LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 21/07/2021

Log and photos from Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 21/7/2021

Finkenwerder (XFW) Riverside store 21/7

Aegean AirlinesAEE10305A321-271NXD-AZAGSX-NADFL ( not readable ) AIB305A flew day before.
AeroflotAFL10595A321-251NXD-AVZCVP-BXTDC ramp + flew
Air BlueABQ10162A321-251NXD-AVYEAP-BOEFlew in from ERF
Air BusanABL10412A321-251NXD-AVYBHL8357One parked in engine test bay – fcs 
Air ChinaCCA10351A321-251NXBFuel Test
Air ChinaCCA10364A321-251NXD-AZAJBRamp by docks – msn read as 10064 in error. Reg correct
Air ChinaCCA10606A321-272NXB-Riverside – msn 10606 not 10666 as originally reported. Thanks for correction Hans.
Air MacauAMU10472A321-271NXD-AVWYB-MBTDC ramp – F-WTAT
All Nippon AirwaysANA10470A321-272ND-AYAGJA151AFL – mid field
Azores AirlinesRZO10519A321-253NXD-AVYXCS-TSJaws – 212 midfield
Bamboo AirwaysBAV10284A321-251NXD-AVYGVN-A228DC ramp – hangered pm
Capital AirlinesCBJ9498A321-251NXD-AZAVB-320JMid field
Cathay PacificCPA10187A321-251NXD-AVYPB-HPFFL – mid field
Cathay PacificCPA10199A321-251NXD-AYAUB-HPHNear 212 – 2 seen of 2?
Chengdu AirlinesUEA9279A320-214SLD-AXAOB-FL – mid field
Chengdu AirlinesUEA9319A320-214SLD-AUBAB-A380 hanger
China Southern AirlinesCSN10239A319-153ND-AVWGB-Mid field
China Southern AirlinesCSN10396A321-253NXD-AVXMB-Mid field
GoAirGOW9530A320-271ND-AXALVT-WJWDC ramp pm from hanger – flew
Gulf AirGFA10256A321-253NXD-AVZAA9C-NDDC – side ramp near visitors carpark
IndiGoIGO10485A320-251NVT-H9 – no tail
IndiGoIGO10497A321-251NXVT-H9 – mated sections
IndiGoIGO10551A321-251NXD-AVYNVT-ILRFL mid field – IGO fcs
IndiGoIGO10699A321-251NXD-AVXDVT-A380 DC – fcs
Jetstar AirwaysJST9540A321-251NXD-AVZSVH-OFENear 212
LATAM BrasilLAN9563A320-273ND-AXAEPR-XBGRamp by docks
Loong AirCDC10418A321-251NXB-H9 – CDC to
Loong AirCDC10727A321-251NXB-FS and RS seen seperatly
LufthansaDLH10583A321-271NXD-AVYDD-AIEK3 seen on FL
LufthansaDLH10859A321-271NXD-AVZED-AIENH9 – DLH to
Peach AviationAPJ10411A320-251ND-AVVWJA205PMid field – moved to river store pm
Peach AviationAPJ10458A321-251NXD-AZAWJA901Priver store
Qingdao AirlinesQDA10410A321-272NXB-Fuel Test
Salam AirOMS10483A321-253NXD-AVWVA4O-OXARiverside
SaudiGulf AirlinesSGQ9357A320-251ND-AUAMVP-CGBFL mid field – fcs
SaudiGulf AirlinesSGQ9440A320-251ND-AUBCVP-CGDFL mid field – fcs
ScootTGW10390A321-271NXD-AVZM9V-Near 212
Sichuan AirlinesCSC10127A320-271ND-AUBLB-322URiverside
Sichuan AirlinesCSC10249A321-271ND-AVXXB-322TMid field
Sichuan AirlinesCSC10435A321-271NXD-AYAYB-Fuel Test
Sky AirlineSKU10034A320-251ND-AVVSCC-DBFFlew in from ERF
Sky AirlineSKU10123A320-251ND-AVVLCC-DBHFlew in from ERF
Sky AirlineSKU10456A321-251NXD-AVYKCC-DCCA380 hanger
Spring AirlinesCQH10406A321-253NXD-AVZYB-A321Neo – only one?
Starlux AirlinesSJX10426A321-252NXD-AVZZB-58206Ramp by docks
TAP Air PortugalTAP10311A321-251NXD-AZABCS-TXHTowed from DC hanger across FL to ?? – pm
TAP Air PortugalTAP10617A321-251NXD-AVXVCS-TXIRiverside
Tibet AirlinesTBA10361A319-115SLD-AVWJB-323JDC – side ramp near visitors carpark ( not read off )
Turkish AirlinesTHY10375A321-271NXD-AZACTC-LTGFL – mid field
Ural AirlinesSVR10476A321-251NXVP-BXTH9 – mated sections
Vietjet AirVJC9401A321-271NXD-AVYOVN-A524DC – side ramp near visitors carpark
Vietjet AirVJC10128A321-271NXD-AYAQVN-A543Riverside
Vietjet AirVJC10272A321-271NXD-AVXOVN-Riverside
Vietjet AirVJC10317A321-271ND-AVYIVN-FL – mid field
Vietjet AirVJCA321-271NXVN-A553DC – ramp by visitors carpark
Viva AerobusVIV10343A321-271NXD-AVYVXA-VKMFL – mid field
Wizz AirWZZ10295A321-271NXD-AVXTHA-LVQDC ramp
Wizz AirWZZ10393A321-271NXHA-LZCRead as 10593 in error – need to check
Wizz AirWZZ10509A321-271NXD-AZAPHA-LVWIn between paint halls – A380 end
Wizz AirWZZ10659A321-271NXD-AVYWHA-LZDA380 hanger
EmiratesUAE270Airbus A380-842F-WWAJA6-EVQA380 Delivery centre
Emirates UAE 271 Airbus A380-842 F-WWAMA6-EVRHanger 243
Emirates UAE 272 Airbus A380-842 F-WWSHA6-EVSHanger 242 – not read off.
Air ChinaCCARiverside – out of 211 swapped with IGO
Air ChinaCCAIn paint hall – near tour room
China AirlinesCALRiverside – by engine test bay
China SouthenCSNRiverside
Go AirGOWRiverside
IndigoIGORiverside – into 211
IndigoIGORamp outside 245/246
S7SBIFL – middle am
S7SBIfcs – in 214
SASSASUnder tow about 9am
Sichuan AirlinesCSCDC Hanger – nothing on nwd
Sichuan AirlinesCSCIn 241/242
StarluxSJXTail only (to)? – in 214
StarluxSJXto? – in 213
Vietjet AirVJCRamp outside 245/246
Vietjet AirVJCRiverside
Vietjet AirVJCRiverside
Vietjet AirVJCRiverside

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    1. Thank you Hans for the correction. My photos are a bit to hazy to see clearly but now you say it does look like 10606 not 666.


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