LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 06/12/2020

Log and photos with credit to Dan seen Toulouse, Sun 6/12/20 1210-1800

Delivery Centre area
F-WWIH A320 8845 Chengdu Airlines fcs
D-AUAI A20N 9459 Air Astana fcs (KBK on nwd)
P4-KBM A20N 10005 Air Astana fcs (KBM on nwd)
F-WWDD A20N 10061 Air Travel fcs (0EH on nwd)
F-WWBQ A20N 10156 AirAsia India fcs (ATG on nwd)
VT-ISS A20N 10332 IndiGo fcs (SS on nwd)
HK-5360 A20N 10342 Viva Colombia fcs (60 on nwd)

F-WWKM A339 1956 Thai Lion Air fcs (LAQ on nwd)
F-WWYS A338 1977 Uganda Airlines fcs (NIL on nwd)

F-WZNF A35K 420 Qatar Airways fcs (NS on nwd)
D-AKAY A359 443 white cls
F-WZHD A35K 446 British Airways fcs (WBH on tail, nwd)
F-WZGU A359 453 Iberia fcs (NLP on nwd)

Delivery Centre hangar
G-TTNM A20N 10144 British Airways fcs (NM on tail, nwd)
F-WZGL A359 468 Primer cls (for German Air Force)

Flightline area
D-AVWA A19N 6464 Airbus NEO fcs
F-WWIX A20N 10220 Air China fcs (B-321K)
F-WWDA A20N 10226 Sky Airline fcs (DBE on nwd)
F-WWIS A20N 10242 Swiss fcs (DC on nwd)
F-WWBZ A20N 10281 Lufthansa fcs (JD on nwd)
F-WWBH A20N 10313 Viva Colombia fcs (61 on nwd)
F-WWBY A20N 10356 Peach Aviation fcs (203P on nwd)
F-WWDR A20N 10379 Air Travel fcs
F-WWDS A20N 10392 Peach Aviation fcs (JA204P)
F-WWDE A20N 10397 Loong Air fcs
F-WWBD A20N 10407 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs
F-WWIQ A20N 10423 Uzbekistan Airlines fcs

F-WWSX A306 868 UPS fcs (173 on nwd)
F-WTTN A339 1795 Airbus NEO fcs
F-WTTE A339 1813 Airbus NEO fcs
F-WBXL A337 1824 Airbus Beluga XL fcs (F-GXLG)
F-WWYO A339 1952 Azul Brasil pink fcs (NV on tail, nwd)
F-WWYG A339 1978 Lion Air fcs (ER on nwd)
F-WWCI A338 1979 Uganda Airlines fcs (CRN on nwd)

F-WZGG A359 3 Airbus blue fcs
F-WMIL A35K 59 Airbus 1000 fcs
F-WZNZ A359 285 Hainan Airlines fcs
F-WZFU A359 308 white fcs
F-WZNU A359 408 China Eastern fcs (FM on nwd)
F-WZFN A359 414 Aeroflot fcs (FZ on nwd)
F-WZNE A359 429 Aeroflot fcs (XD on nwd)
F-WZGZ A359 435 Turkish Airlines fcs (LGC on nwd)
F-WZHK A359 455 Air China fcs (1M on nwd)
F-WZGC A359 464 Singapore Airlines fcs (9V-SHT)
F-WZNB A359 476 Japan Airlines fcs (08X on nwd)

F-WWLW AT46 1603 Hokkaido Air System fcs (12HC on nwd)
F-WWEG AT76 1638 white tail cls, primer (brown) [next to F-WZGG]

Near flightline
NO-REG A20N 10338 Primer fuselage secrion (for TAP Air Portugal)
F-WWDV A20N 10399 Sichuan Airlines (21E on nwd)
F-WWBB A20N 10444 IndiGo fcs
NO-REG A20N 10409 Primer fuselage sections (for Viva Colombia)

F-WWEI AT76 1640 white tail cls, primer (brown)
F-WWEQ AT76 1647 white tail cls, primer (brown)
F-WWET AT76 1650 white tail cls, primer (brown)

Fuelstation area
F-WWIM A20N 10388 British Airways (NO on tail, nwd)
F-WWII A20N 10475 Air Travel fcs

Factory area
F-WWBO A20N 10269 Pegasus Airlines fcs (NCT on nwd)

ATR Hangar
F-WWLT AT46 1419 Easyfly fcs (51 on nwd)
F-WWLV AT46 1602 white tail cls, primer
F-WWLZ AT46 1605 Air Saint Pierre fcs (LB on nwd)
F-WWEP AT76 1623 IndiGo fcs (RA on nwd)
F-WWEC AT76 1634 white tail cls, primer (brown)
F-WWEX AT76 1653 FedEx fcs (GUL on nwd)

Outside rear of ATR Hangar area
F-WWEU AT76 1628 white tail cls, primer (brown)
F-WWEP AT76 1646 white tail cls, primer (brown)
F-WWER AT76 1648 white tail cls, primer (brown)

Outside front of ATR Hangar area
F-WWEY AT76 1631 white tail cls, primer (brown)

ATRs on rear of flightline
F-WWEZ AT76 1542 IndiGo fcs (YS on nwd)
F-WWEW AT76 1652 Mandarin Airlines fcs (60 on nwd)

Near A330 Halls
F-WWCG A339 1986 Corsair tail cls, primer
F-WWBW A359 466 Aeroflot fcs
F-WZNM A359 474 Air China fcs
F-WZNV A359 484 SAS Scandinavian Airlines tail cls, primer

Engine test bay area
F-WWKQ A339 1861 Rwandair fcs (WT on nwd)
F-WTTO A338 1888 Airbus NEO fcs

Latecoere ramp
F-WWIR A20N 10049 Aircalin fcs (IB on nwd)
F-WWEH AT76 1639 white tail cls, primer (brown)
F-WWEJ AT76 1641 white tail cls, primer (brown)
F-WWEM AT76 1644 white tail cls, primer (brown)

A330/350/380 area
F-WTAM A320 9037 white fcs (762 on nwd)
F-WWBN A20N 10212 Tianjin Airlines fcs (B-320W)

F-WWYJ A339 1961 Garuda Indonesia fcs (HJ on nwd)
F-WWCX A339 1966 AirAsia X tail cls, primer (white)
F-WWYR A339 1970 AirAsia X tail cls, primer (white)
F-WWYA A339 1971 Thai AirAsia X tail cls, primer (white)
F-WWCM A339 1973 white fcs (for AirAsia X)

F-WZFY A359 283 white fcs
F-WZHE A359 393 Cathay Pacific fcs (QC on nwd)
F-WZND A35K 409 Qatar Airways fcs (OA on nwd)
F-WZNX A359 423 China Eastern fcs (1J on nwd)
F-WZNP A35K 424 Cathay Pacific fcs (XN on nwd)
F-WZFQ A359 425 Asiana Airlines fcs (383 on nwd)
F-WZFR A359 428 Aeroflot fcs (XA on nwd)
F-WZFW A359 441 Aeroflot fcs (XP on nwd)
F-WZGK A359 442 Turkish Airlines fcs (LGD on nwd)
F-WZNQ A359 449 China Southern Airlines fcs (20S on nwd)
F-WZNS A359 452 China Eastern fcs

F-WWAL A388 266 ANA All Nippon Airways fcs (383 on nwd)
F-WWAM A388 271 Emirates tail cls, primer

Northern end of A350 area
F-WWDN A20N 10219 Tianjin Airlines fcs (B-320X)

F-WWCS A339 1972 AirAsia X tail cls, primer (white)
F-WWYJ A339 1976 Thai AirAsia X tail cls, primer (white)

F-WZGY A359 417 China Southern Airlines fcs (B-30F9)
F-WZGO A359 437 Aeroflot fcs (XC on nwd)
F-WLXV A35K 438 Qatar Airways fcs (OB on nwd)
F-WZFB A35K 440 Qatar Airways fcs (OC on nwd)
F-WZFJ A35K 444 Qatar Airways fcs (OD on nwd)

Near Biz Ramp
M-AMRM AT72 826 Fly540 fcs (826 on nwd)

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