LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 18/04/2018

Log with credit to Colin, noted on a day trip to Toulouse between 10am and 6pm. Weather was warm, which helped boost numbers.

Delivery Centre

WWYY/1851 333 Lucky
WWCM/1856 333 Sichuan
WZFV/0100 359 Qatar
WZFO/0143 35X Qatar One World cs
WZNC/0196 359 Ethiopian
WFFB/0200 359 LATAM
WWAJ/0254 388 Qatar

Plus a couple of Avianca and Guilin A320s

Flight line


WWDV/8139 British Airways
WWIK/8142 Sibir
WWIB/8198 Pegasus
WWBH/8231 Royal Brunei
WWIE/8244 Vueling


WWKM/1829 Air Portugal
WWCC/1859 Tibet
WWKY/1862 Capital
WWKI/1863 Hainan
WWYP/1876 Azul basis tail cs – primer fuselage


WZGE/0201 Thai
WZGO/0202 Lufthansa new cs
WZFS/0203 MAS special cs
WZGY/0205 Ethiopian
WZND/0209 Lufthansa new cs
WZNN/0212 Primer Lufthansa new cs tail
WZNS/0214 Delta
WZNY/0216 all primer with Ultra Long Range titles


WWEN/1488 Wings
WWEP/1489 Iran Air
WWEQ/1490 Binter
WWEU/1494 Iran Air

Plus two Indigo not read

Storage ramp near flight line

WWBY/8173 British Airways
WWDN/8214 Pegasus
WWIG/8221 Iberia
WWIZ/8240 Avianca

Plus two Avianca ATR72s

Fuel Cell

WWBB/8077 Indigo
WWBV/8234 Aeroflot – primer fuselage

A320 moving prod line

???? Avianca
???? Pegasus
8334 fuselage only

ATR assembly hangar

1508,1512,1513 fuselage barrels

1510 complete plus two others

ATR completion hangar

WWET/1493 Wings
WWEW/1496 Indigo
WWEZ/1497 primer – to paint shop
1500 primer
1501 primer

Plus another Indigo ATR72, Aeromar ATR72, 2x primer ATR72s and 1x primer ATR42

ACJ ramp

WW??/8272 Pegasus

Outside A330 factory

WWYU/1867 333 Shenzhen
WWCS/1869 333 China Eastern – primer fuselage
WWKT/1877 332 all primer
0228 359 Air China – primer fuselage
0231 359 Philippines – primer fuselage


WWIS/8204 Capital
WWBS/8209 Go Air
WWDI/8218 Indigo
WWDM/8247 Pegasus

Air France Industries

WWBF/8238 Vueling
Plus a couple of Avianca examples

320 storage ramps

WWIP/8146 Go Air
WWBD/8158 Indigo
WWIR/8181 Vueling
WWDF/8211 Air Arabia – primer fuselage
WWBX/8225 Air India
WWIF/8228 Volaris
WWDE/8256 Iberia
WWIY/8259 Indigo
WWBG/8275 all primer

Plus a host of other longer term inmates

350/380 ramps

1824 Beluga XL – primer fuselage

WWCY/1865 333 Hainan
WW??/1866 333 Lucky – primer fuselage
WWKV/1871 333 Hainan – primer fuselage

0169,0206,0233 35X Cathay – primer fuselage
0207,0211 35X primer
0220 35X Singapore – primer fuselage

WWAD/0256 388 Emirates – primer fuselage

Plus a couple of A330neos and other longer term stored A350s/380S

A380 prod line

0250 Emirates – primer fuselage
0257 Emirates – primer fuselage


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