LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 10-08-2020


-2x ATR72’s primer, back left of ATR fit out looking from road side

-42 freighter primer, front right of ATR fit out looking from road side

-1×72 primer from the 3 parked in the mid storage area

-1×72 primer on the ATR delivery centre

-A350 Singapore fcs, hangared in nearby hangar to 441

421605NO REGprimerFit Out
72852F-WNUIHi AirfcsTest Area
721542F-WWEZIndiGo AirlinesfcsFit Out
721566F-WWEXIndiGo AirlinesVT-IXSfcsFit Out
721631F-WWEYprimerFit Out
721633F-WWEBprimerFit Out
721634F-WWECprimerFit Out
721636F-WWEEprimerTest Area
721637F-WWEFprimerFit Out
721639F-WWEHprimerOutside Line
721642F-WWEKprimerTest Area
721644F-WWEMprimerTest Area
721645NO REGMandarin AirlinesB-16859fcsFit Out
721646F-WWEPprimerTest Area
721647F-WWEQprimerOutside Line
721648F-WWERprimerTest Area
721652F-WWEWprimerFit Out
A300868F-WWSXUnited Parcel ServicefcsTest Area
A3209037F-WTAMCambodia AirwayswhiteRun Up Bay
A3209591F-WWIAIndiGo AirlinesVT-ISFfcsDelivery Centre
A3209598VT-WJSGo AirfcsDelivery Centre
A32010005F-WWDJAir AstanaP4-KBMfcsDelivery Centre
A32010023F-WWDAIndiGo AirlinesVT-ISJfcsDelivery Centre Hangar
A32010033F-WWIFTAP Air PortugalCS-TVHfcs *Test Area
A32010065F-WWBOIberiaEC-NJUfcs *Test Area
A32010070F-WWBZAzul Linhas Aereas BrasileirasPR-YSGfcsDelivery Centre
A32010078F-WWBBVolarisXA-VROfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A32010082F-WWBJKuwait Airways9K-AKOfcsDelivery Centre
A32010087F-WWBIKuwait Airways9K-AKPfcsDelivery Centre Hangar
A32010098F-WWDGVietnam AirlinesVN-A513fcsTest Area
A32010106F-WWIVAir Malta9H-NEDfcs *Test Area
A32010111F-WWDLSky Airlinefcs *Test Area
A32010112F-WWBTWizz AirHA-LJCfcs *Test Area
A32010129F-WWDZWizz AirHA-LJDfcs *Test Area
A32010131F-WWIJPeach AviationfcsTest Area
A32010135F-WWIPIberiaEC-NJYfcsTest Area
A32010136F-WWBHViva Air ColombiaHK-5352fcsTest Area
A32010139F-WWDTS7 Airlinesfcs *Test Area
A32010144F-WWINBritish AirwaysG-TTNMtail clsTest Area
A32010149F-WWBKPegasus AirlinesTC-NCRfcsTest Area
A32010154F-WWBCSpring AirlinesfcsTest Area
A32010166F-WWBDPegasus AirlinesTC-NCSfcsTest Area
A32010192F-WWWizz Airfcs *Test Area
A3301861F-WWKQRwandAir9XR-WTfcsRun Up Bay
A3301952F-WWYOAzul Linhas Aereas BrasileirasPR-ANVfcsRun Up Bay
A3301953F-WWKEDelta Air LinesN406DXfcsTest Area
A3301957F-WWCNDelta Air LinesN407DXfcsTest Area
A3301962F-WWCQDelta Air LinesN408DXfcsTest Area
A3301966F-WWCXAirAsia Xwhite fuse, tail clsRun Up Bay
A3301967F-WWCEAirAsia XAIB clsTest Area
A3301969F-WWCLKuwait Airways9K-APGfcsTest Area
A3301970F-WWYRAirAsia Xwhite fuse, tail clsSt Martin Lagardere
A3301971F-WWYAThai AirAsia Xwhite fuse, tail clsSt Martin Lagardere
A3301972F-WWCSAirAsia Xtail clsRun Up Bay
A3301976F-WWYJThai AirAsia Xwhite fuse, tail clsSt Martin Lagardere
A3301982F-WWKUMultinational MRTT FleetF-WWKUprimerTest Area
A35071F-WWXLVirgin Atlantic AirwaysG-VDOTfcsDelivery Centre
A350283F-WZFYHainan AirlineswhiteSt Martin Lagardere
A350308F-WZFUHainan AirlineswhiteTest Area
A350368F-WWDWQatar AirwaysA7-ANOfcsDelivery Centre
A350380F-WZGQCathay Pacific AirwaysB-LXMfcs *Test Area
A350382F-WZHFQatar AirwaysA7-ANQfcsDelivery Centre
A350395F-WZGADelta Air LinesN514DNfcsDelivery Centre Hangar
A350396F-WZFDCathay Pacific AirwaysB-LQDfcsTest Area
A350398F-WZFHChina Southern AirlinesB-30EAfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350399F-WZGXQatar AirwaysA7-ANRfcsDelivery Centre Hangar
A350401F-WZFOCathay Pacific AirwaysB-LQEfcsTest Area
A350404F-WZNODelta Air LinesN515DNfcsTest Area
A350408F-WZNUChina Eastern AirlinesB-30FMfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350409F-WZNDQatar AirwaysA7-AOAfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350410F-WZGVFinnairOH-LWRfcsDelivery Centre
A350411F-WZFSChina Southern AirlinesB-30F0fcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350412F-WZGSEthiopian AirlinesET-AYBfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350413F-WZGECathay Pacific AirwaysB-LQFfcsTest Area
A350415F-WZNYVirgin Atlantic AirwaysG-VRNBfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350420F-WZNFQatar AirwaysA7-ANSfcs *Test Area
A350421F-WZGDTurkish AirlinesTC-LGBfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350423F-WZNXChina Eastern AirlinesfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350426F-WZNAVirgin Atlantic AirwaysG-VTEAfcsTest Area
A350427F-WZHGLufthansaD-AIXQfcsDelivery Centre
A350429F-WZNEAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BXDfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350430F-WZHCQatar AirwaysA7-ANTfcsSt Martin Lagardere
A350431F-WZNTEthiopian AirlinesET-AYAfcsTest Area
A350432F-WZGMBritish AirwaysG-XWBGfcsTest Area
A350433F-WZFKFrench BeeF-HRENfcsDelivery Centre
A350436F-WZGFSingapore Airlines9V-SHPfcs *Test Area
A350439F-WZFCSingapore Airlines9V-SHQfcs *Test Area
A350441F-WZFWAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BXPfcsHangared
A350443F-WZNNK5-Aviation GmbHD-AKAYprimerTest Area
A350448F-WZHIAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BXStail clsSt Martin Lagardere
A350451F-WZNGJapan AirlinesJA07XJtail clsOutside Line
A350452F-WZNSChina Eastern Airlinestail clsOutside Line
A350454F-WZFZTurkish AirlinesTC-LGEtail clsOutside Line
A350455F-WZHKAir Chinatail clsFit Out
A350457F-WZNJAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BYEtail cls *Fit Out
A350458F-WZHHAir Chinatail clsFit Out
A350459F-WWIWIberiatail cls *Fit Out
A380269F-WWSSEmirates AirlineA6-EVPtail clsSt Martin Lagardere

* = Assumed

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  1. Hi. Thanks for this list. I was also there ther same day and can confirm the two ATR at the back left were c/n 1657 and 1604 (42). The one at the front with no windows may be for the UAE.
    We also saw A350 cn 446 F-WZHD of BA (tail colours) in a partly open fit out hangar over the A380 area. We are missing an extra Qatar and Cathay A350 which were in the rear of the fit/out/flightline area. Regards Mark Reed


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