LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 12-09-2020

Log with credit to Stefan Krause seen XFW Saturday afternoon.

The dreadful traffic going southbound through the Elbe tunnel continues but one has to go once in a while.

Circling the filed seen from various vantage points are the following, thanks to no heat haze.

All read off except when marked with an * this is from previous reports or production list but a few “?” remain.

Finkenwerder XFW 12-Sep-2020 (Sat) 14:53 – 16:36

row D-AYAT A321 9553 Aegean Airlines
row D-AVZR A321 9432 Air Astana
mid D-AZAQ A321 9560 Air Blue
fuel D-AVYB A321 10042 Air Transat #707
mid D-AVYZ* A321 9512* Airbus Industrie all white, no titles, no logos
ML D-A___ A320/1 xxxx Airbus Industrie all white, no titles, no logos – could be c/n /10074?
mid D-AZAB A321 9539 Bamboo Airways (D-AZAD ?)
DC D-AVZF A321 10091 Cathay Dragon
Elbe D-A___ A321 xxxx Cebu Pacific Air could be c/n 10273/10283
row D-AXAG A320 9268 China Eastern Airlines
row D-AVZE A321 9302 China Southern Airlines
row D-AYAI A321 9383 China Southern Airlines
row D-AVYG A321 9472 China Southern Airlines
Elbe D-A___ A321 xxxx China Southern Airlines could be c/n 9168/9240/10213
front D-AVZT A321 9588 Delta Air Lines
mid D-A___ A321 xxxx Delta Air Lines #1009 taped over in tail but not 100% sure – should be D-AVZQ c/n 10003
mid F-WW__ A380 xxx Emirates f/c – could be c/n 261/264/267
DC D-AUBQ A320 9467 Goair
ML D-AXAL A320 9530 Goair
ML D-A___ A320 xxxx Goair could be D-AXAM c/n 9542?
row D-AVVB A320 10021 Hong Kong Express
DC D-AVXN A321 9436 Indigo
DC D-AVXJ A321 9347 Indigo
rwy D-AVVH A320 10080 Indigo
DC VT-ISE A320 9437 Indigo
mid D-A___ A321 xxxx Jetblue Airways could be c/n 9398/10101
ML D-AVZU A321 9195 Jetblue Airways
ML D-AVXT A321 9245 Jetblue Airways
DC D-AYAV A321 10067 Jetstar Airways
ML D-AVZS A321 9540 Jetstar Airways
row D-AXAN A320 9506 Juneyao Airlines
ML D-AUBK A320 9558 LATAM Airlines
ML D-AXAE A320 9563 LATAM Airlines
row D-AVVC A320 10065 Loong Air
DC D-AIJB A320 9493 Lufthansa
DC D-AUBZ A320 9555 Lufthansa
DC D-AVXZ A321 10010 Lufthansa
DC D-A___ A321 xxxx MEA could be c/n 10000/10068
front D-AUAL A320 9393 Pegasus Airlines
DC D-AUBV A320 9488 Pegasus Airlines
ow D-AVZA A321 9541 SAS
row D-AUAX A320 9414 Scoot Airlines
row D-AVYN A321 9445 Sichuan Airlines
row D-AZAI A321 9556 Spring Airlines
DC D-AYAO A321 9417 Swiss Air Lines
ML D-AZAN A321 xxxx Swiss Air Lines c/n 10115 ?
DC D-AVXI A321 9452 Turkish Airlines
DC D-AVYO A321 9401 Vietjetair
row D-AYAF A321 9515 Vietjetair
DC D-AZAS A321 10056 Viva Aerobus
oldDC D-AVYV A321 10054 Viva Aerobus

Not a single aircraft in primer seen, probably a novelty for some time.

One thought on “LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 12-09-2020

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  1. Thanks for your xfw log, we visted the day before and can add – The bamboo is D-AZAB; the CSN on the elbe side was 10213; we thought the delta was coded 1008 (partly taped over as you say, making it 10003; the emirates was F-WWSZ 264; the jetblue mid field was 9398; Loong is 10045; MEA – both 10000 and 10068 were present .
    Regards Mark Reed


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