LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 21-22/01/2020

Log with credit to Wayne. Noted during a walk around on Tuesday afternoon and a drive around in torrential rain on Wednesday lunchtime.

All were in full colour scheme unless noted otherwise.

A320 area

60205 A320 (9313) Royal Thai AF

F-WWIZ A320 9486 S7 Airlines

F-WWBO A320 (9505) Batik Air

F-WWIN A320 9508 S7 Airlines – To the delivery centre

(F-WWIB) A320 9511 S7 Airlines

(F-WWIU) A320 (9523) VivaAeroBus

F-WWIR A320 9526 Egyptair

F-WWBZ A320 9528 Ernest Air

F-WWBG/HZ-NS27 A320 (9531) Flynas

F-WWIE A320 9559 Indigo

F-WWDU A320 9566 Air Asia (tail)

F-WWIJ A320 9574 Air Astana (tail)

? A320 Egyptair (two seen in total)

A330/A350 flight line

F-WWKI A330 1863 Hong Kong Airlines

F-WWCY A330 1865 Hong Kong Airlines

F-WWYH A330 1907 Hong Kong Airlines

F-WWKM A330 1956 Thai Lion Air

F-WWYP A330 1958 Garuda (tail)

F-WWKF A330MRTT 1960 Primer

F-WWCE A330 1967 Airbus colours

F-WZFT A350 270 All white

F-WZFP A350 372 Qatar Airways

F-WZHH A350 378 SAS

F-WZHK A350 385 Singapore Airlines

F-WZGP A350 386 British Airways

F-WZFA A350 387 Asiana

F-WZGC A350 390 Lufthansa

F-WWIW A350 392 Finnair

(F-WZFD) A350 (396) Cathay Pacific

F-WZGL A350 397 Iberia (tail)

F-WZGS A350 412 Ethiopian Airlines (tail)

ATR flight line

F-WWER ATR-72 1583 All white

F-WWEE ATR-72 1594 Wings Abadi

F-WWEM ATR-72 1621 All white

F-WWEN ATR-72 1622 All white


? A320 10044 Front & rear

? A320 10047 Rear

? A350 425 Primer (no tail/wings) – Moved inside

Air France

F-WTAM A320 (9037) All white

Delivery centre

9V-TNC A320 (9494) Scoot

F-WWIM A320 9497 White with blue rear/engines

F-WXAV A330 (1941) TAP

F-WXAW A330 (1954) TAP

9V-SHM A350 (379) Singapore Airlines

? A330 Hong Kong Airlines (hangar)

A380 area

F-WWCJ A330 1844 Rwandair

F-WWCK A330 1924 Azul

F-WWYF A330 1934 Azul

F-WZFY A350 283 All white

F-WZGQ A350 380 Cathay Pacific (tail)

F-WZHE A350 393 Cathay Pacific (tail)

F-WZFH A350 398 China Southern

F-WWAW A350 400 Evelop (tail)

F-WZNU A350 408 China Eastern (tail)

(F-WZNF) A350 409 Primer

(F-WZFS) A350 411 China Southern (tail)

(F-WZGE) A350 413 Cathay Pacific (tail)

F-WZFN A350 414 Aeroflot (tail)

F-WWAU A380 267 Emirates (tail)

A330 production area

F-WWYM A330 1949 Delta Air Lines

F-WWCD A330 1959 Garuda (tail)

F-WWYU A330 1964 Kuwait Airways (tail)

F-WZNY A350 415 Primer/white tail/ Red winglets

F-WZGY A350 417 China Southern (tail)


F-WWCN A330 1957 Delta Air Lines – Being towed around

? A350 421 Turkish Airlines (tail) – Moved between hangars

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