LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 17-01-2021

Log and photos with credit to Rob.

F-HBAOAirbus A320 2144589Aigle Azur
F-HBAPAirbus A320 2144675Aigle Azur
F-WHUFAirbus A320 2148066Chengdu Airlines
F-WTANAirbus A320 2149122all white
F-WWDMAirbus A320 271n10011Go Air
F-WWDTAirbus A320 271n10139S7 Airlines
F-WWIYAirbus A320 251n10160S7 Airlines
F-WWDCAirbus A320 271n10175S7 Airlines
F-WWIUAirbus A320 271n10200Vietnam Airlines
CS-DVOATR.42337all white
SX-FORATR.42524all white
F-HBCLATR.72704all white
M-ABMHATR.72775all white
M-ABMDATR.72793Jet Airways
F-WNUIATR.72852Hi Air
M-IBAMATR.72919Jet Airways
M-IBAOATR.72924Jet Airways
M-IBAQATR.72932Jet Airways
M-IBARATR.72933Jet Airways
2-HOPLATR.721283Far Eastern Air  Transport
EI-GPOATR.721315all white
EI-GPPATR.421322all white
F-WWEMATR.721556Wings Abadi Air
F-WWEIATR.721575all white
F-WWEBATR.721591Braathens Regional Airlines
F-WWEEATR.721594Wings Abadi Air
F-WWEGATR.721596Wings Abadi Air
F-WWEZATR.721632Braathens Regional Airlines
F-WWELATR.721643Tunisair Express
N290BRBoeing B.737NG 85R29040Ukraine International Airlines
EI-GTNBoeing B.737NG 85F30568Sriwijaya Air
D-ALABBoeing B.737NG 8FH35105TUI Airways
T7-WLABoeing B.737NG 7K535277Wings of Lebanon
F-WNUJATR.72????????all white

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