LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 16-01-2020

Log posted from news group with permission of original poster.

Noted from 1010-2030
all in full colours unless stated TC or PR for primer, or tail colours
868  F-WWSX  N173UP  UPS (FL)
5887  A320  F-HBFM  AFR  (at AFI)
9037  A320  F-WTAM  XU-762  KME (white) (at AFI)
9313  A20N  F-WWIC  HS-T..  RTAF (fuel, pm) “60205” on tail
9476  A20N  CC-AWO  JAT  (DC)
9479  A20N  B-30DF  CCA  delivered am
9494  A20N  F-WWDA  9V-TNC  SCO (FL)
9505  A20N  F-WWBO  PK-BDF  BTK (engine run, am) BDF on nwd
9508  A20N  F-WWIN  VP-BVH  SBI (FL)
9511  A20N  F-WWIB  VP-BVJ  SBI (FL)
9514  A20N  F-WWDK  SX-NEB  AEE (FL)
9532  A20N  F-WWIV  SU-GFM  MSR (fuel)
9543  A20N  F-WWB.  B-30..  CGZ fcs last letter covered, near fuel by hanger
9544  A20N  F-WW..  B-30..  CDC fcs (on tow, pm)
9559  A20N  F-WWIE  VT-…  IGO (near fuel, pm)
9577  A20N  “F-WZBT”  EC-N..  VLG (TC, fuel)
Rear fuse for 10024 in midfield
1 more of each Sibair and EgyptAir went unread on the main flightline
1844  A39N  F-WWCJ  9XR-WS  RWD (380)
1861  A39N  F-WWKQ  9XR-WT  RWD (380)
1865  A333  F-WWCY  (B-LHG)  CRK (FL)
1870  A39N  F-WWKS  PK-GYA  CTV (PR, DC)
1874  A333  F-WWYI  (B-LHH)  CRK (380)
1907  A333  F-WWYH  (B-LHJ)  CRK (FL)
1924  A39N  F-WWCK  PR-ANX  AZU (DC)
1934  A39N  F-WWYF  PR-ANW  AZU (DC)
1941  A39N  F-WXAV  CS-TUQ  TAP (DC)
1954  A39N  F-WXAW  CS-TUS  TAP (DC)
1956  A39N  F-WWKM  HS-LAM  TLM (FL)
1958  A39N  F-WWYP  PK-GH.  GIA (TC, 330H)
1964  A38N  F-WWYU  9K-APF  KUW (TC, 330H)
270  A359  F-WZFT  (white) (FL)
283  A359  F-WZFY  (white) (380N)
351  A359  B-30DM  CHH (dep to Lourdes, am)
355  A359  B-30DP  CHH (DC)
372  A35K  F-WZFP  A7-ANP  QTR (FL)
378  A359  F-WZHH  SE-RSB  SAS (FL)
379  A359  F-WZFZ  9V-SHM  SIA (FL)
380  A35K  F-WZGQ  B-LXM  CPA (TC, 380N)
385  A359  F-WZHK  9V-SHN  SIA (FL)
386  A35K  F-WZGP  G-XWBE  BAW (FL)
387  A359  F-WZFA  HL8381  AAR (FL)
389  A359  F-WZNK  HL8…  AAR (TC, 380)
392  A359  F-WWIW  OH-LWP  FIN (FL)
393  A359  F-WZHE  B-LQC  CPA (TC, 380)
394  A359  F-WWTW  9V-SHO  SIA fcs (50s)
395  A359  F-WZGA  N514DN  DAL (TC, 380 area, in hgr)
397  A359  F-WZGD  EC-N..  IBE (TC, FL)
398  A359  F-WZFH  B-30..  CSN fcs (380)
400  A359  F-WWAW  EC-NGY  EVE (TC, 380)
408  A359  F-WZNU  B-30..  CES (TC, 380)
409  A35K  F-WZND  A7-ANS  QTR (PR, 380)
410  A359  F-WZGV  OH-LWR  FIN (TC, 330H)
411  A359  F-WZFS  B-30..  CSN (TC, 380)
412  A359  F-WZGS  ET-A..  ETH (TC, 330H to FL)
413  A359  F-WZGE  B-LQF  CPA (TC, 380)
415  A35K  F-WZNY  G-V…  VIR (PR, 330H) white tail, VIR winglets
416  A359  F-WZFF  (D-AKAY) for GAF (PR, 330H) white tail
Fwd section of 430 moved to production hanger, for Qatar as A7-ANU
ATRs in the finishing hanger seen around 2000, and only the front few, was many more inside, hanger lights was on
1419  (F-WWLT) (PR, ATR hgr)
1594  F-WWEE  PK-WJR  WON (ATR hgr)
1622  F-WWEN  (white) (ATR hgr)
1627  (F-WWET)  (PR, ATR hgr)
1629  (F-WWEY)  (PR, ATR road)
1630  (F-WW..)  (PR, ATR road)
1635  (F-WW..)  (PR, ATR hgr)

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