Log with credit to Bob Smith.

320s [19]
9313 F-WWIC 60205 Royal Thai Air Force fcs fuel test
9463 CC-AWN JetSMART fcs dc/ dep on del flt
9473 F-WWBB (SU-GFJ) Egyptair fcs engine test bay ‘FJ’ nwd
9494 9V-TNC Scoot fcs dc/dep on del flt
9497 SX-NEA Aegean partial scheme dc
9502 F-WWDG (VP-BTY) S7 fcs fl
9505 (F-WWBO) (PK-BDF) Batik fcs fl
9508 VP-BVH S7 fcs dc
9519 F-WWBI (SU-GFK) Egyptair fcs engine test bay
(9526) (F-WWIR) (SU-GFL) Egyptair fcs fl
9528 F-WWBZ (EI-JAK) Ernest Air fcs fl
9531 (F-WWBG) (HZ-NS27) Flynas fcs fl
(9532) (F-WWIV) (SU-GFM) Egyptair fcs fl
9562 (F-WW**) (VT-I**) IndiGo fcs fl
9566 F-WWDU (9M-***) AirAsia to fl
(9577) (******) (EC-***) Vueling fcs fl
9585 (F-WW**) (G-TTNL) British Airways to fl ‘NL’ tail number
10005 (******) (P4-***) Air Astana to fl
???? unidentified 320 in all white fl

330s [6]
1907 F-WWKA (******) Hong Kong fcs fl
1951 (F-WWCH) (EI-EIN) Aer Ligus fcs oph
(1956) (F-WWKM) (HS-LAM) Thai Lion Air fcs fl
1957 F-WWCN (N407DX) Delta fcs towed iph-oph
1958 (F-WWYP) (PK-***) Garuda to fl
1959 (F-WWCD) (PK-***) Garuda to oph
350s [17]
380 (F-WZGQ) (B-LXM) Cathay Pacific to 380 ramp (future 321 production area)
381 (F-WZNJ) (F-HTYD) Air France fcs fl
383 F-WZGT (VQ-BFY) Aeroflot fcs fl
385 F-WZHK (9V-SHN) Singapore fcs fl
386 F-WZGP (G-XWBE) British Airways fcs fl ‘XBE’ tail number
390 F-WZGC (D-AIXP) Lufthansa fcs fl
392 (F-WWIW) (OH-LWP) Finnair fcs dc
393 (F-WZHE) (B-LQC) Cathay Pacific to towed to oph
394 F-WWTW (9V-SHO) Singapore fcs fl
401 (F-WZFO) (B-LQE) Cathay Pacific to iph
408 (F-WZNU) (B-****) China Eastern to 380
411 (F-WZFS) (B-****) China Southern to 380
412 F-WZGS (ET-***) Ethiopian to fl
413 F-WZGE (B-LQF) Cathay Pacific to 380
415 F-WZNY (G-V***) Virgin Atlantic prm 380
417 (F-W***) (B-****) China Southern to oph
418 (F-WZFM) (SE-RSD) Scandinavian to oph

380 [1]
267 F-WWAU (A6-EVN) Emirates to 380

ATRs [3]
1594 (F-WWEE) (PK-WJR) Wings Abadi fcs ATR dc
1621 F-WWEM (******) operator unknown primer with white tail test flt
1628 (F-WW**) (******) operator unknown primer with white tail oph

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  1. Checking this list.

    I suspect A320 (9528) F-WWBZ is not to become EI-JAK, this was a Jabiru canx to G-LOIS 14.9.2000 & still current as such.

    Possibly an error for EI-JAX ?


    Derek H

    On Sun, 26 Jan 2020 at 10:46, DigitalAirliners.com providing TLSWatch – TLS


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