LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 18/07/2019

LOG Hamburg Finkenwerder 18// 16:00-18:00

Log of what was parked outside on Thursday afternoon. Better scope needed for some regs in dockside storage and did not explore all vantage points. So hopefully confirmed in tomorrows full log after tour.

Midfield from river

Parking area near end of Rwy 23
F-WZMI A20N 9041 Avianca fcs (N818AV)
(D-AUBN) A20N (9077) China Southern fcs (B-309M)
(D-AUBS) A20N (9089) SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs (SE-ROG)

Test Area outside H7
NO-REG A20N 9141 Qingdao Airlines tail cls, primer
?? Lufthansa fcs
?? Lufthansa fcs

Outside H14S
D-AUBA A20N 8933 Kuwait Airways fcs ( KL nwd )

D-AYAJ A21N 8277 Air Astana (fcs ) taxi tests 16:40
D-AXAF A20N 8844 Volaris fcs
D-AVZL A21N 8849 Sichuan Airlines tail cls, primer
D-AYAE A21N 8882 Wizz Air fcs (LVD on nwd)D-AVXM A21N 8906 Vietjet Air fcs
D-AVXV A321N 8910 Asiana fcs towed from DC area to Midfied 16:20
D-AZAG A21N 8953 Sichuan Airlines fcs
D-AUAM A20N 8962 Pegasus fcs
D-AYAV A21N (8887) Aerlingus ? ( RA on tail )
D‑AVVU A20N 8140 LATAM fcs
D‑AZAI A21N (8753) Vietnam fcs
D-AZAL A21N 8758 American Airlines fcs (N404AN)  misread was D-AVZI 8800
D-AUBE A20N 9058 Lufhansa fcs (D-AIWK)
D-AVXW A21N 8837 Air Astana fcs (KGA nwd) – landed
D-AVYX A21N 8941 Wizz Air fcs (LVE nwd) – landed
Vietjet fcs?

Delivery Centre

Delivery Centre (Storage)
D-AUAH A320 8597 Chengdu Airlines fcs
D-AVVI A20N 8774 Private fcs (E)
D-AZAH A21N 8893 JetBlue Airways fcs (X) (N2016J)
D-AVZR A321 8947 Delta fcs (N386DN)
D-AVYC A21N 8966 Wizzair fcs (HA-LVF)
D-AVYQ A21N 8980 Air Astana fcs (X) ** towed **
D-AUAV A20N 9002 Jazira Airways fcs (E) (9K-CAR)
D-AUAW A20N 9015 Cebu Pacific fcs (E) ( not AUAB )
D-AVZE A21N 9060 Hawaiian fcs ( N223HA )
?????? A21N 9082 THY to (TC-LSK)
?????? A20N 9094 Indigo to (X)

Riverside storeage part 1 from river

River Store (Right to left)
IGO fcs (E)
CSN fcs (E)
THY fcs
IGO fcs
GOW fcs
IGO fcs
Sky Airlines
IGO fcs
HVN primer
Peach fcs (E)
D-AUBI A20N 9062 Azul fcs (SA on tail to be PR-YSA)
White tail
Dock side
CSN fcs
IGO fcs
LH primer
+1 (Starflyer??)

Outside 260

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