LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 23-24/08/2021

Log of aircraft seen 23/08/2021 from 14:00 to 18:30 and 24/8 from 08:00-12:00.

Corrections and typos welcome some msns difficult to read on prime in heat haze. Similarly best efforts are made to record full colour scheme (FCS) or tail only painted (TO)


DC = Delivery Centre

RB = A380 engine Run Bay

LT = Leak Test

MF = Mid field

RS = River store

Hxx = Hanger xx e.g H9

OHxx = Outside Hanger xx

Delivery Center

10427 D-AVZF P4-KGF A321-271NX Air Astana FCS
10253 D-AYAO HL8396 A321-251NX Air Busan FCS
10161 D-AVYQ B-322L A321-251NX Capital Airlines AWS
10405 D-AVXL B-324Q A321-253NX China Southern Airlines FCS
10445 D-AVZD VT-ILS A321-271NX IndiGo FCS
10805 D-AZAX 9V-NCE A321-271NX Scoot FCS
10123 D-AVVL CC-DBH A320-251N Sky Airline FCS


10390 D-AVZM 9V-NCF A321-271NX Scoot FCS From RS to 104 18:30 23/8
10410 B- A321-272NX Qingdao Airlines TO Towed out of H104 24/8 18:30 all taped up
?? Air China fcs


10162 D-AVYE AP-BOE A321-251NX Air Blue FCS
10266 D-AVZH B- A321-251NX Air China FCS
10633 HL A321-251NX Asiana Airlines RS
10284 D-AVYG VN-A228 A321-251NX Bamboo Airways FCS
9210 D-AVYY B-30F1 A321-251NX Capital Airlines FCS
10239 D-AVWG B- A319-153N China Southern Airlines FCS
10256 D-AVZA A9C-ND A321-253NX Gulf Air FCS
9540 D-AVZS VH-OFE A321-251NX Jetstar Airways FCS
10067 D-AYAV JA26LR A321-251NX Jetstar Japan FCS
10817 D-AVXC D-AIEM A321-271NX Lufthansa FCS appeared late afternoon 23/8
10411 D-AVVW JA205P A320-251N Peach Aviation FCS
10458 D-AZAW JA901P A321-251NX Peach Aviation FCS
10540 D-AZAN VQ-BDW A321-271NX S7 Airlines FCS
10483 D-AVWV A4O-OXA A321-253NX Salam Air FCS
10408 D-AVWZ SE-DMR A321-253NX SAS Scandinavian Airlines FCS Only 24/8
10127 D-AUBL B-322U A320-271N Sichuan Airlines FCS
10456 D-AVYK CC-DCC A321-251NX Sky Airline FCS
10361 D-AVWJ B-323J A319-115SL Tibet Airlines FCS
10634 UK- A321-253NX Uzbekistan Airways FS
10317 D-AVYI VN- A321-271N Vietjet Air FCS
10393 HA-LZC A321-271NX Wizz Air TO
10509 D-AZAP HA-LVW A321-271NX Wizz Air FCS tok trip tp 102 and back 23/8 pm


10606 B- A321-251NX Air China FCS
10651 D-AVZI VT- A321-251NX IndiGo TO
9357 D-AUAM VP-CGB A320-251N SaudiGulf Airlines FCS
9440 D-AUBC VP-CGD A320-251N SaudiGulf Airlines FCS
10406 D-AVZY B- A321-253NX Spring Airlines Only one? Not read
10617 D-AVXV CS-TXI A321-251NX TAP Air Portugal FCS
10275 D-AVXN VN- A321-271NX Vietjet Air FCS
10434 D-AVYC VN- A321-271N Vietjet Air FCS
9563 D-AXAE XA-VSD A320-273N Volaris FCS

Riverside Assumption:

10500 D-AZAS SE-DMS A321-253NX SAS Scandinavian Airlines Still there when 10408 seen

Riverside unread:

CSN fcs
WZZ fcs
Spring fcs
Air China fcs

Between paint halls H221-225

???? 9V- A321-271NX Scoot TO

Outside 245-246

10518 HZ- A320-251N Flyadeal FCS
9592 D-AXAS VT- A320-271N GoAir In run up bay or XX
9597 D-AVVZ VT-WJZ A320-271N GoAir In run up bay or XX
?? Go Air FCS ( one of 2 seen not read – 3 in total)
?? Vietjet fcs
?? Indigo fcs

A380 Engine run bay

Note: looked like some were moved 24/8

10466 D-AYAJ CC-DCB A321-251NX Sky Airline FCS RB
?? Air Busan FCS
?? Go Air FCS ( one of 2 seen no read – 3 in total)
?? Starlux TO – think it was moved to the dock 24/8 so 10271?


10271 NOREG B- A321-252NX Starlux Airlines TO ( not there 23/8 moved from RB)
10426 D-AVZZ B-58206 A321-252NX Starlux Airlines FCS
10128 D-AYAQ VN-A543 A321-271NX Vietjet Air FCS
10480 D-AZAD HA-LZE A321-271NX Wizz Air FCS

Hanger 7

4 inside not identifiable

H9 ( as seen from tour balcony )

10476 VP-BXT A321-251NX Ural Airlines TO
10432 B- A321-252NX Starlux Airlines TO
10497 VT- A321-251NX IndiGo NT Wings attached no tail
10793 PR- A321-251NX Azul Brasil FS Misread as 10795 – FS only
10822 B- A321-271NX China Airlines MS Mated sections


10418 D-AVYR B- A321-251NX Loong Air TO Into H14 from LT 23/8 pm H14


One EK A380 + one IGO fcs

H214-214 24/8

CPA (was one outside 245-246 23/8? )
Salam Air


?? China Airlines in 241
?? Volaris in 241
9542 D-AXAM VT-WJX A320-271N GoAir FCS in 242
10421 D-AVZQ P4-KGG A321-271NX Air Astana FCS in H241
0272 Emirates FCS – still getting seats added


10515 D-AVZU B-325N A321-251NX Air China FCS
10715 D-AYAD D-AIEL A321-271NX Lufthansa FCS
10649 D-AVZR B-323V A321-271NX Qingdao Airlines FCS B-323V ontop of right wing
10455 D-AVWW B-324L A321-271N Sichuan Airlines FCS B-324L visible through white sticker
10673 D-AVWK 9H-HUA A319-153N Sino Jet FCS

Leak Test (LT)

10707 VT- A321-251NX IndiGo TO Moved to ramp near 212 24/8 am
10626 D-AVXQ B- A321-271NX Qingdao Airlines FCS
10499 D-AVXA VQ-BYJ A321-271NX S7 Airlines FCS appeared overnight. Seen 24/8
??? All white A321 gone by late afternoon while at Riverside

Sections Noted

The following A320 family front sections (FS) or rear sections (RS) were noted which are a fraction of those seen but it gives an idea of production status as lots are being built out of sequence.

10666 Air China RS Outside H14 (OH14)
10633 Asiana Airlines RS MF
10736 China Airlines RS OH14
10658 China Eastern RS 0H14
10737 China Eastern RS 0H14
10652 Flyadeal RS OH1
10678 IndiGo RS OH14
10746 Indigo RS OH3
10735 Swiss RS OH14
10723 Turkish Airlines RS OH14
10732 Vistara RS OH3 – labelled as A320
10636 ?? OH3
10690 ?? OH3 – labelled as A320
10914 ?? OH3

10158 Air China FS LB
10535 Loong Air FS OH14
10603 Qingdao Airlines FS LB
10307 S7 Airlines FS LB
10599 Starlux Airlines FS OH14
10634 Uzbekistan Airways FS MF
10654 IndiGo FS OH261

A330 & A350 Sections
2000, 2009 , 2012

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