Log with credit to Nick, Sean, Steve & Terry.


  1. Indigo A321 in H241/242 – either 9236 or 9443
  2. Indigo A321 in H14 south – either 10108 or 10155
  3. Jetstar A321 near H245 – either D-AVZS/9540 or D-AYAV/10067
6673D-AVXAA321VietjetAirDelivery Centrefcsto be VN-A540
9168D-AVZCA321China Southern AirlinesDelivery Centrefcsto be B-30EC
9228D-AVYRA321Cathay Dragonnear H245fcsto be B-HPB
9240D-AZAAA321China Southern AirlinesMidfield (back row)fcsto be B-30E6
9245D-AVXTA321Jetblue AirwaysRiversidefcsto be N2059J
9268D-AXAGA320China Eastern Airlinesin H242fcsto be B-30C3
9288D-AVXWA321China Southern AirlinesMidfieldfcsto be B-30E5
9335D-AVZNA321Sichuan AirlinesMidfieldfcsto be B-30CS
9347D-AVXJA321IndiGo AirlinesDelivery Centrefcsto be VT-IUS
9382NOREGA320IndiGo AirlinesLeak Testt/oto be VT-ISQ
9393D-AUALA320Pegasus AirlinesMidfieldfcsto be TC-NCK
9398D-AZAXA321Jetblue Airwaysnear H245fcsto be N2060J
9401D-AVYOA321VietjetAirDelivery Centrefcsto be VN-A524
9432D-AVZRA321Air AstanaMidfieldfcsto be P4-KGD
9436VT-IUXA321IndiGo AirlinesDelivery Centrefcs
9437VT-ISEA320IndiGo AirlinesDelivery Centrefcs
9445D-AVYNA321Sichuan AirlinesMidfieldfcsto be B-30FR
9447XA-VRQA320VolarisDelivery Centrefcs
9452D-AVXIA321Turkish AirlinesDelivery Centrefcsto be TC-LSZ
9467D-AUBQA320GoAirDelivery Centrefcsto be VT-WJU
9472D-AVYGA321China Southern AirlinesDelivery Centrefcsto be B-30EX
9488D-AUBVA320Pegasus AirlinesDelivery Centrefcsto be TC-NCM
9506D-AXANA320Juneyao AirlinesMidfieldfcsto be B-30EP
9512D-AVYZA321(white overall)Docksidewhite
9515D-AYAFA321VietjetAirMidfieldfcsto be VN-A533
9516D-AUBWA320Thai Air AsiaRiversidefcs
9541D-AVZAA321SASMidfieldfcsto be SE-DMO
9542D-AXAMA320GoAirnear H245fcsAssumed
9552D-AXAFA320Spring AirlinesMidfieldfcsto be B-30DM
9558D-AUBKA320LATAM Airlines BrasilRiversidefcsto be PR-XBH
9575D-AVZDA321Aegean Airlinesin H243fcsto be SX-NAB
9581D-AXATA320LufthansaLeak Testfcsto be D-AIJC
9588D-AVZTA321Delta Air Linesnear Engine Test Bayfcsto be N109DN
10000D-AYAAA321MEADelivery Centrefcsto be T7-ME3
10003D-AVZQA321Delta Air Linesnear H245fcsto be N108DN
10007D-AYABA321Pegasus AirlinesMidfield (back row)fcsto be TC-RBG
10010D-AVXZA321LufthansaRiversidefcsto be D-AIEF
10020D-AZAFA321Air Busannear Engine Test Bayfcs
10021D-AVVBA320Hong Kong ExpressMidfield (back row)fcsto be B-LCS
10036D-AVXLA321Spring AirlinesMidfield (back row)fcs
10042D-AVYBA321Air TransatRiversidefcsto be C-GOIM
10045D-AVVCA320Loong AirMidfieldfcs
10051D-AVVDA320SASin H241/242fcsto be SE-RUC
10054D-AVYVA321Viva AerobusMidfieldfcsto be XA-VBB
10060D-AUABA320Kuwait AirwaysLeak Testfcsto be 9K-AKQ
10074D-AYAKA321Azores Airlinesnear H245whiteto be CS-TSI
10084D-AYADA321Vietjet AirRiversidefcsto be VN-A534
10095NOREGA321American Airlinesin H14t/oto be N421UW. Assumed
10099D-AVYHA321Wizz AirMidfieldfcsto be HA-LVO
10101D-AZAJA321Jetblue Airwaysin H241fcsto be N2105J
10105D-AZAOA321TAP Air PortugalMidfieldfcsto be CS-TJR (retro scheme)
10115D-AZANA321Swissin H244fcsto be HB-JPB
10116D-AVXOA321Middle East AirlinesRiversidefcsto be T7-ME7
10117D-AVXXA321All Nippon AirwaysMidfieldfcsto be JA150A
10123NOREGA320Sky AirlineLeak Testt/o
10125D-AYANA321Turkish AirlinesDelivery Centrefcsto be TC-LTB
10143D-AYACA321Turkish AirlinesRiversidefcs
10157NOREGA321TAP Air Portugalin H213t/o
10169NOREGA321Gulf AirLeak Testt/owhite fin
10189NOREGA321Aegean AirlinesOutside H14 southprimerfuselage on u/c, no fin
10193NOREGA321Aeroflot Russian Airlinesin H213t/oto be VP-BPP
10207NOREGA321All Nippon Airwaysin H14 southptimerF & R near mating jig
10208NOREGA320VolarisMidfieldn/aRear only
10213D-AVXCA321China Southern AirlinesRiversidefcs
10214NOREGA321China Southern Airlinesin H9primerComplete fuselage?
10218D-AYALA321China Southern AirlinesDocksidefcs
10309NOREGA320China Southern AirlinesMidfieldn/aFront only (for TSN)
261F-WWSOA380EmiratesOld delivery centrefcsto be A6-EVL
264F-WWSZA380EmiratesOld delivery centrefcsto be A6-EVM
267F-WWAUA380EmiratesMidfield (back row)fcsto be A6-EVN
269F-WWSSA380Emiratesin H243t/oto be A6-EVP

We also went to Nordholz and confirmed the 4 x Aviancas remain in store there

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