LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 23-24/10/2018

Log with credit to Bob Smith, Andy and Nick seen at TLS 23-24/10/2018.

“This is a log for a very sunny and pleasantly warm TLS from our arrival on Tuesday from LGW at 1630 until our departure 24 hours later to BRS/LHR. Only new Airbus/ATR aircraft are included, eschewing long term stored and Airbus house aircraft. Usual abbreviations apply:”

7851 F-WWBI (N915NK) Spirit fcs dc
7952 F-WWBK (B-1249) Capital fcs dc
8204 F-WWIS (B-1245) Capital fcs fl
8380 N337FR Frontier fcs dc (bobcat tail)
8408 F-WWBD (G-TTNF) British fcs dc
8419 F-WWIZ (B-302L) Chongqing fcs dc
8431 F-WWDR (G-TTNG) British fcs fl
8443 F-WWDF (HZ-NS22) Flynas fcs AFR/fl
8466 F-WWIF (JA26MC) Starflyer fcs dc
8470 (F-WWIR) (VT-EXO) Air India fcs (Star Alliance) fl
8485 (F-WWIY) (HK-5276) VivaColombia fcs fl
8487 F-WWBZ (HS-CBK) Thai AirAsia fcs fl
8493 F-WWBS (CC-AWF) JetSmart fcs dc (puma tail)
8498 VT-WGY Go Air fcs dc
8503 F-WWBX VT-WGZ Go Air fcs fl re- reg 24th
8507 F-WWBN (XA-VRG) Volaris fcs AFR
8514 F-WWDK (9M-RAH) AirAsia fcs fl
8540 F-WWIV (VT-IZE) IndiGo fcs dc
8541 F-WWIB (VT-IZF) IndiGo fcs fl
8561 (F-WWDQ) (HK-5274) VivaColombia fcs fl
8564 F-WWIP (V8-RBG) Royal Brunei fcs fl
8574 F-WWBB (CC-AWH) JetSmart fcs fl (leopard tail)
8582 (F-WW**) (B-304G) Juneyao fcs fta
8585 F-WWDZ (B-304H) Juneyao fcs fta
8590 F-WWIN (B-304T) China Express fcs towed from ph
8604 F-WWBP (B-****) Chengdu fcs ex lat
8607 F-WWDT (VQ-BGT) S7 fcs towed out of paint
8613 F-WWIH (VT-***) Go Air to fta carrying ‘F-WWHI’
8621 F-WWDY (VT-WJC) Go Air to fta
8627 (F-WW**) (VT-IZK) IndiGo to towed into paint (swapping with 8607)
8630 (F-WWBV) (VT-***) IndiGo to fta

1836 F-WWCP (CS-TUB) TAP fcs fl
1847 F-WWKU (B-1043) Capital fcs dc
1865 (F-WWCY) (B-LHG) Hong Kong fcs fl
1870 F-WWKS (TF-BIG) Wow Air to 38r
1884 F-WWCN (3B-NBU) Mauritius fcs etb
1891 F-WWYV (EC-***) Korean AF prm fl
1892 F-WWKE (CS-***) TAP to oph
1895 (F-WWKR) (PR-ANY) (Azul) prm/blue tail etb
1897 (F-WWYT) (CS-***) TAP to oph
1901 (F-WWYG) (HS-***) Thai AirAsiaX prm 38r
1902 F-WWKO (B-****) Hong Kong to 38r
1903 (F-WWYL) (HS-***) Thai AirAsiaX prm etb
1904 F-WWKJ (CS-***) TAP to 38r
1905 F-WWYC (B-****) China Eastern fcs oph
1907 F-WWKA (B-****) Hong Kong fcs iph
1908 F-WWCD (CS-***) TAP to 38r
1909 (F-WWCL) (CS-***) TAP to
(1886? ) EC-332 sand primer (c/n unknown/suspected 1886)

52 F-WZFA (B-****) Sichuan aws with CSC titles & tail logo dc
55 F-WZFL (B-304V) Sichuan aws with CSC titles & tail logo dc hgr
141 F-WZNK (A7-ANE) Qatar fcs ( One World) fl
226 F-WZFG (B-****) Hainan fcs 38r
231 F-WZNO (B-1082) Air China fcs fl
232 F-WZNR (9V-SGD) Singapore fcs dc
233 F-WZHF (B-LXF) Cathay fcs fl
237 (F-WZHD) (A7-AMJ) Qatar prm 38r
238 F-WZGP (9V-SGF) Singapore fcs fl
245 F-WZNX (B-****) Hainan fcs fl
246 F-WZGR (B-LGF) Hong Kong fcs dc
247 F-WZFW (B-1080) Air China to fl
248 F-WWIW (B-304D) China Eastern fcs fl
249 F-WWTW (A7-***) Qatar prm 38r
250 (F-WZFX) (PR-***) LATAM Brasil fcs fl
251 (F-WWAW) (B-LGG) Hong Kong fcs fl
252 F-WZGL (B-LXG) Cathay fcs dc
254 F-WZGX (9V-SHA) Singapore fcs oph
256 F-WZFD (B-LGH) Hong Kong fcs fl
257 F-WZFF (A7-***) Qatar prm 38r
260 F-WZNC (B-LGI) Hong Kong to 38r
266 F-WZGY (A7-***) Qatar prm 38r
267 F-WZGE (N512DN) Delta fcs iph
271 F-WZND (EC-***) Iberia to 38r
272 (F-WZNF) (B-****) China Eastern to 38r
273 F-WZNE (OH-LWN) Finnair to 38r
274 F-WZGN) (G-VLUX) Virgin Atlantic aws
276 F-WZGV (9V-SHC) Singapore to 38r
277 F-WZNN (N513DZ) Delta to 38r
279 F-WZNP (VN-A898) Vietnam to oph ( carrying F-WZPN)
280 (F-WZNA) (RP-C3507) Philippine to oph
283 F-WZFY (B-****) Hong Kong to oph

258 F-WWST (A6-EVI) Emirates to 38r

1433 F-WWEE (A2-ABK) Botswana fcs midfield storage area
1493 F-WWET (PK-WJL) Wings Abadi fcs ATR dc
1495 F-WWEV (******) unknown aws midfield storage area
1506 F-WWEI (******) unknown aws ifh
1520 F-WWEX (HK-5292) EasyFly prm ofh
1522 F-WWEB (HS-PZK) Bangkok fcs ifh
1523 F-WWEC (HK-5294) EasyFly prm ofh
1524 F-WWED (JA06JC) Japan Air Commuter fcs ATR dc
1525 F-WWEE (ZK-MVW) Air NZ Link fcs ofh
1526 F-WWEF (HS-PZM) Bangkok fcs ofh
1528 F-WWEH (******) unknown prm ifh
1529 F-WWEI (******) unknown prm ifh
1530 F-WWEJ (RP-C7290) Cebu Pacific fcs ifh
(1531) (F-WWEK) (******) unknown prm ifh
1532 F-WWEL (******) unknown prm ifh
1533 F-WWEM (******) unknown prm ifh
1534 F-WWEN (******) unknown prm ifh
1536 (F-WW**) (******) unknown prm ifh
1537 (F-WW**) (******) unknown prm ifh
1547 fuselage prm oph
1548 fuselage prm oph
1551 fuselage prm oph (NZ included in stencil)


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