AIB01BB F‑WWBB / XA-VRO msn 10078 Volaris

A320neo F-WWBB MSN10078 Volaris

Credit : Alan PARDOE

AIB01DQ F-WWDQ / JA202P msn 10279 Peach Aviation

F-WWDQ Airbus A320 Neo Peach Air

Credit : @Eurospot

AIB01DZ F‑WWDZ / VP-BPR msn 10167 Aeroflot

F-WWDZ Airbus A320 Neo Aeroflot>

Credit : @Eurospot

AIB01II F-WWII / B-320T msn 10204 Colorful Guizhou Airlines

F-WWII Airbus A320 Neo Colorful Guizhou Airlines

Credit : @Eurospot

AIB02IG F-WWIG / TU-TSX msn 10197 Air Cote d’Ivoire

AIB03BQ F-WWBQ / VT-ATG msn 10156 AirAsia India

A320neo F-WWBQ MSN10156 (VT-?TG)

Credit : Alan PARDOE


AIB03GW F-WZGW / 9V-SHS msn 447 Singapore Airlines

AIB03GW msn447 13/10/2020

Credit : A380_TLS_A350

AIB03NT F-WZNT / ET-AYA msn 431 Ethiopian Airlines

F-WZNT Airbus A350 Ethiopian

Credit : @Eurospot

AIB04NK F-WZNK / HL8382 msn 389 Asiana Airlines( CHR – TLS )

AIB04NK msn389 CHR 13/10/2020

Credit : A380_TLS_A350

AIB08GN F-WZGN / TC-LGA msn 403 Turkish Airlines

AIB08GN msn403 13/10/2020

Credit : A380_TLS_A350

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