
D-AUBC A320 7560 WOW Air fcs
D-AUBD A320 7565 SAS fcs (DOZ on nwd)
D-AUBF A320 7577 Lufthansa fcs (NF on tail, nwd)
D-AUBG A320 7588 Lufthansa fcs (NG on tail, nwd)
D-AUBU A320 7637 easyJet fcs (RC above cockpit, nwd)
D-AUBX A320 7654 China Eastern fcs (75 on nwd)
A320 7696 Primer fuselage section

D-AVZT A321 7530 China Southern fcs
D-AVZZ A321 7544 China Southern fcs
D-AVXM A321 7548 China Southern fcs
D-AYAK A321 7567 Air Astana fcs (KDC on nwd)
D-AYAW A321 7610 China Southern fcs (380 on nwd)
D-AVXX A321 7627 jetBlue fcs (979 on nwd)
D-AVYB A321 7628 China Eastern fcs (62 on nwd)
D-AVYE A321 7639 Virgin America fcs (922 on nwd) … towed from paint shop @ 1310
D-AVYJ A321 7650 WOW Air tail cls, primer
? A321 7652 hina Southern tail cls, primer

F-WWAQ A388 0243 Singapore tail cls, primer

Delivery Centre area
D-AVVS A320 7495 Tianjin fcs (8953 on nwd)
D-AVVT A320 7499 SAS fcs (DOY on nwd)
D-AUBJ A320 7593 Aeroflot fcs (FE on nwd)
9N-ALW A320 7604 Himalaya Airlines fcs … outside Hangar 103

D-AVZI A321 7492 Juneyao fcs (56 on nwd)
D-AYAV A321 7607 Juneyao fcs (57 on nwd)
D-AYAX A321 7611 Finnair fcs (ZO on nwd)
D-AVZL A321 7617 American fcs (900 on nwd)


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