F-WWLM / HK- msn 1413 Easyfly


AIB02IQ F-WWIQ / XA-VIS msn 9148 Viva Aerobus
F-WWIQ Airbus A320 Neo Viva Aerobus
Credit :  @Eurospot
AIB08BN F-WWBN / HK-5327 msn 9104 Viva Air Colombia


AIB01YD F-WWYD / CS-TUO msn 1922 TAP
F-WWYD Airbus A330 Neo Air Portugal
Credit : @Eurospot


AIB01FS F-WZFS / G-XWBB msn 340 British Airways
First Flight msn340 F-WZFS 21/8/2019
Credit : A380_TLS_A350
AIB04FX F-WZFX / JA02XJ msn 333 Japan Airlines
Caf msn333 F-WZFX 21/8/2019
Credit :  A380_TLS_A350
AIB05NB F-WZNB / B-309W  msn 334 China Southern
China  Southern  Airlines / Airbus   A 350-900   F-WZNB   msn 334  (B-309W) / LFBO - TLS / août 2019
Credit : gimbellet
AIB05NU F-WZNU / G-VPOP msn 298 Virgin Atlantic
AIB05NU msn298 21/8/2019
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

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