LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 23/5/2018

Log with credit to Colin.

A day trip was made on Wednesday 23rd May. Weather was warm and sunny with light winds which resulted in a number of hangars being open.

The following were noted, though it doesn’t included some of the longer term inmates. All in full colours unless stated otherwise.

Delivery Centre


WWBB/8077 Indigo
WWIG/8221 Iberia
V8RBA (8231) Royal Brunei
ECMYC (8238) Vueling
WWIU/8252 Air Asia
VPBIP (8276) Aeroflot
WWIN/8285 FlyaDeal


WWCK/1855 Hainan
WWKR/1857 sand primer
WWKH/1864 Level
WWYU/1867 Shenzhen


WZFT/0106 Qatar
N510DN (0204) Delta
WZND/0209 Lufthansa



WWEV/1495 primer
WWEW/1496 Indigo
WWEX/1497 Antilles Express
WWEB/1499 Cebu
WWED/1501 Binter


WWBD/8158 Indigo
WWIZ/8240 Avianca
WWDM/8247 Pegasus
WWDC/8261 Royal Brunei
No Reg/8294 Vistara
No Reg/8303 Citilink


WWKY/1862 Capital
WWKI/1863 HK Airlines
WWCS/1869 China Eastern
WWKV/1871 Hainan primer fuselage
WWKF/1873 China Eastern primer fuselage


WZGV/0118 Cathay
WZNF/0208 China AL
WZNE/0210 Delta
WZNU/0217 Air China primer fuselage
WZFQ/0218 Asiana
WZNP/0219 Iberia

ACJ ramp

????/8300 Avianca

Fuel cell ramp near A320 line

WWDR/8167 Air India
WWIR/8181 Vueling
WWBJ/8313 Spring
WWIE/8352 Spring primer fuselage

Outside A330 factory


WWKS/1870 WOW – later moved to A380 side
WWCH/1875 Hainan primer fuselage


WZHF/0223 Singapore primer fuselage
WZHK/0236 Philippines primer fuselage
WZFU/0239 China AL primer fuselage

A330 production line

1879 Shenzhen primer fuselage
1882 Level primer fuselage
1883 primer fuselage and tail (MRTT for RoKAF)

Completion hangars


WWYJ/1880 Capital primer fuselage
WW??/1877 Level


WZ???0227 Iberia primer fuselage

A Singapore example with primer fuselage was also seen

A320 moving prod line

???? primer white tail
8387 fuselage only
8391 fuselage only

Plus two at front of line – no tails attached

A320 static line

WWDE/8256 Iberia
WW??/8307 primer fuselage no tail (for Frontier)
WWDV/8308 British AW primer fuselage

ATR production line

1508 primer complete1519,1523 primer fuselage barrels

ATR completion/flight test hangar

WWLC/1403 primer
1404 primer
WWER/1491 Indigo
WWES(1492) all white
WWEZ/1498 primer
1505 primer
1510 primer

Plus one other ATR72 – possibly 1508 and an Indigo A320


WWIJ/8074 China Eastern
WWDJ/8267 Air India
WWBG/8275 primer
WWBE/8280 Avianca

A320 storage area

WWDY/8152 Go
WWBX/8225 Air India
WWIY/8259 Indigo
WWIX/8272 Pegasus
WWBG/8282 China Southern
WWBP/8286 China Southern

Air France Industries

GTTNC(8173) British Airways
WWDS/8177 Saudia
WWDN/8214 Pegasus
WWIH/8265 Citilink

A380 ramp

WWSU/0250 Emirates primer fuselage

A380 storage ramps


WWCY/1865 HK Airlines


0214 primer
0215 primer
0226 Tianjin primer fuselage
0229 primer
0237 primer
0239 primer

A380 prod line

0257 Emirates primer fuselage
0258 Emirates primer fuselage

0262 ANA primer fuselage – body join hangar


Colin Wright

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