F-WWEZ / XY-AML msn 1521 Myanmar National Airlines
F-WWEB / HS-PZK msn 1522 Bangkok Airways
Bangkok ATR 72-600 msn 1522
Credit : dn280tls
F-WWEN msn 1534? Unknown


AIB02BN F-WWBN / XA-VRH msn 8507 Volaris


AIB03CH F-WWCH/ B-1098 msn 1875 Hainan ( CHR – TLS )
F-WWCH Airbus A330 Hainan
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB04YX F-WWYX / – msn 1886 Singapore Air Force
Singapore AF A330-243MRTT 1886
Credit : dn280tls


AIB01HF F-WZHF / B-LXF msn 233 Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific A350-1041 msn 233
Credit : dn280tls
AIB05NL F-WZNL / B-LXE msn 225 Cathay Pacific
AIB05NL msn225 caf 25/10/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

9V-SGD msn 232 delivered as SIA8895 ex F-WZNR
Msn232 9V-SGD 25/10/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

F-WZGN msn 274 to be G-VLUX for Virgin Atlantic noted by dn280tls
Virgin Atlantic A350-1041 msn 274
Credit : dn280tls

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