LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 19/07/2021

Log and photos from Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 19/7/2021 from 11:30 to 19:00

TLS Departure shots of Airbus ramps -  19/07/2021


1561? F-WWES VT-IXY IndiGo 1 of 3 on back of ATR ramp?
1606 F-WWLB F-WWLB ATR Outside ATR – wrapped for storage
1608 F-WWLD F-WWLD ATR Outside ATR 320 corner – wapped for storage
1628 F-WWEU ATR Outside ATR 320 corner – wapped for storage
1629 F-WWEW YR-ATN TAROM ATR flightline
1630? F-WWEX VT-IXX IndiGo 1 of 3 on back of ATR ramp?
1636 F-WWEE F-WWEE ATR ATR hanger
1637 F-WWEF YR-ATO TAROM ATR flightline
1639 F-WWEH F-WWEH ATR Latocare
1641 F-WWEJ F-WWEJ ATR Latocare
1644 F-WWEM F-WWEM ATR Latocare
1648 F-WWER F-WWER ATR ATR front
1650 F-WWET F-WWET ATR ATR front
1660? F-WWEF VT-IRD IndiGo 1 of 3 on back of ATR ramp?
1676 F-WWEX F-WWEX ATR ATR hanger
1681 F-WWED N702FE FedEx Feeder ATR flightline
1691 F-WWEN ATR ATR hanger

10188 F-WWTK B-323L Sichuan Airlines DC Ramp
10225 F-WWDP CC-DBD Sky Airline A380 ramp
10301 F-WWBT CC-AWQ JetSMART A380 ramp
10302 F-WWID PK-BDG Batik Air aws – Mid filed flight line
10344 F-WWIE G-TTNN British Airways DC ramp
10383 F-WWDD B-324E China Express Airlines Fcs seen on FL
10394 F-WWBG N937AV Avianca Colombia
10425 F-WWDU CC-AWR JetSMART A380 ramp
10488 F-WWBC 9K-CBH Jazeera Airways Flightline
10493 F-WWBH G-TTNR British Airways flight line – NR top of tail
10506 F-WWTN CS-TVK TAP Air Portugal TAP seen on FL unde tow
10520 F-WWTY VT-ATJ AirAsia India Not read assumed for now – DC ramp
10527 F-WWIH TC-NCZ Pegasus Airlines Fcs no engines outside paint shed near ACJ, read as 10577 in haze
10530 F-WWTZ HZ-FAO Flyadeal DC Ramp
10552 F-WWTX VT- Vistara
10553 F-WWBJ B- China Express Airlines Fuel corner tail
10556 F-WWDQ VT-ISW IndiGo DC Hanger VT-ISW
10558 F-WWBD VT-ISX IndiGo Flight line
10560 F-WWDN XA-VSA Volaris DC Ramp
10575 TS- Tunisair FAL – mated section
10576 F-WWBO VT-TQH Vistara
10577 F-WWDC B-324T Air China Flight line with B-reg
10579 F-WWBE VT- IndiGo Fuel corner fcs
10581 F-WWDK VT- IndiGo Flight line?
10586 F-WWBN VT-ISY IndiGo Flight line
10592 F-WWDS VT- IndiGo ATR hanger?
10610 F-WWIB VT-IIA IndiGo Flight line
10706 F-WWBK EC- Iberia Mid field off flight line
10818 EC- Iberia Mid field off flight line
10876 F-WWTL VT- IndiGo Fuel corner fcs

ANZ fcs in ATR hanger + one other A320
Spring Airlines fcs – FL
Juneyao fcs – FL WWDT?
Air China – FL


1824 F-WBXL F-GXLG Airbus Beluga XL
1861 F-WWKQ OO-ABG Air Belgium Flight line – white/primer cs but ABB log on engine
1907 F-WWYH B-LHJ Hong Kong Airlines A380 Ramp
1961 F-WWYJ PK-GHJ Garuda Indonesia A380 Ramp
1966 F-WWCX F-WWCX AirAsia X A380 Ramp
1967 F-WWCE F-WWCE Airbus NEO A380 Ramp
1971 F-WWYA F-WWYA Thai AirAsia X A380 Ramp
1972 F-WWCS F-WWCS AirAsia X A380 Ramp
1976 F-WWYJ HS- Thai AirAsia X A380 Ramp
1984 F-WWCT PK-LEU Lion Air DC ramp
1985 F-WWCO F-GXLJ Airbus Beluga XL4 A380 Ramp
1987 F-WWKV PK- Lion Air Active on FR24 – in C68
1988 F-WWCC PK- Garuda Indonesia A380 Ramp
1994 F-WWCZ N412DX Delta Air Lines OPH
2003 F-WWCN B- Starlux Airlines OPH
2005 F-WWKU 9K- Kuwait Airways Flight line
2008 F-WWCQ / ?? MRTT (yellow primer) – Flight line


270 F-WZFT F-WZFT Hainan Airlines aws in A380 hanger?
283 F-WZFY F-WZFY Hainan Airlines A380 ramp ( near Latecore )
393 F-WZHE B-LQC Cathay Pacific Airways
440 F-WZFB A7-AOC Qatar Airways A380 ramp ( near Latecore )
444 F-WZFJ A7-AOD Qatar Airways A380 ramp ( near Latecore )
457 F-WZNJ VP-BXS Aeroflot A380 ramp
459 F-WWIW EC-NMZ Iberia Flight line
462 F-WZGT B- China Southern Airlines A380 ramp
463 F-WZFP VP-BYF Aeroflot A380 ramp
466 F-WWBW VP-BYG Aeroflot A380 ramp (near Latecore )
471 F-WZGB VP-BYH Aeroflot FAL
473 F-WZNC G-XWBI British Airways Paint hall
478 F-WZFK B- China Southern Airlines A380 ramp
480 F-WZGN B-58501 Starlux Airlines A380 ramp
483 F-WZFO EC- Iberia A380 Ramp
490 F-WWXL G-XWBJ British Airways A380 ramp
495 F-WZGE G-XWBK British Airways A380 ramp (near Latecore )
510 F-WWDW F-HTYL Air France Flight line
524 F-WZFH ET- Ethiopian Airlines In hanger (assumed)
528 F-WZNT B- Air China Flight line
531 F-WZGX JA10XJ Japan Airlines Flight line
535 F-WZGD JA Japan Airlines 11XJ on nwd – so this one?
538 F-WZFS JA Japan Airlines A380 ramp ( far end corner )
542 F-WZHD ET- Ethiopian Airlines OPH A330 ( Star Aliance tail )
544 F-WZNB F- Air France FAL

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