LOG: Moses Lake 23/7/2019

Something a little different and not Airbus related, but one of several logs from Dan’s recent visit to the land of Boeing.

Boeing 757 fuselage Moses Lake 23-07-19
Credit : Dan Raistrick

Moses Lake, Tue 23/7/19 1600-1930

B-206D B38M 60709/7260 Air Changan fcs

N1784B B38M 61374/7263 9 Air orange cls (06L on nwd)

N1781B B38M 60712/7273 Air Changan fcs (207R on nwd)

B-207Q B38M 61853/7318 Lucky Air fcs

N1784B B38M 63276/7351 China Southern fcs (08E on nwd)

B-209A B38M 63284/7371 China Southern fcs

B-208F B38M 63277/7415 China Southern fcs

N1781B B38M 61636/7426 Shanghai Airlines fcs (208W on nwd)

N1782B B38M 62182/7451 Hainan Airlines fcs (B-209L)

HL8348 B38M 63436/7509 Korean Airlines fcs

N47517 B39M 43456/7523 United Airlines fcs

N8736J B38M 60228/7526 Southwest Airlines fcs

C-GELU B38M 61239/7536 Air Canada fcs (531 on tail, nwd)

N1779B B38M 43709/7539 Aeromexico fcs (MAU on tail, nwd)

N323SG B38M 44474/7540 American Airlines fcs (3SG on nwd)

N37518 B39M 64495/7548 United Airlines fcs

TC-LCT B38M 60061/7561 Turkish Airlines fcs

EI-RZB B38M 43920/7565 NEOS fcs

N967BA B38M 44869/7566 white cls

SE-RTF B38M 42839/7569 Norwegian Airlines fcs

B-20AH B38M 61856/7573 Lucky Air fcs

HL8349 B38M 63437/7578 Korean Airlines fcs

N8737L B38M 60230/7579 Southwest Airlines fcs

TC-LYE B39M 60066/7580 Turkish Airlines fcs

UR-MXC B38M 43919/7581 Ukraine Int’l fcs

N1782B B39M 43459/7585 United Airlines new fcs (7519 on nwd)

TC-SOJ B38M 61201/7586 Sun Express fcs

PH-TFR B38M 44606/7588 TUI fcs

EC-NBV B38M 44307/7589 Air Europa fcs

N8738K B38M 60229/7590 Southwest Airlines fcs

SP-LVE B38M 60388/7591 LOT Polish Airlines fcs

HL8367 B38M 61802/7596 Eastar Jet fcs

OK-SWO B38M 62870/7599 Smartwings fcs

N953BA B38M 64611/7600 white cls

N8739L B38M 60231/7604 Southwest Airlines fcs

TC-SOK B38M 61202/7606 Sun Express fcs

PR-XMJ B38M 60715/7608 GOL fcs

N1780B B38M 43922/7614 Eastar Jet fcs (368 on nwd)

N56807 B38M 61145/7615 Shenzhen Airlines fcs (0CG on nwd)

HL8355 B38M 62871/7617 T’way Air fcs

B-20AR B38M 61451/7625 Shandong Airlines fcs

PR-XMI B38M 43994/7626 GOL fcs

N56807 B38M 60985/7628 FlyDubai fcs (MM on nwd)

N7874 B788 40693/4 Boeing cls

A6-PFC B788 35303/141 UAE cls (reg taped over)

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