LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 08-12-2019

Log with credit to EDBO seen at Toulouse on Sunday
Unknown –
 – A33N/A350. DC hangar (Singapore Airlines possibly?)
 – ATR. white. FL
 – ATR. primer. Old DC (possibly white overall)
868.   A30F. F-WWSX. UPS Airlines. fcs. FL. (N173UP)
9037. A320. F-WTAM. (Cambodia Airways) white. AFI. (XU-762)
9206. A32N. F-WWBU. Air Macau. fcs. DC to ?  (B-MBP)
9358. A32N. F-WWDC. GoAir. fcs. DC. (VT-WJP)
9378. A32N. F-WWIA. Sky Airline. fcs. Leak Test. (CC-AZQ)
9384. A32N. XA-DJM. Interjet. fcs. DC-H
9388. A32N. F-WWDV. GoAir. fcs. FL
9392. A32N. F-HXKJ. Air Corsica. fcs. DC
9397. A32N. CC-AZR. Sky Airline. fcs. DC
9400. A32N. F-WWIK. (Aegean Airlines). white. FL. (SX-NEO)
9410. A32N. F-WWDX. JetSMART. fcs. FL. (CC-AWM)
9413. A32N. F-WWBN. Sky Airline. fcs. DC. (CC-AZS)
9418. A32N. F-WWIQ. Azul. fcs. FL. (PR-YSE)
9421. A32N. F-WWDN. Vistara. fcs. FL. (VT-TNW)
9431. A32N. F-WWBK. Azul. fcs. FL. (PR-YSF)
9435. A32N. F-WWIO. S7 Airlines. fcs. FL. (VP-BTX)
9439. A32N. F-WWBD. Spring Airlines. fcs. FL. (B-30D7)
9446. A32N. F-WW??  China Southern. fcs. FL. (B-30CD)
9451. A32N. F-WWDS. SAS. fcs. FL
9454. A32N. F-WWDH. China Eastern. fcs. FL/engine runs p.m.
9469. A32N. F-WWBQ. Air China. fcs. FL
9497. A32N. F-WWIM. (Aegean Airlines) white/taped fin. to. FL
9551. A32N. front & rear unmated
9554. A32N. front fuselage
9556. A32N. rear fuselage
9562. A32N. rear fuselage
1824. A33L. F-WBXL. Airbus Transport Int’l. fcs. FL. (F-GXLG)
1844. A339. F-WWCJ. Rwandair. fcs. FL. (9XR-WS)
1853. A33L. F-WBXS. Airbus Transport Int’l. fcs. 380 ramp. (F-GXLH)
1861. A339. F-WWKQ. Rwandair. fcs. FL. (9XR-WT)
1863. A333. F-WWKI. Hong Kong Airlines. fcs. 380 ramp. (B-LHF)
1870. A339. F-WWKS. (Citilink Express). primer. FL
1874. A333. F-WWYI. Hong Kong Airlines. fcs. 380 ramp. (B-LHH)
1907. A333. F-WWYH. Hong Kong Airlines. fcs. FL. (B-LHJ)
1924. A339. F-WWCK. Azul. fcs. 380 ramp. (PR-ANX)
1934. A339. F-WWYF. Azul. fcs. DC. (PR-ANW)
1941. A339. F-WXAV. TAP Air Portugal. fcs. DC. (CS-TUQ)
1946. A339. F-WWCZ. Garuda Indonesia. fcs. FL. (PK-GHG)
1954 A339. F-WXAW. TAP Air Portugal. fcs. DC. (CS-TUS)
1956. A339. F-WWKM. Thai Lion Air. to. 330 prod ramp
1958. A339. F-WWYP. Garuda. to. o/s A330FAL
0270. A359. F-WZFT. (white overall). FL. (B-LGJ ntu)
0313. A359. A7-AQC. LATAM Brasil. fcs. DC stored – for Qatar Airways
0320. A359. DQ-FAJ. Fiji Airways. fcs. AF Industries
0355. A359. F-WZGU. Hainan Airlines. fcs  DC
0363. A359. F-WZGW. LATAM Brasil. fcs. DC. (PR-XTM)
0370. A359. JA05XJ. Japan Airlines. fcs. DC
0373. A359. F-WZHI. China Southern. fcs. FL. (B-30CW)
0375. A359. F-WZHD. Ethiopian Airlines. fcs. DC. (ET-AWP)
0376. A359. F-WZNG. China Southern. fcs. FL. (B-30CE)
0380. A35K. F-WZGQ. Cathay Pacific. to. 380 ramp. (B-LXM)
0390. A359. F-WZGC. Lufthansa. fcs. 380 ramp northern corner (D-AIXP)
0391. A359. F-WZNL. SAS. fcs. 380 ramp. (SE-RSC)
0392. A359. F-WWIW. Finnair. fcs. FL. (OH-LWP)
0393. A359. F-WZHE. Cathay Pacific. to. 380 ramp north. (B-LQC)
0394. A359. F-WWTW. Singapore Airlines. fcs. 380 ramp near Lacatoere. (9V-SHO)
0395. A359. F-WZGA. Delta Airlines. to. 380 ramp north. (N514DN)
0401. A359. F-WZFO. Cathay Pacific. to. 380 ramp. (B-LQE)
0402. A35K. F-WZGB. British Airways. to. o/s A330FAL. (G-XWBF)
0403. A359. F-WZGN. Turkish Airlines. to. 380 ramp. (TC-LPA)
0404. A359. F-WZNO. Delta Airlines. to. 380 ramp north. (N515DN)
0405. A359. F-WWBW. Japan Airlines. to. o/s A330FAL. (JA06XJ)
0406. A359. F-WZN(C?). Iberia. to. o/s A330FAL
0413. A359. NOREG. Cathay Pacific. to. FL
1553. AT72. F-WWEJ. Silver Airways. fcs. near FL. (N702SV). **assumed**
1561. AT72. F-WWES. ATR. primer ‘ZZ3001’. ATR FAL
1571. AT72. F-WWEE. Air Caraibes. fcs. near FL. (F-OSIT)
1573. AT72. F-WWEG. ATR. primer. Lacatoere (no longer IndiGo or previously incorrectly reported as IndiGo?)
1574. AT72. F-WWEH. Braathens Regional. fcs. FL. (SE-MKL)
1581. AT72. F-WWEP. Air New Zealand Link. fcs. FL to ? a.m.  (ZK-MZC)
1585. AT72. F-WWET. ATR. primer. FL
1594. AT72. F-WWEE. Wings Abadi Air. fcs. ATR FAL
1595. AT72. F-WWEF. Aurigny. fcs. Old ATR DC. (G-OGFC)
1598. AT72. F-WWEI. ATR. primer. ATR FAL
1599. AT72. F-WWEJ. Aurigny. fcs. ATR FAL. (G-ORAI)
1620. AT72. F-WWEL. ATR. primer. ATR FAL
1621. AT72. NOREG. ATR. primer. ATR FAL
1624. AT72. NOREG. ATR. primer. ATR FAL
1625. AT72. F-WWER. ATR. white. FL
1627. AT72. NOREG. ATR. primer. Lacatoere
1629. AT72. NOREG. ATR. primer. o/s A320 FAL
1630. AT72. NOREG. ATR. primer. ATR FAL
1632. AT72. NOREG. ATR. primer. Lacatoere
1633. AT72. NOREG. ATR. primer. o/s A320 FAL

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  1. Hi, I appreciate a lot your reports, trying to mirror movements and production progress of A350’s. It will be very useful if the records of FCS planes will be accompanied with remark of engine installed y/n
    In my table I keep it as FCSE – full colours + engine most of those in FL or DC or FCS now e.g. MSN 390,391,392 or TCSE tailcolors but with engines – MSN 386, 389.
    Currently its strange that there are 3 MSN painted wth higher then 389 serial. I suppose AB tries to speed them up ?, as most of MSN¨s 38x are in stage 20.
    Can continue with private mail m.holik@email.cz

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