LOG: Boeing Field (BFI) 22/7/2019

Something a little different and not Airbus related, but one of several logs from Dan’s recent visit to the land of Boeing.

Boeing Field, Mon 22/7/19 0800-1540

Boeing Field line-up 22-07-19

Credit : Dan Raistrick

N8703J B38M 42556/5728 Southwest fcs

N7201S B37M 42561/6744 Boeing cls

N6066Z B39M 42987/6250 Lion Air rudder cls, Boeing livery (to be HS-LSJ)

VT-JXF B38M 43615/7155 Jet Airways fcs

DQ-TFL B39M 43339/7163 Samoa Airways fcs

VT-JXH B38M 43616/7248 Jet Airways fcs

169548 P8 64078/7289 US Navy cls – D1045

VT-JXG B38M 44864/7293 Jet Airways fcs

B-208H B38M 61377/7323 9 Air blue cls

A47-009 P8 64165/7324 Australian AF cls

B-208J B38M 61142/7346 Shenzhen Airlines fcs

B-209G B38M 63081/7352 China United fcs

169549 P8 64079/7359 US Navy cls

B-209F B738 63079/7362 China United fcs

B-209H B738 63083/7377 China United fcs

A6-FMK B38M 60981/7386 FlyDubai fcs

A47-010 P8 64166/7392 Australian AF cls

N984BA B38M 44866/7396 Jet Airways tail fin cls, white fuselage

N1782B B38M 63287/7408 China Southern fcs (09C on nwd)

B-20A1 B738 63087/7417 China United fcs

TF-ICB B39M 44568/7425 Icelandair fcs

N378SC B38M 44471/7431 American Airlines fcs (3SC on nwd)

TC-LYB B39M 60063/7433 Turkish Airlines fcs

C-GEJN B38M 61233/7434 Air Canada fcs (525 on tail, nwd)

D-AMAX B38M 44601/7435 TUI fcs

G-TUMH B38M 44602/7439 TUI fcs

N1780B B38M 61637/7440 Shanghai Airlines fcs (20A3 on nwd)

N1782B B38M 43005/7441 Lion Air fcs (LQR on nwd)

N918BA B38M 64610/7443 white cls (for Air Italy)

N315SD B38M 44470/7445 American Airlines fcs (3SD on nwd)

TC-LCN B38M 60056/7446 Turkish Airlines fcs

HP-9907CMP B39M 44167/7448 Copa Airlines fcs (907 on nwd)

C-GEKH B38M 61231/7449 Air Canada fcs (526 on tail, nwd)

TC-LCO B38M 60057/7453 Turkish Airlines fcs

D-AMAA B38M 44650/7454 TUI fcs

SE-RTD B38M 42837/7456 Norwegian fcs

B-209Z B738 63085/7457 China United fcs

A6-FML B89M 60982/7459 FlyDubai fcs

CN-MAZ B38M 60009/7460 Royal Air Maroc fcs

N27515 B39M 43452/7463 United Airlines fcs

C-GEKX B38M 61232/7465 Air Canada fcs (527 on tail, nwd)

VT-JXL B38M 44867/7466 Jet Airways fcs

HP-9908CMP B39M 44168/7473 Copa Airlines fcs (908 on nwd)

D-AMAB B38M 44603/7474 TUI fcs (AB on nwd)

TC-LCP B38M 60058/7475 Turkish Airlines fcs

C-GEKZ B38M 61236/7478 Air Canada fcs (528 on tail, nwd)

TF-ICC B39M 44359/7479 Icelandair fcs

N316SE B38M 44472/7481 American Airlines fcs (3SE on nwd)

N5573P B38M 43301/7483 Sunwing fcs (XE on nwd)

D-ASMC B39M 64967/7484 Sun Express fcs

TF-ICP B38M 44360/7486 Icelandair fcs

EI-RZA B38M 62869/7491 NEOS fcs

B-209V B38M 61143/7493 Shenzhen Airlines fcs

VT-JXM B38M 44868/7494 Jet Airways rudder cls, white fuselage

PR-XMH B38M 43993/7495 GOL fcs

N5573K B38M 63279/7496 China Southern fcs (09T on nwd)

N37516 B39M 43454/7498 United Airlines fcs

N318SF B38M 44473/7499 American Airlines fcs (3SF on nwd)

TC-LCR B38M 60059/7500 Turkish Airlines fcs

EC-NBL B38M 44302/7501 Air Europa fcs

TC-SOI B38M 61200/7504 Sun Express fcs

C-GELJ B38M 61234/7505 Air Canada fcs (529 on tail, nwd)

B-20A6 B38M 60910/7506 Air China fcs

N5573L B38M 63278/7511 China Southern fcs (09S on nwd)

TC-LYD B39M 60065/7513 Turkish Airlines fcs

B-20A8 B738 63088/7522 China United fcs

N1799B B38M 43010/7576 Lion Air fcs (LQS on nwd)

N1800B B39M 64498/7612 United Airlines new rudder cls, primer – BOE120 D0935; A1049

N913AK B38M 44078/7598 Alaska Airlines fcs

N1780B B38M 43922/7614 Eastar Jet fcs (368 on nwd) – BOE861 D1132

N5573P B39M 60064/7623 Turkish Airlines fcs (LYC on nwd)

N3134C B38M 61712/7624 Kunming Airlines fcs

N1787B B38M 61146/7630 Shenzhen Airlines tail fin cls, primer – BOE939 A1350

N1779B B38M 60916/7631 Air China fcs (B-20C0)

N37521 B39M 64497/7636 United Airlines fcs

N1784B B38M 60042/7637 Turkish Airlines rudder cls, primer – BOE719 D1005

VT-MBA B38M 60187/7640 Spicejet fcs

N1787B B38M 44475/7643 American Airlines rudder cls, primer

N1786B B38M 61241/7649 Air Canada tail fin cls, primer – BOE494 A1452

N1798B B38M 62872/7650 NEOS tail fin cls, primer – BOE703 A1353

N5573S KC46 34108/1117 USAF cls (16-46017)

N5514K KC46 34138/1120 USAF cls (16-46019)

N1785B KC46 41863/1131 USAF cls (17-46025)

N6018N KC46 34127/1132 USAF cls (17-46026)

17-46029 KC46 34110/1137 USAF cls

17-46034 KC46 34114/1149 USAF cls

N5020K KC46 41985/1158 USAF cls (17-46038)

18-46039 KC46 34089/1160 USAF cls

18-46041 KC46 34088/1164 USAF cls – D1348 BOE041

18-46042 KC46 34090/1166 USAF cls

N1794B KC46 41865/1172 USAF cls (18-46045)

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