F-WWEX / F- AT76 msn 1497 Air Antilles
F-WWED / EC-MYT  AT76 msn 1501 Binter
F-WWEH active on ground as ATR1505 believed to be for Wings


AIB01BD F-WWBD / VT-IVH msn 8158 IndiGo Airlines
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB01DM F-WWDM / TC-NBU msn 8247  Pegasus Airlines F-WWDM
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB01IZ  F-WWIZ / N775AV msn 8240 Avianca
AIB03IQ F-WWIQ / B- msn 7936 Capital Airlines ntu reported for Jazeera Airways
AIB04IU F-WWIU / 9M-FAA msn 8252 Air Asia
F-WWIU Airbus A320 Air Asia
Credit : @Eurospot


AIB02KM F-WWKM / CS-TUA 1819 TAP Portugal F-WWKM Airbus A330 NÉO Air Portugal
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB06YR F-WWYR / EC-335 msn 1857 Singapore Air Force


AIB02ND F-WZND / D-AIXJ msn 209 Lufthansa
F-WZND Airbus A350 Lufthansa
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB02NE F-WZNE / N511DN msn 210 Delta Air Lines F-WZNE Airbus A350 Delta
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB03GV F-WZGV / B-LXA msn 118 Cathay Pacific
F-WZGV Airbus A350-1000 Cathay Pacific
Credit : @Eurospot

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