LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 31-01-2020

Log with credit to LFHI-1


Queries: 1 x IndiGo each Hangar 213 & Hangar 241.

A380-842 0261 F-WWSO Emirates A6-EVL fcs Hangar 243
A380-842 0264 F-WWSZ Emirates A6-EVM fcs Hangar 242
A380-841 0266 F-WWAL All Nippon Airways JA383A fcs Hangar 212
A320-214 8597 D-AUAH Chengdu Airlines B- fcs Delivery Centre
A320-271N 8836 D-AUBY Sichuan Airlines B-30CH fcs Riverside
A320-271N 8987 D-AUAT IndiGo Airlines VT-IJG fcs Delivery Centre
A321-271NX 8992 D-AYAN IndiGo Airlines VT-IUI fcs Riverside
A321-271NX 9000 D-AVYL Turkish Airlines TC-LSL fcs Delivery Centre
A321-271NX 9016 D-AVYT Jetblue Airlines N2039J fcs Hangar 7
A321-211 9057 D-AVYV Delta Air Lines N389DN fcs Delivery Centre
A321-271NX 9063 D-AVZJ IndiGo Airlines VT-IUK fcs Towed from DC to ? After tour
A321-271NX 9087 D-AZAO Philippine Airlines RP-C9938 fcs Midfield
A320-271N 9094 D-AUBU IndiGo Airlines VT-IJN fcs Under tow to Leak Test prior tour
A321-271NX 9112 D-AVZF IndiGo Airlines VT-IUM fcs Midfield. Test flight a.m.
A321-251NX 9120 D-AVZH TAP Air Portugal CS-TXE fcs Riverside
A321-251NX 9123 D-AVZV British Airways G-NEOZ fcs Riverside
A321-271NX 9138 D-AYAQ Turkish Airlines TC-LSR fcs Riverside
A321-271NX 9150 NOREG Cebu Pacific Air RP-C to Riverside, to Leak Test then to ?
A321-271NX 9151 D-AYAK IndiGo Airlines VT-IUN fcs Outside Hangar 14S
A321-271NX 9156 D-AVZK IndiGo Airlines VT-IUO fcs Dockside
A321-271NX 9164 D-AZAT Wizz Air HA-LVH fcs Hangar 7
A321-253NX 9168 D-AVZC China Southern Airlines B- to towed from ? To Hangar 244
A320-251N 9173 D-AVVC Scandinavian Airlines System SE-ROH fcs Midfield near compass bay
A321-253NX 9187 D-AVZP Aer Lingus EI-LRD fcs Hangar 14N
A321-271NX 9191 D-AVZQ Jetblue Airlines N2043J fcs Riverside
A321-271NX 9195 NOREG Jetblue Airlines N to Hangar 213
A321-271NX 9198 D-AVYS Air Transat C-GOIH fcs Midfield
A320-251N 9199 D-AVVJ Capital Airlines B-30CF fcs Hangar 212
A321-251NX 9209 D-AVZW British Airways G-NEOY fcs Hangar 14N
A321-251NX 9210 D-AVYY Capital Airlines B- fcs near Leak Test
A320-271N 9212 D-AVVL IndiGo Airlines VT-IJQ fcs Delivery Centre
A321-251NX 9214 D-AVXI EasyJet Airline G-UZMH fcs Midfield
A320-271N 9218 D-AVVV GoAir VT-WJM fcs Midfield
A320-251N 9219 D-AVVX China Eastern Airlines B-30CX fcs Hangar 242
A320-251N 9225 D-AVVY Flynas HZ-NS26 fcs Delivery Centre (test flight p.m.)
A321-251NX 9226 D-AVXR Asiana Airlines HL fcs Dockside
A321-251NX 9228 NOREG Cathay Dragon B-HPB n/a Rear fuselage
A321-251NX 9234 D-AVZT Air Busan HL fcs Hangar 241
A321-271NX 9236 D-AYAZ IndiGo Airlines VT-IUP fcs Riverside
A320-251N 9238 D-AVVZ Interjet XA-KIS fcs Midfield
A321-253NX 9240 D-AZAA China Southern Airlines B- fcs Leak Test
A321-251NX 9243 D-AVXG Azul Linhas Aereas PR-YJB fcs Hangar 242
A321-271NX 9245 NOREG Jetblue Airlines N n/a Front & rear fuselage
A320-271N 9246 D-AVVW Swiss International Air Lines HB-JDA fcs Midfield. Towed to DC & back p.m.
A320-271N 9251 D-AXAE Lufthansa D-AINW fcs Midfield. Test flight p.m.
A321-253NX 9254 NOREG Spring Airlines B- to Hangar 9
A321-251NX 9258 D-AYAE EasyJet Europe OE-ISC fcs Hangar 243
A320-251N 9261 D-AXAH China Eastern Airlines B-30CY fcs Riverside
A321-251NX 9265 NOREG Air Arabia A6- n/a Rear fuselage
A321-253NX 9266 NOREG China Southern Airlines B- to Hangar 9
A321-253NX 9267 D-AVYC China Southern Airlines B- to Leak Test
A320-251N 9268 D-AXAG China Eastern Airlines B-30C3 fcs Delivery Centre
A321-271NX 9278 D-AYAJ Air Transat C- fcs Outside H213. Wearing D-AXAO in error
A321-251NX 9281 D-AYAB Pegasus Airlines TC-RBC fcs Riverside
A321-271NX 9285 D-AYAM IndiGo Airlines VT-IUQ fcs Outside H213
A321-271NX 9301 D-AZAH IndiGo Airlines VT-IUT fcs Riverside
A321-253NX 9302 D-AVZE China Southern Airlines B- fcs Hangar 213
A320-251N 9307 NOREG Pegasus Airlines TC-NCJ to Leak Test. Towed p.m. possibly to H244
A321-251NX 9310 OE-ISD EasyJet Europe fcs Delivery Centre (delivered later)
A321-253NX 9311 D-AYAW China Southern Airlines B- fcs Midfield (near test bay)
A321-271NX 9315 D-AVZR Jetblue Airlines N fcs Delivery Centre (towed from H212 a.m.)
A321-253NX 9318 D-AVYB American Airlines N411AN fcs Riverside
A320-214 9319 D-AUBA Chengdu Airlines B- fcs Riverside
A320-251N 9323 D-AUAQ Scandinavian Airlines System SE-ROZ fcs Hangar 243
A321-253NX 9325 D-AVXS China Southern Airlines B- fcs Hangar 14
A321-271NX 9326 D-AVZI Turkish Airlines TC-LST fcs Midfield (near test bay)
A321-271NX 9333 NOREG Wizz Air HA- n/a Rear fuselage
A321-271N 9335 D-AVZN Sichuan Airlines B-30CS fcs Dockside
A320-251N 9344 D-AUAU Sky Airline CC-AZT fcs Hangar 14N
A321-271N 9345 D-AVXE Air China B-30D9 fcs Midfield (test flight a.m.)
A321-271NX 9347 D-AVXJ IndiGo Airlines VT-IUV fcs Delivery Centre
A321-251NX 9349 D-AYAD Pegasus Airlines TC-RBD fcs Midfield
A321-271N 9350 D-AVXM Sichuan Airlines B-30D8 fcs Midfield (taxi test a.m.)
A320-251N 9357 D-AUAM Saudi Gulf Airlines HZ- fcs Midfield
A321-271NX 9364 NOREG VietjetAir VN-A fcs ? Hangar 213 – ASSUMED
A321-251NX 9365 D-AVYD Chongqing Airlines B- fcs Hangar 7
A321-251NX 9366 D-AYAY Azul Linhas Aereas PR-YJC fcs Towed to Hangar 212 a.m. (before tour)
A321-271NX 9368 NOREG Juneyao Airlines B- to Hangar 213
A320-251N 9373 D-AUAR Pegasus Airlines TC-NCI fcs Midfield
A321-253NX 9374 NOREG American Airlines N413AN n/a Rear fuselage
A321-271NX 9376 D-AVXO Turkish Airlines TC-LSU fcs Midfield
A320-251N 9379 D-AUAO Swiss HB-JDB fcs Midfield
A320-251N 9380 D-AVVM Gulf Air A9C-TF fcs Delivery Centre
A320-251N 9385 D-AUAN IndiGo Airlines VT- fcs Riverside
A321-253NX 9386 NOREG China Southern Airlines B- prm Hangar 9 – mated fuselage
A320-251N 9393 NOREG Pegasus Airlines TC-NCK to Delivery Centre
A320-271N 9395 D-AUAJ Spirit Airlines N fcs Hangar 7
A321-271NX 9398 NOREG Jetblue Airlines N to Hangar 9
A320-271N 9402 NOREG Air China B- to Hangar 14
A320-251N 9411 NOREG Pegasus Airlines TC-NCL to Hangar 14 (fin on ground)
A320-271N 9412 NOREG GoAir VT- to Hangar 14
A320-271N 9414 NOREG Scoot Tigerair 9V- to Hangar 14
A320-271N 9416 D-AUAK Hong Kong Express Airlines B-LCQ fcs Midfield
A321-271NX 9419 NOREG Air Transat C- to Hangar 213
A320-251N 9428 D-AUAG Flynas HZ-NS28 fcs Outside H213
A320-271N 9430 NOREG Air China B- prm Hangar 14 – Mated fuselage
A320-251N 9440 NOREG Saudi Gulf Airlines HZ- prm Hangar 14 – rear only
A321-253NX 9441 NOREG China Southern Airlines B- n/a Front fuselage
A321-271NX 9443 NOREG IndiGo Airlines VT- prm Hangar 14 – Mated fuselage
A320-271N 9459 D-AUAI Air Astana P4-KBK fcs Riverside
A320-251N 9461 NOREG IndiGo Airlines VT- n/a Front & rear fuselage
A321-251NX 9462 NOREG Pegasus Airlines TC- to Hangar 14
A320-251N 9471 NOREG IndiGo Airlines VT- n/a Rear fuselage
A320-271N 9475 NOREG Volaris n/a Front & rear fuselage
A320-251N 9491 NOREG Pegasus Airlines TC- prm Hangar 14 – rear only
A321-253NX 9541 NOREG Scandinavian A/L System SE- n/a Rear fuselage
A320-271N 10014 NOREG Spirit Airlines N n/a Rear fuselage (BFM Buld)
A321-211 10015 NOREG Delta Air Lines N n/a Rear fuselage (BFM Buld)
A320-251N 10028 NOREG Loong Air B- n/a Rear fuselage (TSN build)
A320-251N 10082 NOREG Kuwait Airways 9K- n/a Rear fuselage (TLS build)
A320-271N 10093 NOREG Volaris n/a Rear fuselage (TLS build)

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