Date Reg Type MSN Callsign Route Opr
20-Jan-20 VNA509 A321 9161 HVN96 XFW-OVB Vietnam Airlines
21-Jan-20 VPBOQ A321 9073 SVR3901 XFW-SVX Ural Airlines
22-Jan-20 B30D5 A320 9334 CQH9334 XFW-TSE Spring Airlines
22-Jan-20 9VSHM A350 379 SIA8895 TLS-SIN Singapore Airlines
24-Jan-20 9KAKM A320 9119 KAC8802 XFW-KWI Kuwait Airways
24-Jan-20 CCAWN A320 9463 JAT9001 TLS-YQX JetSMART
24-Jan-20 9VTNC A320 9494 TGW320 TLS-DWC Scoot

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