LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 19-21 September 2020


-China Southern A321 fcs, Leak Test (9288, 10213 or 10214)
-China Southern A321 fcs, Hangar 241 (9288, 10213 or 10214)
-Middle Eastern A321 fcs, Riverside Store (10068 or 10116)
-Lufthansa A32S fcs, Riverside Store (9581 or 10010)
-White A32S, Riverside Store (Prob 9512 or 9524)
-Emirates A380 fcs, A380 Delivery Centre (261, 264 or 267)
-MSN for D-AVXG for Wizz Air

A321?D-AVXGWizz AirfcsMidfield (Back Row) to Midfield
A3219008D-AVYMChongqing AirlinesB-30E8fcsMidfield (Back Row)
A3219168D-AVZCChina Southern AirlinesB-30ECfcsMidfield (Back Row)
A3219195D-AVZUJetBlue AirwaysN2044JfcsRiverside Store
A3219228D-AVYRCathay DragonB-HPBfcs *Hangar 245
A3219236D-AYAZIndiGo AirlinesVT-IUUfcsDelivery Centre
A3219240D-AZAAChina Southern AirlinesB-30E6fcsMidfield (Back Row)
A3219245D-AVXTJetBlue AirwaysN2059JfcsRiverside Store
A3209268D-AXAGChina Eastern AirlinesB-30C3fcsMidfield to Hangar 242
A3219302B-30E2China Southern AirlinesfcsDelivery Centre
A3219347D-AVXJIndiGo AirlinesVT-IUSfcsHangar 104 (Delivery Centre)
A3209382NO REGNIndiGo AirlinesVT-ISQfcs *Riverside Store
A3219383D-AYAIChina Southern AirlinesB-30F7fcsHangar 103 (Delivery Centre)
A3209393D-AUALPegasus AirlinesTC-NCKfcsMidfield
A3219398D-AZAXJetBlue AirwaysN2060JfcsOutside Hangar 245
A3209414D-AUAXScoot9V-TNDfcsDelivery Centre to Midfield
A3219432D-AVZRAir AstanaP4-KGDfcsMidfield
A3219436D-AVXNIndiGo AirlinesVT-IUXfcs *Hangar 103 (Delivery Centre)
A3209437VT-ISEIndiGo AirlinesfcsDelivery Centre
A3219443D-AVXHIndiGo AirlinesVT-IUYfcsDelivery Centre
A3219445D-AVYNSichuan AirlinesfcsMidfield (Back Row)
A3219452D-AVXITurkish AirlinesTC-LSZfcsMidfield (Back Row)
A3209467D-AUBQGo AirVT-WJUfcsDelivery Centre
A3219472D-AVYGChina Southern AirlinesB-30EXfcsMidfield
A3209488D-AUBVPegasus AirlinesTC-NCMfcsDelivery Centre
A3209506D-AXANJuneyao AirlinesB-30EPfcsMidfield
A3219513D-AVXPVistaraVT-TVBfcsDelivery Centre
A3209516D-AUBWThai AirAsiafcsRiverside Store to unknown location
A3209530D-AXALGo AirfcsRiverside Store
A3219539D-AZABBamboo AirwaysfcsMidfield to unknown location
A3219540D-AVZSJetstar AirwaysVH-OFEfcs *Outside Hangar 245
A3219541D-AVZAScandinavian Airlines SystemSE-DMOfcsMidfield
A3209542D-AXAMGo Airfcs *Riverside Store
A3209552D-AXAFSpring AirlinesB-30OMfcsDelivery Centre
A3219553D-AYATAegean AirlinesSX-NAAfcsMidfield (Back Row)
A3209555D-AUBZLufthansaD-AIJAfcsHangar 103 (Delivery Centre)
A3209558D-AUBKLATAM BrasilPR-XBHfcsRiverside Store
A3219560D-AZAQAir BluefcsMidfield
A3219567D-AVZPTurkish AirlinesTC-LTAfcsHangar 244
A3219575D-AVZDAegean AirlinesSX-NABfcs *Outside Hangar 245 to unknown location
A3209576D-AVVFPegasus AirlinesTC-NCPfcsHangar 243
A3219588D-AVZTDelta Air LinesN109DNfcsArea round run up bay
A32110000D-AYAAMiddle East AirlinesT7-ME3fcsMidfield (Back Row)
A32110003D-AVZQDelta Air LinesN108DNfcs *Outside Hangar 245
A32110007D-AYABPegasus AirlinesTC-RBGfcsDelivery Centre
A32010021D-AVVBHong Kong Express AirwaysB-LCSfcsMidfield
A32110026NO REGNSichuan Airlinestail clsRiverside Store
A32010045D-AVVCZhejiang Loong AirlinesfcsMidfield
A32110054D-AVYVVivaAeroBusfcsMidfield to Hangar 211
A32010060D-AUABKuwait Airways9K-AKQfcsRiverside Store to Outside Hangar 245
A32110067D-AYAVJetstar JapanJA26LRfcsDelivery Centre
A32110074D-AYAKAzores AirlinesCS-TSIwhiteLeak Test to Hangar 245
A32010075D-AVVEVistaraVT-TNZfcsHangar 211 to Midfield
A32110077D-AYAGStarlux AirlinesB-58205tail clsLeak Test to Midfield (Back Row) to Paint Hangars
A32010080D-AVVHIndiGo AirlinesVT-ISPfcsDock Side to unknown location
A32110084D-AYADVietJetAirVN-A534fcsOutside Hangar 14
A32110091D-AVZFCathay DragonB-HPDfcsDelivery Centre
A32110101D-AZAJJetBlue AirwaysN2105JfcsHangar 241
A32110105D-AZAOTAP Air PortugalCS-TJRfcs (retro)Delivery Centre
A32110109NO REGNIndiGo Airlinestail cls *Hangar 213
A32110115D-AZANSwiss International Air LinesHB-JPBfcs *Riverside Store
A32110117D-AVXXAll Nippon AirwaysJA150AfcsLeak Test
A32110128NO REGNVietJetAirtail clsArea round run up bay
A32110143D-AYACTurkish AirlinesfcsRiverside Store
A32110150D-AZATTitan AirwaysG-XATWblack/purple clsHangar 241
A32010258NO REGNAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BPMtail cls *Hangar 213
A380269F-WWSSEmirates AirlineA6-EVPtail clsHangar 242

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